You may want to know what’s up in Iran and its tourism industry. Many are worried about their trip/tour planning to Iran and what’s going on on this side of the fence. Destination Iran Tells You What’s Up You may wonder how safety and security of your tour to Iran should be planned, handled and managed. You may need to know how your traveling stages through Iran will be. You may want to know how Iranian cultural developments are going on. Destination Iran tells you about these all and more. Sometimes, certain archaeological discoveries become the breaking news here in Iran. Sometimes, a certain movie, music performance, etc become a trend in Iran. There are also times when particular excavations of cultural heritage sites attract lots of attention locally and internationally. We inform you of them all. You Can Tell Us What’s Up too We appreciate it very much if you speak out and let us know what your worries are. Destination Iran invited you all to contact us, comment on our posts and inform us of what you need to know to have a clearer image of Iran before you travel to Iran. At the same time, we know some of you have been to Iran before and would like to visit Iran again. You may have certain concerns and interests which you may like to share with us. We’re quite willing to hear you mention them here. Stay Connected! This is the main cause and goal of creating this section on Destination Iran’s website. We talk to you because we want you to talk to us. This way, we will stay in touch and talk about our topics of interest. So, let’s stay in touch and connected!