Iran Travel Information

As you’re looking for some local travel information while you’re planning your trip to Iran, here you can find all the information regarding Iranian Airlines, Iran weather and Tehran Museums.

Iran Travel Information

The content of this page is divided into different sections:

Iranian Airlines Information

There are several Iranian airlines you can choose from, but there are three major Iranian airlines that can provide you with most of the flights you may be looking for. Also, you can find flight schedules and services. They are:

Iran Airlines | Aseman Airlines | Mahan Airlines

Iran Weather Information

Part of the travel information of Iran gathered here provides you with some information about Iran Weather. Because Iran is a diverse country with various climate weather models, Destination Iran recommends you to read the weather forecast about the cities you’re going to travel to. Here are two major sources of Information:

Yahoo Weather | Weather Forecast Map

Tehran Museums Information

As Tehran is a city of museums, here at Iran Travel Information page, we have provided you with some information about these museums. Destination Iran introduces some of the museums in Tehran:

National Museum of Iran |  Golestan Palace Complex | Carpet Museum

Glassware Museum | Golestan Palace Complex | Niavaran Palace Compound

Sa’ad Abad Palaces | Treasury of National Jewels | Reza Abbasi Museum

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