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As you’re looking for some Iran travel information from local experts, this page has been created for you. While you’re planning your trip to Iran, the information here can help you choose the services you need. Such services providers are in different areas as below:

Tips on Practical Iran Travel Information

There is plenty of information you need to gather before you travel to Iran. Many of them are about life in Iran, services available, etc. You need to know how to spend money, how to get dressed, what you can eat and drink in Iran, etc. You can find all such information on the following page:

Iran Travel Advice

Advice on Tourist Visa to Iran

There are lots of rumors (positive or negative) about a tourist visa to Iran. Some may tell you that you won’t be able to obtain visa. Others may say it’s nor required to take any measures before you arrive there.

You should have heard about the electronic visa to Iran as well, but no specific information has been provided to you so far. The page providing such Iran travel information is here:

Iran Visa Services

Tips on How to Spend Money in Iran

As Iran is under international sanctions, it isn’t possible to carry your credit/debit cards with you. Obviously, in a country where local currency is hugely depreciated, it’s not wise to carry loads of local money too. So, what’s the solution? How should you take your money with you and spend it in Iran? We’ve thought of that for you. Check this page out:

Iran Travel Card

Travel Information about Iranian Airlines

There are several Iranian airlines you can choose from. Also, you need to know there are three major Iranian airlines that can provide you with most of the flights you may be looking for. You don’t know their names and you need to learn more about them to complete your Iran travel information.

Also, you can find flight schedules and services they offer here:

Iran Airlines | Aseman Airlines | Mahan Airlines

Advice on How to Book a Hotel in Iran

When you realize Iranian hotels don’t follow international standards, but have some very interesting places to stay, you love to know more. When you understand Iran’s rich culture can be found in the character of its traditional house hotels and ecolodge, you are curious to know more and book your ideal places. Find such information here:

Iran Hotel Booking

Iran Weather Information for Your Travel

Part of Iran travel information gathered here makes you aware of the weather. Because Iran is a diverse country with various climate weather models, Destination Iran recommends you to read the weather forecast about the cities you’re going to travel to. Here are two major sources of Information:

Yahoo Weather | Weather Forecast

Get Iran Travel Information from Previous Travelers

A lot of people have taken and tour to Iran with us. They have the first-hand experiences you may need. They can assure you of the ambiguities causing you to postpone your trip to Iran. The best you can do is just to connect with these people after you read their testimonials. So, find out more about Iran from them:

Iran Travel Testimonials

Iranian Embassies & Consulates

One of the places you need to know of before you take any action for your trip to Iran is to find Iranian embassy or consulate in your country or nearby. Sometimes, you prefer to get visa approval yourself, obtain information about particular topics, inquire about certain subjects, etc there. So, you can find a complete list of such offices here:

Iranian Embassies and Consulates

Ask Us for More Iran Travel Information

We will be more than happy to help you with your inquiries about Iran. Therefore, don’t hesitate to email us and ask us what you need to know. Destination Iran will be at your disposal to provide more information about your trip to Iran. Find out how to ask us your questions here:

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