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Work with UsHere at Destination Iran, we have a top goal: To make Iran known to the world through content. Our team is collaborating to achieve this goal. If you want to work with us, you need to focus on this objective and believe in it.

What we need now is a web content writer for Destination Iran:

Who Can Work with Us?

Web content writing is a new career and lots of people make a living at a good level by doing that. It’s more about a lifestyle and the comfort of working from anywhere you like. This is a relatively new concept for most of the people in Iran. If you have the general characteristics of this career, this is an exceptional opportunity for you.

General characteristics for such a position:

  1. Iranian living in Iran, more preferably writing about his/her province;
  2. Potentially a translator with passion for writing;
  3. Highly motivated with similar background for the above cause;
  4. Self-disciplined to work remotely with us;
  5. Research-oriented to write based on facts;
  6. Enthusiastic to follow tourism-related news/content;
  7. Eager to learn the missing skills for the position; and,
  8. Keen to gain well-grounded online reputation as content creators.

Specific skills for web copy writing demands the candidates to be:

  1. Fluent in spoken English as it’s spoken today by native speakers;
  2. Skillful in English grammar with excellent command of vocabulary;
  3. Well-experienced in using a writing editor like Microsoft Word;
  4. Skillful as a web surfer, search engine user;
  5. Preferably familiar with blogging, web copy writing, SEO; and,
  6. Preferably familiar with Iranian culture, history, arts, archaeology, etc.

The previous experiences preferred for web copy writing position are:

  1. Published articles in English either online or offline, preferably online; and,
  2. Published articles preferably related to our topics.

Advantages & Disadvantages of This Position

3-Months Training:

If you are accepted as a qualified candidate for this position, you will have to go through three months of training, which isn’t free. Such training cannot be found anywhere else and is a proprietary knowledge of Destination Iran for content writing. You will learn how to write for the web.


3-Months Probation Period:

Candidates who are accepted and passed the preliminary training will have to go through a three-months probation period to prove their skill sets match the requirements of this position at Destination Iran. Also, this will be an opportunity to evaluate the performance of the web content writer for the serious job of working remotely.

Knowledge Gained:

If you go through all the stages mentioned above, you would have a set of skills and knowledge that will be very rare in Iran and you have it with you. The future of the virtual world needs people like you. It’s already the way it is in the developed world where web content creation is a highly demanded skill with an ideal lifestyle.

Online Reputation:

Your name will be at the bottom of the copies you write for Destination Iran. We create a page for you introducing your content at our website. We go even further and offer you a link to your website, webpage, etc from all your posts. You will be able to build a reputation for your career by writing the content that will permanently remain at our website for your reference.

Job Decription & How to Apply

To receive the job description of a web content writer at Destination Iran, please send your CVs to info[at]destinationiran[dot]com. If your resumes indicate you could be a potential candidate, you will receive an answer form us and the job description. If not, you won’t hear from us. EMAIL is the only way you will get a reply for your CVs.

Thanks for your decision to join us at Destination Iran and hope to see several of enthusiastic people like you to help this cause.

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