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Tourism Content Writers & Journalists Are Invited

Either you want to apply for a freelance tourism content writer or a freelance tourism web journalist, you need to be qualified enough first. Only the convincing CVs are considered and their applicants are replied to. We prefer to have as many qualified people as possible contributing to our high-quality content.

Freelance Web Journalist 

Vacancy for Tourism Web Journalists

(You will write to get paid)

Here at Destination Iran, we always welcome people like you who like to cooperate with us as tourism web journalists.

Job Description

You need to fully understand which businesses you can call upon for an interview. Don't worry, we brief you on this topic and more through a training/briefing session. Before you apply as a web journalist for this tourism-related content writing job, you must be sure you would like to do the following:

  1. Contact key persons in tourism/hospitality related businesses for an interview,
  2. Sell them the idea to have an interview published online for their business,
  3. Ask them to pay us completely to start the process of interview,
  4. Get prepared to interview and obtain clear answers to the questions you have listed,
  5. Be alert to come up with spontaneous questions making each interview unique and interesting,
  6. Prepare the written interview for publishing on Destination Iran,
  7. Make sure the content you have created complies with our guidelines,
  8. Submit it to Destination Iran for review and approval, and
  9. Be prepared to edit and collaborate for having your interview published on Destination Iran.

Short Training/Briefing Prior to Job Commencement

If your CVs are approved by Destination Iran, you will have to go through our 90-minute training/briefing paid session. This will cost you very little for what you learn to change your career: 10.00 Euros (1,700,000 Rials). This session will be an online one with a document mentioning the highlights.

After you go through this session with us, you would be equipped with a knowledge and skill set that will be useful for any tourism content writer. The future of the virtual world will require people like you. It's already the way it is in many parts of the world. This is a highly demanded skill with an ideal lifestyle.

 How to Apply to Be a Tourism Web Journalist

To apply for this tourism web journalism job position, please send your CVs to info[at]destinationiran[dot]com. If your CVs indicate you could be a potential candidate, you will receive an answer from us. EMAIL is the only way you will get a reply to your application.

Thanks for your decision to join us at Destination Iran and hope to see several enthusiastic people like you help this cause.

Freelance Content Writer

Vacancy for Tourism Content Writer

(You will write to get published with links)

Destination Iran always welcomes people like you who like to create tourism/hospitality content for us and get backlinks from us.

Job Description

In fact, you work for other businesses, and would like to get backlinks for them. They pay you to get this done. We provide you with the opportunity to get 3 posts published without paying us. This will be after you submit 5 free content for us first. However, you should begin with learning what our standard for tourism content writers are. Therefore, this is how the procedure will be:

  1. You submit your CV to info[at]destinationiran[dot]com first,
  2. We check out your content creation quality after reviewing your relevant background,
  3. Upon our approval, you will receive a guideline PDF document briefing you on our standards of content creation,
  4. You will submit one post we ask you to write and wait for our confirmation,
  5. You continue the stage 4 above in submitting the next 4 posts,
  6. Once all 5 posts are approved, you will send us the 3 posts with 3 backlinks in each of them,
  7. You agee on a time at which your posts are published on Destination Iran.

Quick Briefing You on the Content Requirement

At stage 3 above, you will receive a written guideline PDF document briefing you on how the posts should be created. Unlink the job opportunity for a Freelance Tourism Journalist, you will not go through a paid 90-minute training/briefing session with us. Therefore, your CV should be very convincing to us so that we can accept your application to be a "Freelance Content Writer" for Destiantion Iran.

Our written guideline will brief you on the standards we follow for written content to be published on our website. It will also include some SEO points and some special-style Destination Iran has always followed. This is because we want your content to be a winner on the serach engines and attract the attention of other media to be republished too.

 How to Apply to Be a Tourism Content Writer

To apply for this content writing job position, please send your CVs to info[at]destinationiran[dot]com. If your CVs convince us that you could be a potential content contributor, you will receive an answer from us on how to proceed. EMAIL is the only way you will get a reply to your application. Therefore, we do not expect you to follow your application by other means.

We appreciate you for your decision to use Destination Iran to get your clients' content published.

Candidates' Qualifications Requirement for both Positions

Either you want to apply for a freelance content writing job or a freelance web journalist, we expect you to have the following qualifications:

You need to be such a person:

  1. Highly motivated to create a tourism-related web content;
  2. Self-disciplined to work remotely with us;
  3. Enthusiastic to follow tourism-related news/content;
  4. Eager to learn the missing skills for the position; and,
  5. Keen to gain a well-grounded online reputation as content creators.

You need to have such skills:

  1. Fluent in spoken English as it's spoken today by native speakers;
  2. Skillful in English grammar with excellent command of vocabulary;
  3. Well-experienced in using a writing editor like Microsoft Word;
  4. Skillful as a web surfer, search engine user;
  5. Preferably familiar with web copywriting, SEO; and,
  6. Preferably familiar with Iranian culture, history, arts, archaeology, attractions, etc.

You need to have such a career background:

  1. Published articles in English preferably online; and,
  2. Published articles related to tourism/hospitality preferablt in English.

Final Word on Web Content Writing Jobs

Today, many online businesses require you to create textual content for them. If you are well qualified and experienced for such positions, the future is yours. We offer you the above positions if you pursue such careers in tourism and hospitatlity industries. These two industries include many domains. Therefore, you can create a wide range of content for tourism businesses.

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