Boost Online Tourism Advertising by 4 Proven Ways!

Online Tourism Advertising Opportunity: Reportage, Press Release, Interview, Blog Post, Articles, Web Banners

Destination Iran has provided an online tourism advertising opportunity for the tourism and hospitality industries in Iran and across the world. They can promote their products and services with us. Our intention is to help such businesses conduct their tourism marketing campaigns and spread their words on the web using our platform.

Destination Iran has started its online presence in 2002 supplying its readers with original well-researched content. Therefore, we are proudly presenting ourselves with a minimum spam score and reasonable domain authority as well as a high ranking for the content we publish. You can check this out here at MOZ website!

Destination Iran has created a specialized website that focuses on tourism, hospitality, and related topics. Therefore, we accept online tourism advertising content that helps our readers with relevant informative content. If you wish to promote your goods or services that are useful and informative for Iranian and non-Iranian clients, this is an opportunity for you.

If you are a travel blogger and wish to get backlinks from a relevant source, we can publish your posts as far as they focus on travel and tourism points helpful for international travelers to know.

Online Tourism Advertising for Travel and Hospitality Industries

We publish your advertisements on Destination and link back to your website, social media page, account, etc. Meanwhile, to make sure search engines find your advertisement on our website, we will optimize them before publishing. So, you’d better write and optimize them with a specific keyphrase in mind.

Some examples of the businesses that can use Destination Iran as a platform for their advertisement are:

  • Hotels, Inns, Traditional House Hotels, Ecolodges, etc
  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Agencies
  • Museums
  • Art Galleries
  • Exhibitions showcasing Iranian artworks or handicrafts
  • Art Workshops
  • Handicraft Workshops
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops
  • Traditional Tea Houses
  • Movie Theaters (Cinemas)
  • Theater  Halls
  • Jet Ski Services
  • Cable Car Services
  • Entertainment Parks
  • Shopping Centers
  • Persian Language Teaching Institutes
  • etc

4 Ways of Online Tourism Advertising in Destination Iran

We can promote your business, services, products, etc on our website and in various forms:

  1. Guest Post: A permanent textual content published on our website to provide information on a particular topic.
  2. Interview: A permanent series of questions and answers to establish your presence as an active business owner.
  3. Web Banner: A temporary form of the online advertisement published for the period you decide.
  4. Iran Listing:  A Temporary form of getting listed for the period you decide.

For more information about the above forms, please contact us!

Sizes & Formats of Online Advertisements

Each of the above categories should be created in particular sizes and formats. Here is a summary of how your online advertising methods could be:

  1. Your guest posts should be written in a particular format with backlinks. The content could be a reportage, press release, blog post, article, etc.
  2. Your interviews must be concise and to the point with backlinks. The answers should directly address each question in a crystal clear way leaving no ambiguous points for the readers.
  3. Your web banners should be designed only in particular sizes and formats.
  4. Your listing should be linked to your website’s homepage.

If you ever decide to lead your online tourism advertising with us and need a more detailed explanation of the sizes and formats of your advertisements, please contact us!

Prices of our Online Tourism Advertising Services

The prices of the above four types of online tourism advertising opportunities are different.

For types 1 and 2, which are permanent, you will pay a one-time fee and the advertisement remains on as long as this website exists.

For types 3 and 4, which are temporary, you will only pay for the period you want your web banner or listing to show up on

Depending on the extent of your advertising campaigns, duration of them, and other complementary services, the prices could vary.

For more accurate and detailed information about online tourism advertising prices, please contact us!

Why This Is a Unique Opportunity for You

You cannot find an Iranian website in English with such content that is unique, original, and high quality. Destination Iran is the only platform run by those who have been in tourism and hospitality businesses themselves. The language used, the optimization level for search engines, the reasonable price for what you get, etc are all the factors that make this a unique platform for boosting your business.

So, don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry about this online tourism advertising opportunity. Contact us now!

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