2 Sets of Online Advertising Offerings to Empower Your Business!

Online Advertising Offerings, Opportunity to Grow Your Business

Destination Iran has provided online advertising offerings for all businesses including the tourism and hospitality industries in Iran and across the world. They can promote their products and services with us. Our intention is to help such businesses conduct their online marketing campaigns and spread their words on the web using our platform.

Before you find out which type of advertising opportunity suits you best, you should scan through our advertising offerings fast.

Which Online Advertising Offerings Suits You Best?

Scan through the table below and you will soon find out which type of advertisement is the right one for you:

“A Single Service”
You can choose one advertising service or more:
Online advertising services:
Guest Posts
Advertisement for
All Businesses:
Banner Ads


Guest Post
“A Package of Several Services”
You can choose only one package service:
Sponsorship packages for travel agencies:
A combination of the following services:
Dedicated page
Backlinks / Banners / Visibility in all pages
Packaged Ads for
Travel Agencies
Packaged Ads for
Other Businesses
Sponsorship Plans:

Bronze (20% off)
Silver (25% off)
Gold (30% off)
Sponsorship Plans :

Bronze (20% off)
Silver (25% off)
Gold(30% off)

Below you learn about all of our online advertising offerings one by one. First, let’s take a look at the “Single Services” and then, the “Package Services”.

Single Services to Choose from

First, let’s take a look at three different online advertising offerings we have for you:

You pay for these banner ads on a monthly basis to get them displayed in particular places on our website. The banners ads mainly appear in 3 spaces in the English section of our website:

  • Header: This is the most visible banner instantly catching viewers’ attention. Our header banners appear on all pages.
  • Sidebar: This is a persistent banner that stays in front of viewers no matter how deep they scroll down pages. Our sidebar banners appear on almost all pages except for our service sales (landing) pages where there are no sidebars.
  • Tour Page: This is a highly targeted banner on the most competitive page for Iran incoming tours.

Find out more about our banner ads and Prices here!

Backlink Advertisements

You pay for this advertisement on a monthly basis to get it displayed only on the homepage of our website. It is one of the online advertising offerings of Destination Iran that comes in a limited number and in a limited space: only on the homepage of the English section of the website.

It consists of a phrase (for example, your keyword, brand name, etc) linked to your designated homepage. If needed, you can add a title tag to it as well. Your page will be opened in a new tab.

Find out more about our homepage textual links and prices here!

Guest Posts

Among all the online advertising offerings you find on our website, guest posts with permanent links are the most popular forms of advertisement in Destination Iran. There are several reasons for such popularity. The secret is in the word “Permanent”!

You can explain your products or services in a lengthy manner. You can direct your readers’ attention to different points. You can include various elements to attract their attention. In addition to all of it, you can insert links in it that will remain there as long as our website is up and running.

Find out about guest posting and prices here!

Sponsorship Plans

If you are planning to take your online marketing campaign to the next level and dominate your niche in terms of branding, prestige, and SEO, here is the good news for you:

In a world where global warming and climate change are threatening our lives, your brand’s personality is of ultimate importance. If you want to stand from the crowd, you can Sponsor Responsible Tourism. In return, as we care tremendously for such an action, we will present you large online advertising offerings’ discounts.

Destination Iran has provided online advertising offerings for both travel agencies and other businesses that are interested in sponsorship plans.

Find out about sponsorship plans and guest posts here!

Who Can Advertise on Destination Iran?

Initially, when our business plan changed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we only conducted online tourism advertising. In other words, we used to accept advertisements from tourism-related businesses, but now, there is a big shift in the website:

We have online advertising offerings for ALL BUSINESSES!

Prices of our Online Advertising Services

The prices of the above four types of online advertising opportunities are different.

If you order guest posts, either as a single service or part of sponsorship package, you pay once and it remains on our website permanently.

If you order any other online advertising services, they will remain online as long as you pay on a monthly or quarterly basis. For instance, if you order banner ads, homepage textual links, etc, they will remain on our website for the duration you have ordered. After that, if you extend your service with us, they will continue to display. Otherwise, they will discontinue.

Depending on the extent of your advertising campaigns, duration of them, and other complementary services, the prices could vary.

For more accurate and detailed information about online advertising prices, please click on any of the links below!

Banner Ads Price | Backlinks Price | Guest Posts Price | Sponsorship Plans Price

Why This Is a Unique Advertising Opportunity for You

Destination Iran has started its online presence in 2002 supplying its readers with original well-researched content. Therefore, we are proudly presenting ourselves with a minimum spam score and reasonable domain authority of 75/100 as well as a high ranking for the content we publish. You can check this out here at MOZ website!

It is not common to see an advertising platform with such content that is unique, original, and high quality. Destination Iran is the only advertising platform run by those who have been in the tourism business.

The language used, the optimization level for search engines, the reasonable price for what you get, etc are all the factors that make this a unique platform with powerful online advertising offerings.

If you are a supporter of sustainability, you will find out that we are focused on the vital topic of “Responsible Tourism”. So, any business in any category that is a supporter of responsible tourism can support this cause and advertise on the Destination Iran website. We have considered substantial advertising discounts for you.

So, don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry about this online advertising opportunity. Contact us now!

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