Our intention is not to distract our readers with irrelevant advertisements on the website. Therefore, only relevant ads will be accepted. If you wish to promote your goods or services useful and informative for foreign tourists in Iran, please read below:

Who Can Advertise on Destination Iran?

We only accept advertisements from travel & tourism related businesses who want to promote their goods or services at Advertisements for travel agencies are NOT acceptable. Destination Iran keeps the right for itself to reject some advertisements without having to explain.

Some examples of the businesses that can use Destination Iran as a platform for their advertisement are:

  • Hotels, Inns, Old Houses, etc
  • Museums
  • Exhibitions showcasing Iranian art works or handicrafts
  • Art Galleries
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops
  • Movie Theaters (Cinemas)
  • Theater  Halls
  • Jet Ski Services
  • Cable Car Services
  • Entertainment Parks
  • Traditional Tea Houses
  • Shopping Centers
  • Persian Language Teaching Institutes
  • Etc

Sizes & Formats

There are specific sizes that you have to follow to see your ads placed on your designated spaces at the website. Also, your banners should have certain sizes so that they could be seen at the specific spots you’ve chosen. Formats are always JPG, gif or png files. Animated banners won’t be accepted due to their distracting functions.

Yours ads will be shown on all our pages regardless of the content of the pages.

Here are the sizes and prices:

  • Header Banner: 728 (horizontal) X 90 (vertical). Price: 5,000,000/- Iranian Rials paid monthly.
  • Footer Banner: 728 (horizontal) X 90 (vertical). Price: 4,000,000/- Iranian Rials paid monthly.
  • Right Sidebar Banners:
    • 336 (horizontal) X 280 (vertical). Price: 2,000,000/- Iranian Rials paid monthly.
    • 234 (horizontal) X 60 (vertical). Price: 1,500,000/- Iranian Rials paid monthly.
  • Left Sidebar Banners:
    • 600 (horizontal) X 120 (vertical). Price: 2,000,000/- Iranian Rials paid monthly.
    • 125 (horizontal) X 125 (vertical). Price: 1,000,000/- Iranian Rials paid monthly.

Only simple URL links are accepted to be attached to the advertisements. After you place an ads order with us, we may change your landing page URL only for one time. If you insist on changing it more than once, you will have to pay an additional fee of 500,000 Rials for having it done each time.

Prices & Payments

Payments are to be made in advance so that we can publish them. Discounts are available for those who want to publish their ads for six months (15%) and for those who want to publish their ads for one year (20%).

If you are among the companies wishing to advertise on our website and have more questions about sizes and formats, please contact us for more information.

Accepting Your Advertisement

Generally, we reserve the right to accept or not to accept the ads submitted to us for our reasons. In particular, if we find out that an ad has got something valuable or interesting for our readers, we will be happy to accept and display it.