About Destination Iran

Back in 2002, there was an interesting travel show on TV called “Destination Germany”. The founder of this website, Rahman Mehraby, was watching this program regularly and enjoyed it very much. He was a tour guide in his early years of passionate career and wanted to do something useful to introduce his country to the people on the web. So, “Destination Iran” was born, the domain was bought and maintained until now.

Destination Iran Development

Over the years, Destination Iran has provided information for those who were planning to travel to Iran, the people who are looking for something genuine and real. They want to experience something unique that makes Iran the journey of their lifetime. Therefore, Destination Iran put together all required to present a real picture of Iran.

About Destination Iran’s early years, Search engines knew little as the website had been built on Flash technology and no search engine optimization techniques were implemented. Later, other technologies were used and as the main goal was to reach out to as many people as possible, a well-optimized technology was implemented.

About the Founder of Destination Iran

About Destination Iran Founder
Rahman Mehraby

Rahman has been trained and involved in tourism business as a freelance national tour guide in Iran for over 20 years. Before that he worked as a professional translator and interpreter. This background has helped him a lot to understand the perception and expectation of the people outside Iran.

He’s studied extensively to find out about various aspects of his countries’ rich culture and heritage to ensure you are particularly well informed of what Iran can offer you.

Actually, Destination Iran is about you.

We’re here to "offer a unique experience to those who seek facts"!

Over the years, online marketing turned out to become his passion, and this website is the result of his own work. If you found it useful or have recommendations to make it more useful, please don’t hesitate to let him know. He would also appreciate your comments and constructive suggestions.

He has reviewed loads of feedback from his readers to update and upgrade Destination Iran's content. The main purpose he has always followed is to make sure the most accurate information is provided to to you so that you could obtain them in the most convenient way. Therefore, your opinion matters to him most.

As a Tour Organizer

As a tour organizer and consultant, he can assure you that Destination Iran tour packages have all been thoroughly tested and proved to be practically successful and richly rewarding. Everything is taken care of. Comfort, distances, a balance of the archaeological sites, etc. He has done them several times himself.

As a freelance tour guide, he has had the opportunity to contact and connect to several tour operators in Iran. He had monitored them and reached a point where he could say which operator performs more efficiently and proficiently. Since then, he started teaming up with some of the top professionals he approved.

He believes he is not condemned to stay with any company forever. This way, he can make sure his tours are always in his favorite hands. He monitors his tours and controls how they are operated. His constant contact with a top Iranian tour operator ensures all the details such as visa applications, hotel bookings, ground operations etc, are carried out professionally. In short, he will do his best to make his clients satisfied.

Destination Iran’s Mission

Our mission at Destination Iran is to make Iranian culture, heritage and history best known to the people who read its content and visit Iran with them.

Destination Iran’s Vision

Our vision is to make sure those who travel to Iran come to a realistic understanding of Iranian culture, heritage and history by taking the required steps. To achieve this goal, Destination Iran plans to provide quality relevant information, in any forms, to create the awareness in question online and offline. Online, it could be in form of blog posts, videos, slides, multimedia, etc. Offline, it could be by providing informative and knowledgeable tour guides, planning useful itinerary, balancing variety of the sites, etc.

Why Us?


We’re a team of tourism professionals with sufficient and proficient knowledge of Iran and tourism industry. We’ve studied the country and experienced it for ourselves. Having gained the understanding of your needs, expectation and wish lists, we think we know what it takes to serve you best.


Each of us has been to all major attractions across Iran. It’s a vast country and attractions are numerous. However, we’ve got about two decades of experience in guiding travelers, planning tours, operating tour groups and providing services for various levels. The testimonials of previous travelers tell you more about us.


We know time matters to you. It does for us too. Therefore, we’ve learned to reply swiftly with comprehensive answers. The age of internet has taught us that you are here for a reason, to find what you’re looking for. If your answer is here with us, you’ll stay with us. We answer you fast and thoroughly to save you some time.


Accuracy is our priority. We persistently work on a limited number of inquiries. We put our efforts in providing the details you have asked and others have asked before. You don’t like to ask something several times. You prefer a detailed reply that covers all aspects of the questions you’ve asked. That’s why we’re here.
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