Sponsorship Plans for Responsible Tourism in 2024

Sponsorship Plans for Responsible Tourism

No matter what aspect of tourism your business is focused on, you can support this cause. You find Sponsorship Plans for Responsible Tourism here on this page. If you operate food tours, cultural tours, nature-based tours, etc, you can sponsor this cause and take the benefits.

You help us create more awareness about responsible tourism and sustainable tourism. In return, we provide you with the exceptional opportunity to promote your business worldwide.

The world needs you and us to take serious steps. This is our social responsibility regardless of what we do. We all face global warming, poverty, natural disasters, etc. We need to reduce carbon emissions, create jobs for local communities, and empower those who work hard while they cannot make a decent living.

Below you will find all Sponsorship Plans for Responsible Tourism. They are for you who sponsor our cause to promote sustainable tourism despite climate change. Please click on the one that you desire and support us.

Price Table for Travel Agencies’ Sponsorship Plans

If you are a travel agency, a tour company, a tour operator, etc here is the price table for the travel agencies who are planning to sponsor us and get benefits:

FeaturesMonthly Plan
Site-Wide Logo DisplayAbove Footer
Your Business IntroductionOn Your Dedicated Page
Your Guest PostsOn Your Dedicated Page
1st Dofollow Link:
(Anchor Text: Your Biz Name)
On the Tour Operators’ Page
2nd Dofollow Link:
(Anchor Text: Optional)
Your Name on Dedicated Page
Linked to Your Dedicated Page1) From the Main Menu
2) From the Logo above the Footer
Advertisement on the Tour Page1 Banner with Nofollow Link
Discount on Your Guest Posts10%
Sharing Guest Posts on Social Media On LinkedIn:
(More than 4000 Followers)
Price for 1 Month22,950,000/- Rls

Price for 3 Months62,000,000/- Rls

Price for 6 Months119,800,000/- Rls

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for clarifications if you need any!

Destination Iran Invites Sponsors to Support Responsible Tourism

We have written a “Charter for Responsible Tourism” and provided more detailed information about how to travel responsibly to keep our nature clean, our environment less damaged, and local communities prosperous. We believe traveling is not all about how we enjoy new experiences. We should share our happiness with others.

To get this done, we should behave responsibly and consciously. We should care about the environment and the well-being of local communities no matter where we travel in the world. Destination Iran focuses on this cause by researching and creating content on this website.

We promote this traveling style and invite you to support us through our sponsorship plans for responsible tourism. In return, we give back to you by providing discounts on our single advertising services. You can promote your services. Sponsors’ ads will be visible in the key points on our website.

What Are Sponsorship Plans for Responsible Tourism?

We have a set of individual advertising services on both sections of this website (Persian and English). When you sponsor our cause, we offer you a series of them with particular discounts! In addition, you will be provided with special possibilities that single services do not offer:

  • This enhances your brand;
  • Your products and services will be visible to our website visitors much more;
  • Search engines will notice this and you get lots of SEO benefits;
  • You get VIP discount on our single services:
  • and so on.

There are various benefits in sponsorship plans for responsible tourism:

  1. They boost your keyword ranking in search engines
  2. They increase the exposure of your tour package offers
  3. They support your branding and advertisement campaigns

No matter which category you belong to (tour operators or travel agencies), your business can take benefits from this advertising opportunity because you are supporting “Responsible Tourism”. Your business earns high prestige while you enjoy receiving special discounts.

You can get your guest posts, banners, links, etc published on various pages of our website.

Available Advertising Opportunities for Sponsors

When you sponsor “responsible tourism’ on the Destination Iran website, you will be able to have the following opportunities for advertising:

  • You can publish several posts at VIP rates;
  • You can publish your advertising banner on our tour page;
  • Your business logo will be displayed before the footer on all pages linking your dedicated page on our website;
  • Your dedicated page will show all your previous posts already published on DestinationIran.com;
  • Your dedicated page will be accessible from the top menu of the website at all times;
  • and so on.

All the above services will enhance your brand while your name will be seen all across the website. Your branding campaign will always work for you. Your brand will be known as a sponsor of responsible tourism! This matters a lot.

Now that you have learned about our sponsorship plans for responsible tourism, It is time to take action. See your brand all across our website!