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Easy Way to Choose a Tour to Iran!

If you plan to choose an Iran tour, just pick one of our tour packages or customize it to make your ideal trip plan. This is the best way to make the most of your travel to Iran. They’re all experience-proven and practicable. We can assure you will enjoy a rich journey inside Iran with us.

Travel to Iran by "Iran Highlights Tour"

Iran Highlights Tour (6/7/8 Days)





If you want to take a tour to Iran in a relatively short time and still see the highlights of Iranian culture and history, this package is for you.

Tehran, Shiraz & Esfahan are the highlights of an Iran tour. You will see them all in one week with this package.

Take an Iran Tour: Iran Classical Tour Package

Iran Classical Tours (8/9/10 Days)








If you want to visit Iran’s most popular sites in two weeks across the country, this package is for you.

In addition to “Iran Highlights Tour” main sites, you will learn about desert life and architecture. Also, you will see spectacular desert landscape.

Travel to Iran Using Iran In-Depth Tour Package

Iran In-Depth Tour (13/14/15 Days)













If you want to travel to Iran in March or October for milder weather and see more ancient sites, this tour is for you.

In addition to “Iran Highlights Tours” main sites, you will see more ancient sites of the Medes, Elamites, etc. Also, you will see beautiful Zagros mountains.

Note: The exact duration of tours depend on your exact arrival and departure times.

How to Order / Customize a Tour

1. Get a Tour Package

Before you set off for a journey, you need to have a plan to know where you’d go and what you’d see. You get it all at this very first step.

You can choose one of our offered tour packages to Iran, ask for having one of them customized OR ask for an entirely new tour.

Together with the itinerary, we will provide you with all you need to know about your Iran tour package.

Ask for a Tour Price!

2. Agree on Price

People have different priorities. You may easily accept the price offered to you as you know what you want and how much you pay for it. You may want to compare the price and so on.

Some people prefer to spend their budget on something different than tour services. It’s all up to you.

Our prices are fixed, but we can change the services without compromising on service standards to make sure you get the price you want.

Ask for a Tour Price!

3. Get a Tourist Visa to Iran

If you order a tour with us, visa application support is one of the services you receive automatically. You don’t have to spend time to find out how to do it and so on.

We’ve found out how the system works as we’ve been through it so many times. Therefore, if you leave it to us, we will take care of it after you submit the required documents to us.

Of course, you can do it on your own if you want. What we offer is free (part of your Iran tour package) and for your convenience.

Ask for a Tour Price!

4. Pay When It’s Certain

After we get the visa for you, it’s certain that you’re authorized to travel to Iran. Therefore, you already have the green light to finalize your tour to Iran.

The ministry of foreign affairs provides us with the visa authorization number by which you can get the visa issued at your passports. So, you can proceed.

We will let you know how you can pay to us to receive your visa authorization number and secure your tour with us.

Ask for a Tour Price!

5. Booking Finalization

We proceed to finalize the booking of all the required services under your order. We book your guide, your means of transportation & driver, hotel rooms, etc.

To make sure the services are satisfactory to our clients, we always evaluate our guides’ performance and ask for our clients’ feedback.

Destination Iran doesn’t rely on the number of stars hotels get or reputations of major service provider corporations.

Ask for a Tour Price!

6. Travel with Peace of Mind

All we’ve done up to this step are to make sure that your Iran tour package is hassle-free. What’s the most important thing for you and us is to arrange for a convenient experience with peace of mind.

We don’t want you to worry about any details of the services and day-to-day activities. That’s for us to be concerned with.

You want the pleasure of spending your holidays in Iran and that’s what we’re here for!

Ask for a Tour Price!

Size & Nature of Iran Tours

According to the number of travelers, there are two types of tours:

Private Tours to Iran

This is ideal for those who want to explore our country the way they like it regardless of what pre-designed Iran tour packages have planned for them. They usually customize the trip plan and travel on their own.

Find out more about private tours to Iran!

Small Group Tours to Iran

There are several people who prefer to travel in groups for various reasons. Some love traveling for the sociability aspects of it. Some like to take a group tour because it’s less costly and they can spend what’s left in other places and so on.

On the other hand, as in Destination Iran, we believe quality must not be neglected under any circumstances, we suggest you to take small group tours so that you could receive good quality for your tours. Find out more about our small groups tours to Iran.

Extended Iran Tours

When you order a tour to Iran and visit Iran’s attractions, you may still want to see more. We have an answer for this desire:

You can add one of our extended tours in Iran to further enrich your journey across Iran.

For more information, go to Extended Tours to Iran!

Iran Tour Services

You will certainly need to know what services you receive during the tours we offer. A detailed list of such services are introduced at Destination Iran so that you get familiar with them.

For more service explanation, go to Iran Tour Services!

Other Travel Services

If you only need a tourist visa to Iran, you can ask us for an authorization number. We can help you only if you book all your hotels with us.

Also, if you have already decided to book hotels and travel independently, we can help you with that. For more information, please go to Iran Hotel Booking page!

Major Cities to Visit during Your Tours to Iran

When you plan a tour to Iran, make sure you choose a trip to top tourist destinations:


The City of Tehran

As the capital of Iran and usually the first city you get to see, there are a lot of interesting activities you can get involved in as long as you are in Tehran. You can go to the museums, explore grand and local bazaars, observe the modern life aspects, parks, shopping centers, etc.

Here’s more information if you want to visit Tehran tourist attractions!


The City of Esfahan

It has been the capital of Iran for centuries. This is a city that every tourist adores for its attractive landscapes, river, gardens, mosques and other monuments, etc. If you take a tour to Iran for a short time and want to visit only a couple of cities, make sure you visit Isfahan.

Here’s more information if you want to visit Esfahan tourist attractions!


The City of Shiraz

During your journey, you should spare some time to visit Shiraz as you will experience a lot of interesting sites, plenty of culture, and highlights of architecture like Persepolis. To make your trip more enjoyable and meaningful, try to visit Shiraz to explore the heart of Persian Empire.

Here’s more information if you want to visit Shiraz tourist attractions!


The City of Yazd

Explore Yazd, The City of Wind Catchers in Iran

If you would like to experience a city in the heart of desert and several monuments showing the innovative life under hard conditions, you should go there.

Here’s more information if you want to visit Yazd tourist attractions!


The CIty of Kerman

Kerman is the largest province of Iran in which you find high mountains, desert life, nomads, monuments, old traditions, ancient religions, etc. You can expect an interesting variety of sightseeing here.

Here’s more information if you want to visit Kerman tourist attractions!


The City of Kermanshah

On the western side of Iran, this is a city where some ancient monuments are found together with interesting remnants of ancient cultural heritage sites in Iran.

Here’s more information if you want to visit Kermanshah tourist attractions!


The City of Ahvaz

If you travel to Ahvaz at proper time, you can stay in Ahvaz to explore lots of interesting monuments outside the city. Remember that Ahvaz is like a hub for the travelers to visit some of the most fascinating sights in the region.

Here’s more information if you want to visit Ahvaz tourist attractions!


The City of Hamedan

This city in western part of Iran and used to be the capital of the Medes. There you find historical monuments, tombs of famous poets and a lively bazaar that can be explored. When you travel to Iran’s west, Hamedan could be one of the cities worth visiting.


The City of Kashan

At the edge of desert, Kashan is a town with several fascinating old houses and attractive monuments. Make sure you see some of its old houses among other monuments.

Here’s more information if you want to visit Kashan tourist attractions!


The City of Rayen

It is a little town at the foot of some high mountains in south east of Kerman. You have to go through deserts and some hills on good road to get there, but it’s definitely worth a try.


The City of Mahan

This little town is located close to Kerman and hosts several gardens and a couple of monuments which are more than expectations in such a small place.


The City of Shush

This ancient town, Susa, is the place where Elamites used to live before any central government ruled over Iran. Some phenomenal structures are in this town and a lot is not unearthed yet.


The City of Shushtar

In such a little town, you can find some of the world heritage sites built in ancient times and you learn about the way smart people managed how to survive building dams, mills, bridges, houses, fortresses, etc.


The City of Dezful

This is an ancient city in which you can still find the remnants of Sassanians’ bridges and water mills. Traditional houses have been built in accordance with the hot climate of its summer time.

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