Top 20 Iran Tour Operators

Top 20 Iran Tour Operators for 2021 and 2022

If you are looking for the top 20 Iran tour operators, we have prepared a list of the best tour companies who can help you take an unforgettable tour to Iran in 2021 and 2022.

To make it easier for you to choose which one suits you best, we have made two lists:

  1. Ten Local Tour Operators of Iran
  2. Ten International Tour Operators of Iran

Top 10 Local Tour Operators of Iran

Here’s a list of Iranian travel agencies actively helping international travelers directly from inside Iran:

  1. Persia Tours, based in Shiraz, Iran!
  2. Uppersia, based in Tehran, Iran!
  3. Iran Seb Tours, based in Tehran, Iran!
  4. Alaedin Travel, based in Tehran, Iran!
  5. Pasargad Tours, based in Tehran, Iran!
  6. Iran Doostan, based in Tehran, Iran!
  7. Friendly Iran, based in Shiraz, Iran!
  8. Iranian Glory, based in Esfahan, Iran!
  9. Gardeshgaran Shiraz, based in Shiraz, Iran!
  10. Gapa Tour, based in Tehran


This was the list of Iran tour operators who are based in Iran. Some may have branches outside Iran too. However, they are directly accessible when you are traveling inside Iran.

Top 10 International Tour Operators of Iran

Here’s a list of international tour operators organizing group and private tours to Iran:

  1. Exodus Travels, based in several countries!
  2. Intrepid Travel, based in several countries!
  3. World Expeditions, based in Australia, New Zealand, UK, and North America!
  4. Wild Frontiers Travel, based in the United Kingdom!
  5. Clio Tours, based in France!
  6. Artsetvie, based in France!
  7. Apatam, based in Italy!
  8. Evaneos, based in Europe!
  9. Tour and Travel Company,
  10. Tour Agency,


This was the list of Iran tour operators who are based outside Iran. Maybe you prefer your tour company to be somewhere close to you when you plan your trip to Iran.

Who Is an Iranian Travel Agency for?

Top 20 Iran Tour Operators: Iran travel agencies

This is free advice for you to make your mind more easily:

You can contact and select one of the Iranian tour operators introduced in the first list above if

  • you are planning to pay a private visit to Iran and customize your trip,
  • you are a small group looking for a local travel agency inside Iran,
  • you are looking for a tour company to operate your organized tour of Iran,
  • you care for the details and want professional local experts,
  • you seek particular activities requiring permissions ahead of your trip,
  • you are looking for a reasonably priced tour package to Iran,
  • and so on.

You may have other reasons to decide to pick an Iranian tour operator. Whatever it is, the list introduced above can make your search much easier.

Who Is an International Tour Company for?

Top 20 Iran Tour Operators: International Tour Companies

This is free advice for you to decide how to pick one of the best Iran tour operators:

You can contact and select one of the Iran tour operators above working internationally in the second list if

  • you prefer an international tour operator in your country or region organizes your trip to Iran,
  • you see a trustworthy international tour operator listed here,
  • you want to join a small or large group organized by them,
  • you want to join a tour in which a famous lecturer explains particular sites,
  • you receive particular services the Iranian tour companies cannot deliver,
  • and so on

It’s possible that you have other reasons for choosing your ideal international tour operator. Whatever it is, the above tour companies are well-known operators working in Iran as a destination for years.

Why Select one of the Top 20 Iran Tour Operators here?

Iran is a country with varied attractions. You can find world-class historical and natural attractions. There are plenty of UNESCO sites in Iran. It’s not difficult to go for the wrong travel agency that is not specialized in Iran tours.

Some may think it’s possible to go to an international tour operators’ directory and find one. But, it’s not that easy. We will explain it more when you go further down this page.

Therefore, we recommend the above tour operators and travel agencies for the operation of your tours. The final decision is yours. You can check them out and ake up your minds.

Experience & Service Range of Iran Tour Operators

Iran is a unique country with particular features. When you compare it with other Middle Eastern countries, you will soon find out why. That’s why only Iran tour operators specialized in this destination can meet your expectation.

It is very crucial to select a company that knows Iran well. Experience plays a vital role. Tour companies must have operated tours here to be able to recognize how things can be done and wishes can be fulfilled.

Iran isn’t a country that you can easily expect certain services to be automatically delivered to you. Tourism management is quite new as a profession here.

Therefore, only the Iran tour operators who are familiar with those service details and service ranges can help you. As experienced world travelers, you should know things aren’t done the same way everywhere.

Get in Touch with Local and International Tour Companies

What needs to be mentioned in the end is the fact that your mind is certainly full of questions about various aspects of your journey. You may have several details in mind requiring clarifications.

For this reason, we have created this page to make sure that you can find your ideal Iran tour operators and travel agencies to choose from. Also, we have included ways of getting connected with them to ask your questions.

Destination Iran hopes this helps you make the best choice possible.

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