Pars Med Travel and an Indescribable Experience in Iran’s Health Villages

Iran health villages with mineral water springs
Seek various health benefits in Iran health villages
Iran health villages with mineral water springs
Seek various health benefits in Iran health villages
Great experiences are waiting for you in Iran health villages. According to “Destination Iran”, the “Pars Med Travel” website has introduced some of these places in Iran with various therapeutic features.


Wellness tourism is a branch of tourism in which a person seeks relaxation and travels without medical intervention and supervision to get rid of the tensions of everyday life and to rejuvenate. Usually, these tourists do not have a specific physical illness and are mostly seeking to benefit from the healing nature and stay away from the crowds, tensions and pollution of urban life.

Health villages are becoming more and more popular in Iran as places to rehabilitate body and soul. These villages attract many visitors by offering facilities such as health and wellness centers, sports activities and natural relaxation.

By providing wellness tourism and health services to different regions of Iran, Pars Med Travel agency has guided many travelers to health villages. This agency has also increased the demand for travel to these places by planning special longevity packages programs.

Comfort and recreation facilities of health tourism towns

These villages are usually built in areas with pristine nature and favorable climate to provide facilities such as healthy food centers, sports activities, sauna for body and mind rehabilitation. Some of these facilities are:

  1. Hydrotherapy and relaxation centers: These centers include a wide range of therapeutic and relaxing services that help reduce stress and increase vitality. These services include massage, hydrotherapy, sauna, and relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation and deep breathing.
  2. Sports activity centers: The sports section of health tourism villages includes facilities such as swimming pools, sports clubs, golf courses, tennis courts and spaces for sports activities.
  3. Nature tourism spaces: the recreational part of health villages includes facilities such as parks, gardens, and walking or biking trails. These facilities provide an opportunity for tourists to enjoy nature and do their activities in open environments.
  4. Provision of a healthy diet: restaurants and food spaces with healthy and health-providing foods allow tourists to experience special diets.
  5. Medical services: This section includes medical centers, medical consultations and health services that meet the needs of travelers and tourists. In general, health tourism villages try to provide facilities such as treatment, relaxation and well-being experiences for tourists to combine these three. This makes the travel experience of tourists have a positive effect on their mood and health.

Benefits of health villages

Health tourism villages provide tourists with a variety of facilities that allow them to have fun, rest and treatment. These places are often located in natural and beautiful environments and have various amenities and entertainment facilities. Some of the benefits of these facilities are:

  1. Rest and relaxation: The natural and peaceful environment of health tourism villages is very suitable for rest and relaxation. This environment allows tourists to get away from the noise and daily worries and achieve mental and physical peace.
  2. Focusing on mental and physical health: Various facilities such as hydrotherapy centers, saunas, swimming pools, massage, recreational and sports activities such as cycling or walking in health tourism villages can help improve the physical and mental condition of tourists.
  3. Healthy and fresh foods: Some health tourism villages have restaurants and cafes that offer healthy and fresh foods using organic and local ingredients.
  4. Connection with nature: These villages are often located in natural environments and away from the hustle and bustle of the city and allow tourists to have a closer connection with nature.
  5. Improving the culture of health and healthy life: The facilities and programs in these towns can help promote the culture of health and healthy life and encourage tourists to live a healthier lifestyle.

Hydrotherapy in health villages

One of the most important facilities that many health villages have is the use of healing properties of water. Hydrotherapy or mineral water has many positive effects for improving health.

Some of the uses of water therapy in these villages:

  • Use in hydrotherapy departments to treat joint and bone diseases
  • Use in hot water baths to reduce pain and stress
  • Use in the treatment of skin diseases such as acne and scabies
  • Treatment of digestive and liver diseases
  • Reducing muscle pain and helping to relax
  • Anti-inflammatory effects

Introducing the best hydrotherapy places in Iran

Boiling of hot water springs in the health villages of different geographical parts of Iran has caused tourists to be able to use the benefits of mineral salts. You must have heard that Iran’s hot springs are a cure for many muscle, skin, bone diseases, nervous tension, etc. The heat and mineral salts of these springs are healing for various diseases of the body and soul, without wasting time in the boring environments of the hospital.

The therapeutic properties of hot springs

In addition to entertainment, hot springs also have therapeutic properties, and for this reason, they are very popular among tourists. Spending time in hot springs causes the body to burn calories and useful heat is released in the organs and veins. This heat puts the function of the body’s cells in a favorable state and also by increasing the blood flow, more oxygen reaches the lungs. Finally, you will feel a pleasant relaxation in your body muscles, which will take away the fatigue.

The properties of the hot spring include the following:

  • Improving body muscle pains and relieving fatigue,
  • Improve the back and neck disc,
  • Useful for sciatica and arthritis problems.
  • helping to treat rheumatism and improve bone pain,
  • Helping to treat kidney, liver and digestive diseases,
  • Helping to treat skin diseases,
  • Antifungal and antimicrobial effect,
  • increasing body mobility and weight loss,
  • Useful for reducing blood sugar.
  • Useful for calming the nerves.
Hot Spring Health Benefits
Experience the health benefits of hot springs in Iran

Top 10 hydrotherapy places in Iran

Sarein hot springs in Ardabil

One of the most famous hot springs in Iran is located in Sarein city of Ardabil province, and because of this blessing, Sarein is considered one of the tourist cities of Iran. Sarein is located about 30 km from Ardabil city, and there are many hydrotherapy centers with good amenities that welcome travelers with hot springs. Sablan, Dareh Lorsui, Kafi Soui, Iranian, Gawmish Goli, Royal Park and Pahanlo water treatment complexes are hot water service centers.

Rineh Larijan

Other hot springs of Iran are located in the heavenly slopes of Alborz. In Rineh Larijan hot water, near Damavand peak, you can use the mineral properties of the earth in addition to having fun.

In Larijan hot spring, you can relax your muscles at a temperature between 60 and 70 degrees and enjoy the nature of the rural area. There are many mineral salts in the hot springs of this area, and the iron spring and Shah Abbasi bath are famous in this village.

Many houses and suites for travelers in this area are equipped with hot sulfur pools with plumbing facilities. Of course, it is better to use natural hot springs such as Shah Abbasi bath instead of sweet pools.

Felkadeh hot spring in Mazandaran

One of the pleasures of Felkade hot spring is its location. This hot water is located in the village of Lire Sar and in the heart of the green forest. What could be more enjoyable than to take a dip in the water and enjoy its relaxing warmth in the arms of old trees and oxygen-rich forest air.

The second and most important advantage of Felkadeh hot water is the absence of sulfur in it. For this reason, this hot water does not have an unpleasant smell. So, in addition to drinking water and using the property of its mineral salts to treat diseases, you can drink the water of this spring with ease.

Ahram hot spring in Bushehr

Bushehr has not been spared from the bountiful blessings of the earth, and one of Iran’s hot springs is located in this province and in Tangestan city. Ahram Bushehr hot water is one of the tourist attractions around Ahram city and every year many travelers bathe in this spring for treatment and recreation. Ahram’s model hydrotherapy village welcomes tourists with convenient amenities, and this hydrotherapy center is the destination of many Iranians.

Accommodation and facilities in health villages
Top accommodation and recreation facilities in health villages

Dehloran hot springs in Ilam

Dehloran hot springs complex is one of the tourist attractions of Ilam province. These springs are located 3 km from Dehloran city, on the slopes of Siyakoh and near Khafash Cave, one of the spectacular attractions of the region.The 50-degree heat of these mineral solution reservoirs is one of the joys of traveling to Dehloran, Ilam, in addition to its healing properties.

Delfan hot spring in Lorestan

It’s time to travel to Lorestan and be enchanted by its beautiful and charming nature. In addition to this beauty, we also offer you the pleasure of bathing in the warmth of the Delfan spring. Delfan spring boils from the slopes of the Zagros mountain range and is located between the “Ghale” and “Sefidkoh” mountains. This spring is considered one of the recreational and therapeutic attractions of Lorestan province and has given popularity to Delfan city and Kakavand section of this region.

The village of “Sialya” is located near this hot spring and the city of “Noorabad” can be seen on the map at a distance of approximately 60 kilometers to the east of this spring. The power of this spring is such that every second, 30 liters of water with an approximate temperature of 40 to 60 degrees are injected into this hot spring.

Hot water springs of Mahalat in Markazi Province

The generous land of Markazi Province and Mahalat city has not been ignored and another hot spring of Iran is located in this area. The set of hot springs are located in the northeast of Mahalat city.

The use of Mahalat springs has been started since ancient times, and increasing human awareness of the benefits of using hot water has caused the continued popularity of these springs. Today, with the facilities of the hydrotherapy complex, you can say goodbye to many diseases. During your trip to Mahalat, you can also use the facilities of the tourist accommodation around the hot spring.

Hot springs of Kandi Castle on the border of Ardabil and East Azerbaijan

On the border of Ardabil province and East Azarbaijan, another life-giving gift of the earth has settled. Kandi Castle hot spring is one of the tourist attractions of Kelibar city.

These springs, along with the greenery of Arasbaran forests, Aras border river and Khodaafrin dam, have become a unique complex on the border of Ardabil province and East Azarbaijan, and the tourism industry of this province is very prosperous despite this complex.

comfortable health centers of Iran
Seek comfort and health in comfortable health centers of Iran

Genu Bandar Abbas hot spring

Another hot spring in Iran is located in Bandar Abbas. This spring is nestled in the shelter of Gnu mountains and is a source of useful mineral salts such as sulfur, chlorine and sulfate and a cure for many common diseases. Accommodation facilities as well as hot water pools have led to the prosperity of the tourism industry in Hormozgan province.

Hot springs of West Azarbaijan

West Azarbaijan province welcomes you with a treasure of Iranian hot springs and restores health to your body with the help of mineral salts. The highest record number of hot springs belongs to West Azarbaijan province with 46 springs. One of the advantages of the tourism industry in West Azarbaijan province is the proximity of hot springs to historical monuments, and this connection of historical and recreational attractions has led to the prosperity of the tourism industry in West Azarbaijan province.


As discussed in this article, Iran has several health villages in which facilities such as traditional and modern medicine treatment centers, spas, mineral baths, sports activities and healthy foods are provided to clients so that they can improve their health. Iran has various mineral and therapeutic waters that are used to treat various diseases. Pars Med Travel, with years of experience in the field of wellness tourism, is trying to provide its clients with pleasant and stress-free moments in the health and treatment villages by offering packages and attractive wellness and wellness facilities.


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