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Featured Offer for Winter of 2019: People & Places Tour

Destination Iran has planned "People & Places" package in form of a small group tour to Iran for you. To sign up for this featured cultural tour, you can choose to fill out a form at the bottom of this page!



What's "People and Places" Tour?

You join a group tour to Iran that is unique! “People & Places Tour” is an exclusive tour package you won't find anywhere else! We know this is a bold statement, but we're sure about it. Why? Because you Meet People & Visit Places and it's our original idea to present and operate this tour!

Let's see how:

  1. Only one half of the tour is spent on the highlights of Iranian historical sites, museums, etc.
  2. Another half of the tour is spent on the Iranians' lifestyle, crafts, traditions, food, poetry, arts, etc.

This tour includes the cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Maybod, Nain, Esfahan, and Kashan. We've arranged for interactions with Iranian people in an unforgettable trip in a short period of time.

Start & End

How the Tour Starts

You join a group tour to Iran in the lobby of the first hotel in Tehran most probably one day after your arrival in Iran. In other words, as you may come from different countries, you will arrive at different times. The next day, the tour starts at 8:00 am when everyone has arrived and taken some rest.

How the Tour Ends

Your departure could also be different from each other. Therefore, the group tour will end in the lobby of the last hotel in Tehran. Some people may ask for extra days of leisure, extended tours, etc. So, departure times could vary. You can stay as long as your tourist visas allow.


This is a guided tour in which a guide accompanies you from the start to the end. He follows the itinerary of this group tour package called "People & Places".

This is a full board tour. So, the guide pays for entering sites, meeting with people, and eating all the meals on your behalf.

He manages the tour, takes responsibility for solving any issues occurring during the tour, contacts head office in Tehran and coordinates with the operation manager, etc.

This is a cultural tour in which you learn about the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Iranians.

This is mainly a driving tour with one domestic flight. During the drives, approximately every 90 minutes you will stop to see sites and people, stretch your legs and relax for a while, have some refreshments, etc.

As during the tour, you walk for a short/long time here and there, you must make sure you're fit enough to do it.


You Join a Small Group Tour to Iran, Not a Private One!

You cannot customize the "People & Places" tour. Actually, you join this tour and accept it on an as-is basis.

Yet, if you're interested in seeing more, after the initial tour sign-up and before the tour is finalized, you can ask us for the addition of more days with sightseeing, etc after the tour.

You can extend your tour to visit other cities, villages, sites, regions, etc. As long as the tour is doable, we will do our best to help your wishes come true.

During the customization process, Destination Iran provides you with tips based on its local knowledge and experience. In case, some activities or plans aren't practical for various reasons, you will be notified.


The tour includes the following services for each group member:

  • Visa application processing assistance as your host in Iran.
  • All the transportation during the trip in a private air-conditioned minibus or on the economy-class seats of a plane.
  • Transfers from the start to the end of the tour in a private air-conditioned minibus.
  • All accommodation in 4-star hotels, 5-star hotels, and traditional house hotels inside Iran. The quality in all cases won't go below 4-star hotels with Iranian standards. (Don't worry! We're quite picky in choosing accommodation.)
  • Breakfast in all the accommodation, and lunch and dinner in all the restaurants mostly outside hotels.
  • Tipping at all the hotels, restaurants, airports, etc for all the services. The gratuity for the group tour's driver and guide is already paid by you.
  • Guidance of all the tours by our certified national tour guide.
  • Admissions to enter all sites, museums, etc, and compensation to meet all the people.
  • Refreshment of two bottled-water a day (every day) and tea/instant coffee (on the roads)


The tour excludes the following services for each group member:

  • Visa stamping fee,
  • Accommodation before arrival in Iran and after farewell in the last hotel,
  • Entrance fees for the places/people not mentioned in this tour itinerary,
  • Tour of the sights and museums not specified at this tour’s itinerary,
  • International flights,
  • Other guides in other places,
  • Other refreshment items not mentioned in this tour package, and
  • Travel insurance.

Date & Price

The Dates of People & Places Tour

This tour starts at 8:00 am on the dates specified for each group.

This tour ends approximately late afternoon of the dates specified for each group in the lobby of the Accor Hotel (IKA: Imam Khomeini International Airport).

The price of People & Places Tour

Per person in double/twin occupancy accommodation in Euro: 1350 Euros

Per person in single occupancy accommodation in Euro: 1425 Euros


There will be two stages of showing your decision to join a group tour to Iran with us:

  1. Initial Signup Stage: From now until 2 months before the tour begins. Just fill up the form below!
  2. Confirmation Stage: 2 months before the tour begins, just send a positive reply to our email!

Please note that you won't pay anything at "Initial Signup Stage". We trust you've made up your mind about the tour.

At the confirmation stage, we send you an email to see if you still confirm joining the group. Upon receiving your positive reply to our email, we will direct you on how to proceed to pay the tour price. Then, you pay 100% of the tour price, which will be non-refundable, to secure your place on our small group tour.

Major Cultural Attractions:

You can find some of the cultural activities of "People & Places" tour below here:

Watch Artists, Workshops, Performances, etc

Naqqali (storytelling) performance
Traditional Henna-making workshops
Zoorkhaneh traditional sports rituals
Unique pottery-making style
Educated Iranians hangout
and so on

Learn Cooking, Rituals, Calligraphy, etc

Iranian music
Traditional skills of baking Lavash bread
Traditional skills of nomadic cooking
Persian night of poetry, music, etc
Reading poems and singing songs
Writing Persian calligraphy
Traditional skills of carpet weaving
Mourning rituals and practices in Shiism
Traditional gardening & farming

Try Food, Calligraphy, Music, etc

Traditional Iranian dishes
Traditional Iranian bath

Iranian musical instruments


Staying in a rural house

Meet Locals, Nomads, Artists, etc

A local family and dine with them

Persian nomads
A globally recognized artist

Walk in Ancient & Modern Quarters, Parks, etc

In the historical city center of Tehran
In ancient residential areas of Yazd
In Nain ancient quarter
In parks along the river in Esfahan

Major Historical Attractions:

You can find some of the major historical sites of "People & Places" tour below here:


Golestan Palace in Tehran
Persepolis near Shiraz
Pasargadae near Saadat Shahr
Qanat System near Yazd
Fahadan Quarter in Yazd
Dolat Abad GArden in Yazd
Chehel Sotun Palace in Esfahan
Imam Khomeini Square in Esfahan
Jame Mosque of Esfahan
Fin Garden in Kashan


Dolat Abad garden
Fin garden
Bagh Ferdows Garden
Traditional fruit gardens

Museums & Galleries

National Museum of Iran
Carpet Museum
Music Museum
Cinema Museum
Aran Art Gallery

Palaces & Mosques

Chehel Sotun Palace in Esfahan
Aliqapoo Palace in Esfahan
Vakil Mosque in Shiraz
Grand Jame Mosque in Yazd
Friday Mosque of Nain
Imam Mosque of Esfahan


Bazaar of Tajrish in Tehran
Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz
Traditional Bazaar in Esfahan

People & Places Tour Itinerary

Please go through the itinerary below to find out what sort of experience is awaiting you:

Day 01: Introduction, Museums & a Modern Hangout in Tehran

The tour begins with a short introduction in the lobby and learning more about the nature of the tour and its requirements. Then, the group goes to the National Museum of Iran to have a general look at the abundant wealth of artifacts from 10s of 1000 of years ago until early 2oth century covering both pre-Islam and post-Islam eras.

After this visit, a walking tour begins in a quite interesting street in Tehran where you will visit a Fire Temple and a Church and continue to the old and famous Nadery Cafe for lunch. After lunch, you visit the unique carpet museum of Iran and head to the north of Tehran for a change so that you can see Iran today in Bagh Ferdows to enjoy some refreshment in a beautiful garden where young and more modern people hang out.

Day 02: Majestic Palace, Art Gallery, Walking Tour & Traditional Sports in Tehran

You start the day by walking around Golestan Palace garden and visit a few of them to get an idea about how Qajars and then Pahlavi kings ruled in Iran. After a traditional lunch and a modern art gallery, you walk in a famous neighborhood of Tehran to see several bookstores the iconic Cite Theater Hall.

After a quick early dinner, you will go to a traditional sports club called Zoorkhaneh to watch Pahlevani Sports and rituals.

Day 03: Iconic Tower, Traditional Bazaar & Iranian Music PLUS a Flight to Shiraz

Watch Tehran from the top of Milad Tower before you go to the vegetarians' heaven, fruits and Veggie Bazaar of Tajrish at the north of Tehran. Then, visit a museum to see the instruments used for playing this ancient Iranian art followed by a meeting with some musicians. There you learn about Iranian music more deeply and play some instruments.

At the end of this surface touching of Iranian culture in Tehran, you will be transferred to the domestic airport to fly to Shiraz for an enthralling tour of the Persian Empire, Persian Gardens, and more.

Day 04: Persian Empire Palaces, Tomb of a Poet & Rich Iranian Gastronomy in Shiraz

Probably one of the main reasons many people travel to Iran is to visit Persepolis and learn about the Persian Empire. This is what you will do first and continue to see their fantastic tombs.

You go back to Shiraz to witness how Iranians love their poets in the tomb of Hafez where you would also try the local specialty of Shirazi people, Faloodeh. Later in the afternoon, you're invited to a local family's home to learn about Iranians cuisine and have a home-made dinner.

Day 05: Iranian Hammam, Body Building Gym, Ladies' Beauty Hall & Sightseeing in Shiraz

Today you will experience a certain tradition that had been faded out very much: Going to an Iranian Hammam. When ladies go there, men visit a modern bodybuilding gym and when men go to the Iranian bath, ladies will go to a beauty hall to see how Iranian women style their hair and get a makeup.

Later in the day, you visit a fortress in the city center, Arg-e Karimkhani followed by part of the 18th century Royal Complex including Vakil Bazaar and Vakil Mosque. You deserve a reception in a traditional teahouse in the bazaar where herbal tea is served.

At the end of the day, you will visit a breathtaking shrine to learn more about Shiites mourning rituals and eye-catching architecture of such places of worship in Iran.

Day 06: Experience Life in Countryside, Visit Pasargadae & Go Among Nomads in Saadat Shahr

Drive across Zagros Mountains to reach Saadat Shahr to learn about traditional gardening and farming. Visit Pasargadae where the first capital city of Persian Emperors was founded and the tomb of its founder is located. After having a unique nomadic lunch served nowhere else, spend the rest of the day with Persian nomads to learn how Lavash flatbread is baked, nomadic food is made, Fars carpets are woven and nomadic lifestyle is lived.

Tonight you will have the opportunity to stay in a traditional accommodation in Saadat Shahr.

Day 07: Crossing Desert, Storytelling Tradition, Underground Aqueduct Works & Stay in Yazd

Today, you see various landscapes of low deserts and high mountains, pistachio trees and well as vernacular architecture to survive in the desert. You cross flatlands to get to the desert town of Abarkouh to see the oldest tree of the world, a Cypress tree. You also notice different architecture like an icehouse, windcatchers, houses with cupolas, water reservoirs, etc.

Then, after refreshing a bit, you watch an ancient traditional storytelling ritual performed for you. You leave this town to go toward Mehriz where the ancient underground water supplement system called Qanat is still in use. You see how it works and you learn about it.

Tonight you stay in Yazd, a city inscribed in UNESCO because of its unique architecture and desert identity.


Day 08: Towers of Silence, Henna Making, Sightseeing, Persian Garden and Persian Night in Yazd

Yazd is an ancient city where traces of ancient life can be found. Zoroastrianism is one of them. So, you start the day by visiting the place where dead bodies were exposed to the cultures on the Towers of Silence at the outskirt of Yazd. Then, you can see how henna is traditionally made in some old workshops.

After that, you walk in the past by crossing the ancient labyrinth-like alleys of Fahadan residential quarter. It's surprisingly still inhabited. At the end of your excursion there, you reach Yazd Grand Jame Mosque where the tallest minarets of Iran has been built 700 years ago.

During midday, when it's warm or hot, the best is to go to Dowlat Abad Garden and enjoy the beauty of the place and experience the ancient cooling system of windcatchers in practice. And at the end of the day, you're invited to a private home for a private Persian Night party where you listen to Persian poems and songs while Persian music is played for you.

Day 09: Ancient Fortresses, Caravansaries, Village Life & Strolling along Zayandeh River in Esfahan

You drive to Esfahan today. En route, there are several amazing structures, landscapes, and experiences waiting for you. In Meybod, you visit Narin Fortress, an ancient motel (a Safavid caravansary where very old Zilu rugs are showcased), a water reservoir, and an ancient mailing station (Chaparkhaneh) are waiting for your exploration itchy feet.

Then, you proceed to Aqda village to see its gardens and have some tasty lunch before setting off for Nain. The Friday Mosque of Nain is a small building, but a must-see as it's very unique as far as its history and exclusive architecture are concerned. Adjacent to this mosque, you can stroll a bit to see another fortress and several monuments.

Crossing some high mountains, when you arrive in Esfahan later in the afternoon, it's time to stretch your legs and go for a walk where every local Esfahanies go at that time: in the parks and along Zayandeh River.

Day 10: Explore Unique Islamic Architecture & Meet with Its Artists in Esfahan

The Sun shines from the East and Chehel Sotun Persian Garden boasts of its Palace facing it. You start the day's sightseeing here and walk through the gardens to Naqsh-e Jahan Square where the major Esfahan monuments and bazaar is located. You visit two world-class mosques here that are 400 years old and at their best shapes: Imam Khomeini Mosque and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. You visit the residence of this magical square's builder: Aliqapoo Palace and go up to its balcony to see the glory of Shah Abbas capital city main square.

Esfahan is also today's capital of lots of Iranians traditional arts and crafts. Therefore, visiting some workshops and meetings some artists are arranged for you this afternoon: a globally recognized miniaturist, a block-printing workshop craftsman, and a collection of fantastic Iranian carpets.

A walk in the bazaar when it cools down later in the day is the most enjoyable experience you can have. So, the best is to stay there until you see how the day comes to an end.

Day 11: Jame Mosque, Ancient Bridges, Calligraphy Class & Armenian Quarter in Esfahan

Have you ever imagined to go through all pages of a book by visiting a monument? It's Jame Mosque of Esfahan that you start your day there. You'll be blown away by the beauty of its details and the evolution of Islamic architecture at this complex. Then, go for photographing Sio-Se-Pol and Khajou bridges in daylight before you attend a private session of Persian calligraphy where you learn how to write Persian!

Then, you go to the Armenian quarter of Esfahan called New Jolfa. In this quarter, you see how a religious minority lives alongside others in its own area and how their lifestyle is. You see several coffee shops and try one of them to taste their coffee. You visit Vank Cathedral to explore the arts and embellishments used to decorate this fantastic monument.

Day 12: Karkas Mountains, Pottery Workshop, Traditional House & Farewell

This is the last day of the tour and you cross the high local range of Karkas mountains to get to Natanz. There you meet a unique potter who is the only one left from an old tradition of making ceramics with stone, not clay! Then, you continue to Kashan to explore a Persian Garden (Fin) and an old house with exclusive architecture. This will show you how people lived in their houses in Iran before modern life was imitated from outside Iran.

Eventually, when you finish sightseeing in Kashan, you drive toward Tehran, but stop 30km before the capital city to stay at its International Airport hotel before your departure. This is where you stay for the last night and prepare to say farewell to Iran. The tour ends here and hopefully, you've had plenty of experiences that have made:


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