Submit Travel Guest Posts for Amazing Results

If you are promoting your travel business online and look for a powerful tourism marketing platform for marketing, Destination Iran is here to help you. You can submit travel guest posts to us. We publish them with backlinks to increase your position on the web in addition to several other benefits.

Why You Should Submit Travel Guest Posts to Us

If you introduce your travel business online via a website or a blog, you need to promote your services on other websites too. If you do this on a previously well-grounded tourism blog, you will reap the best results. Destination Iran has got such a blog that accepts travel guest posts from all over the world.

We have a section in our blog called “World Destinations”. Your posts will be published there. Destination Iran is a website that has

  • published content in English since 2002,
  • obtained a domain authority of 58,
  • gained a good reputation in Google with a very low spam score (3%),
  • attracted search engines to index its new content very quickly,
  • and so on.

Therefore, when you submit travel guest posts to us, our travel-loving audience will see your content. In addition, search engines will index your content and give you credit too.

SEO Takeaways of Publishing Your Travel Guest Posts Here

There are several SEO benefits in guest blogging on our platform. A quick review of them is:

  • You can choose your desired title, keyword, meta description, etc for your posts,
  • You get your posts optimized by us before publishing,
  • You get your content published on a site already ranked highly for 360+ keywords,
  • You get permanent links from us helping you effectively with your ranking,
  • and so on.

We Accept Travel Guest Posts for Various Topics

We almost accept all kinds of travel and tourism guest posts. Your posts could be for any kind of travel and tourism in any part of the world. If there is any restriction, it will be what our country’s laws don’t approve of.

To make it more clear and simple, let us tell you what travel guest posts we can accept and admire.

  • General topics about travel (tips and advice)
  • Cultural points in various destinations
  • Ancient civilizations and their history
  • Historical attractions all around the world
  • Natural attractions anywhere in the world
  • Airline tips to travel across the planet
  • Accommodation introduction
  • Food and Cuisine and the culture with them
  • etc.

The list of travel guest posts we accept isn’t limited to the items above. In fact, you can reach out to us and explain what you want to write about. Then, you submit travel guest posts’ ideas and we take it from there. Those who have done this know that we’re quite flexible with various topics.

You Pay When Your Guest Post Is Approved

Some people are reluctant to contact guest post publishers as they think they have to pay first and discuss their topics later. Destination Iran isn’t like that.

First of all, we’re happy to hear from you. Send us a message and explain what your content will be about. We will talk about it together. When we both agree on it, you submit your travel guest post. We will review it and approve it when we see it complies with the good practices of the industry.

Once your content is approved for publishing, you will proceed to pay when we finalize the optimization and reach the point of publishing it for you.

Why We Accept Travel Guest Posts?

We have found out by our 20+ years of experience in travel business that,

  • our clients read about various destinations before they travel there,
  • Iran potential travelers like to travel to various destinations across the world,
  • Destination Iran website viewers spend several minutes reading our content,
  • We love to provide more information to our world readers,
  • Your travel guest posts turn to be new content for our website,
  • etc.

As a result, it’s a win-win deal for both of us. Each side will have its own benefits. That’s why we invite you to submit travel guest posts to us.

It’s Very Affordable for You

Now, here’s the final word on such a service for you. The Iranian currency has lost its value against the USD very much in recent years. We know that our website is a powerful platform for our clients no matter where they live in the world. As long as you’re in the travel business, you can use our platform.

What you pay for a guest post on a travel website in Europe or northern America is much higher than what you pay here.

For us, it’s affordable to accept travel guest posts and obtain a smaller fee.

For you, it’s affordable to submit travel guest posts and reach the desired result.

So, contact us today and let talk about the service beyond your expectation!

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