5 Benefits of Our Textual Links

This is a single service offered to anyone interested in taking his/her site to the next level. Our quality backlink service is in form of textual links appearing on a list on our homepage only. It is a standalone powerful help to your SEO that doesn’t require you to buy anything else with it, but the number of such links is limited to 5.

These backlinks that we publish are just one of a series of marketing and advertising services we offer.

The Price Table for our Textual Links

Here is the table in which you find details and prices of our backlinks:

Textual Link FeaturesBacklink Details
Display PageHomepage ONLY
Advertisement FormatHyperlinked text
Linked TextProvided by you
Length40 Characters including spaces
Display DurationOne month
Contact for more info!
Link Typefollow
Title Tag for LinkProvided by you (optional)
Price for 1 Month9,750,000/- Rials
8,775,000/- Rials (10% off)
Payable Price for 1 Month € 30.00
Price for 3 Months26,325,000/- Rials
26,300,000/- Rials (10% off)
Payable Price for 3 Months€ 88.00
Price for 6 Months81,000,000/- Rials
51,480,000/- Rials (10% off)
Payable Price for 6 Months€ 172.00
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for clarifications if you need any!

List of Quality Backlink Service Benefits

You want to insert some text on our website and get backlinks from it. We do this for you. If you are interested in learning what such a link could do for your website, please read the list below:

Your Textual Links Get First & Most Exposure on our Homepage

As you know, generally most of the websites receive more traffic and visits to their homepages compared to the inner pages. When you decide to go to a website, you type in the domain name and go to their homepage first. DestinationIran.com isn’t an exception. Most of our website visits occur at our homepage. Therefore, when your textual links appear on our homepage, they will be of initial and maximum exposure to the visitors who land first on our website.

This feature will increase the possibility of your backlink being visible to our audience. In other words, if your word(s) is persuading enough to be clicked on, you have the best opportunity.

Your Textual Links Take away Highest SEO Juice with It

Our website has received a lot of backlinks from others because of its valuable content. Like in many other websites, our homepage has received more backlinks than any other page on our website. It means this page has got the highest pagerank on our website.

Our quality backlink service places your textual links on this page. Therefore, you receive the highest possible link juice and SEO benefit for your website from this page.

Your Word/Phrase Can Contain Your Keyword

The advantage of this service is it will be delivered in text form. In other words, your textual backlinks can include some text, your keywords. That is why we call it an anchor text. In fact, when you attach a link to your keyword, you make an anchor text. This helps your SEO tremendously. Not all kinds of advertisements have such an advantage. Our quality backlink service allows this.

Your textual links could include different variety of link forms:

  • your anchor text hyperlinked to your desired page
  • naked URL (web address as an anchor text)
  • longer phrase with or without your anchor text
  • short imperative phrases (click here, try this, visit here, etc)
  • links with follow tags (like ours) or nofollow tags

Among all types of hyperlinks mentioned above the most effective one for your SEO is an anchor text containing your keyword pointing at your desired page as a follow link. This is exactly what you get when you order our quality backlink service.

Your Link Comes from a High Domain Authority Website: 75

DestinationIran.com is a powerful domain created in 2002. It has been following the search engines’ guidelines and best practices all during its lifetime. We have earned a relatively high domain authority of 75/100 for the following reasons:

  • We have created valuable content during all these years,
  • We have optimized our website with on-page SEO,
  • We have earned powerful backlinks for our high-quality content,
  • We have been featured in various websites and mentioned there,
  • and many other reasons.

When you get textual links from a website with a high domain authority like destinationiran.com, it sends positive signals to search engines like Google. You gain more trust in similar engines too.

You Enhance Your Image among Your Competitors

Let’s face it, and despite all humbleness, let’s admit that your image is quite affected by the image of the website that talks about you and mentions you by linking to your webpage.

There is a wise saying in English that says, “Birds of a feather flock together!” In other words, you get to know people by the companies they choose. Therefore, when your backlink comes from the homepage of a prestigious website, it will be a positive sign indicating the personality of your brand.

How You Order Your Link on Our Homepage

You can order this service to be activated on a monthly basis for your website. It includes a fee you pay to get your textual links published on our homepage for a month. If you are interested in making sure you have your position there, you can reserve the limited positions we have for a period of 3 months or even 6 months.

What we do in return for such an order is publish your keyword-rich anchor text on our homepage.

How Much Are Textual Links on DestinationIran.com?

You pay for a word or phrase linked to your designated webpage for €45 / month.

You will be able to pay and reserve for an extended period of 3 or 6 months too.

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