Iran In-Depth Tour (13/14/15 Days)

Iran In-Depth Tour Details



“Iran In-Depth Tour” has been planned as a two-week tour to the very depths of Iran’s ancient history and Iranian culture. You will travel back in time to Iranian ancient civilizations even before central governments. On this tour, you explore ancient cultures and religions before Persians.

This tour includes the cities of Tehran, Qazvin, Zanjan, Hamedan, Kermanshah, Shush, Shushtar, Ahvaz, Shiraz, Esfahan, and Kashan together with their sites and museums so that you can learn about Iranian culture and history in a more profound manner.


You can take this tour and travel for 13, 14 or 15 days depending on your exact arrival and departure times. Your flight schedule and the exact time of arrival and departure can determine one night less or more at the first or last hotel.


This is a guided tour in which a guide accompanies you from the start to the end. He follows the itinerary you've chosen, pays the entrance fees for the sites and museums, manages the tour, takes responsibility for solving any issues occurring during the tour, etc.

This is a cultural tour in which you learn about the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Iranians. Some of them are inscribed in UNESCO's list and some are in UNESCO's tentative list. Many still need to be documented to go through this process.

During the tour, you drive long and short distances and stop to see sites and people. At least every 90 minutes, you will stop to stretch your legs and relax for a while, have some refreshment, etc.

During the tour, you walk for a short/long time here and there inside the cities. If you choose to customize the tour and include some trekking, etc, you must make sure you're fit enough to do it.


You have the choice to pick this tour as it is or customize it. You won't be charged for this process and Destination Iran does it for you for free until you reach your ideal tour itinerary.

You can add other cities, villages, sites, regions, etc to your tour. You can deduct some from your tour. As long as the tour is doable, we will do our best to help your wishes realize.

During the customization process, Destination Iran provides you with tips based on its staff's local knowledge and experience. In case, some activities or plans aren't practicable for various reasons, you will be notified. If you still persist in getting it done, Destination Iran keeps this right for itself to decide to refrain from providing you such services that could be risky to you, etc.


The tour includes the following services by default and could be more extensive in case you ask for more:

  • Transportation all during the trip in a private vehicle or in a private wagon of a train or on a plane.
  • Transfers are carried out in a private vehicle depending on the size of your tour.
  • Accommodation in all the destinations inside Iran. They can be in two categories of standard (3-4 star hotels) or superior (5-star hotels or best in each town). You can ask for traditional house hotels, etc too.
  • Breakfast is always included in all the accommodation you choose and you won't have to pay for them separately, individually, etc. For lunch and dinner, you can choose when completing the tour inquiry form or before you finalize your tour package with us.
  • Guidance of all the tour by our certified national/local tour guides.
  • Admissions to enter all sites, museums, etc will always be part of the tour package.


Visa Application Assistance is a free-of-charge complementary service unless you decide to do it yourselves. We recommend you to leave this step to us as we can facilitate it for you so that you obtain your visa in a hassle-free manner.


You choose the date. You decide when to travel inside picking up this tour itinerary. It's your tour.

There's no specific date for this tour. It's a sample tour itinerary by itself. However, we've tried and enriched it for years and assure you that you can make the most of your trip in such a limited time by taking it.


If extreme heat or cold bothers you and your co-travelers, it's better to think twice if you plan to travel during summer or winter. However, all the vehicles and hotels used for your tour are air-conditioned and we inform you of this for your convenience.


You can determine the price pretty much by choosing the type of hotels, number of days (according to your flight information), number of travelers, number of meals per day, date of traveling to Iran, and other services.

Therefore, it's not possible for us to provide you with a price right away, but we promise to reply to your inquiries as soon as we can and within 72 hours. Generally, you will receive an answer from us in less than 24 hours. If it takes more time, please make sure to follow your inquiry up and contact us!

Major Attractions of Iran In-Depth Tour

Find the major attractions of this tour categorized in the list below:

  • Golestan Palace Compound
  • Bisotun relieves, inscriptions, caravansary, etc
  • Tchogha Zanbil Elamite Temple
  • Susa (Ancient city of Shush)
  • Persepolis Palace Compound
  • Pasargadae Palace Compound
  • Imam Khomeini Square
  • Oljayto Mausoleum
Persian Gardens
  • Golestan Palace Compound in Tehran
  • Chehelsotun Palace in Esfahan
  • Fin Garden in Kashan
Ancient Temples
  • Kangavar Anahita Temple
  • Tchogha Zanbil Elamite Temple
  • Bishaour Anahita Temple
Ancient Bridges
  • Shushtar’s Shadorvan Bridge
  • Esfahan’s Khajou Bridge
  • Esfahan’s Sio-Seh-Pol (33-Arch Bridge)
Tombs of Famous People
  • Tombs of Esther & Mordechai
  • Tomb of Daniel the Prophet
  • Tomb of Hafez
  • Tomb of Sa’di
  • Tomb of Cyrus the Great & other Achaemenian Emperors
  • Oljayto Mausoleum
  • National Museum
  • Carpet Museum
  • Shush Museum
  • Museum of Bishapour
  • Water Museum
  • Treasury of National Jewels
  • Nain Friday Mosque
  • Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque
  • Vakil Mosque
  • Emam Khomeini Mosque
  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
  • Ali-ebne-Hamzeh Shrine
  • Tomb of Daniel the Prophet
  • Tomb of Esther & Mordechai
  • Golestan Palace Complound
  • Sa’ad Abad Palace Compound
  • Bishapour Palace Compound
  • Persepolis Palace Complound
  • Pasagadae Palace Complound
  • Chehelsotun Palace
  • Aliqapoo Palace
  • Hamedan Bazaar
  • Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz
  • Qazvin Bazaar
  • Zanjan Bazaar
  • Esfahan Bazaar
Villages & Neighborhoods
  • Shush Streets
  • New Jolfa Armenian Quarter in Esfahan
  • Fahadan Residential Quarter in Yazd
  • Ancient village of Izadkhast
  • A city tour of Tehran
  • A city tour of Shiraz
And More ...

Bath houses, Gateways, ancient rock relieves, ancient city walls, citadels, caravansaries, bridges, workshops, shrine, old houses, fortresses, etc.

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Itinerary for Iran In-Depth Tour

Here’s the tour itinerary for this travel package:

Day 01: Overnight in Tehran.

Arrival in Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA). Meet with Guide.

Transfer to hotel.

Day 02: Overnight in Tehran.

In Tehran, visit:

  • National Museum (3 halls of pre-historic, pre-Islam & post-Islam eras)
  • Treasury of National Jewels   . . . OR Golestan Palace Complex
  • A city tour to learn about life in Tehran

Transfer to hotel.

Day 03: Overnight in Zanjan.

Drive to Zanjan. En route, in Qazvin, visit:

  • Qazvin Bazaar
  • Safavid Dolat Khaneh (Chehel Sotun Palace, Aliqapou, etc)

Proceed to Soltaniyeh to visit:

  • Oljayto’s Mausoleum

Continue to Zanjan. Transfer to hotel.

Day 04: Overnight in Hamedan.

In Zanjan, visit:

  • Zanjan Bazaar

Drive to Hamedan. En route, visit:

  • Alisadr Cave
  • Lalehjin pottery workshops

Proceed to Hamedan. Transfer to hotel.

Day 05: Overnight in Hamedan.

In Hamedan, visit:

  • Ancient City of Ecbatana
  • Hamedan Bazaar
  • Walking Tour of Hamedan City Center
  • Tombs of Esther & Mordechai
  • Alavian Dome
  • Ganjnameh Inscriptions

Transfer to hotel.

Day 06: Overnight in Kermanshah.

Drive to Kermanshah. En route, at Kangavar, visit:

  • Anahita Temple
  • Kurd nomads (if in proper season)

Before Kermanshah, visit:

  • Taq-e-Bostan
  • Bisotun Inscriptions, Caravansary, etc

Transfer to hotel.

Day 07: Overnight in Ahvaz.

In Kermanshah, Visit:

  • Tekiyeh-ye-Moaven-ol-Molk

Drive to Ahvaz. En route, visit:

  • Kurd nomads (if in proper season)
  • Pol-e-Dokhtar bridge

Transfer to hotel.

Day 08: Overnight in Ahvaz.

Drive to Shush to visit:

  • Tchogha Zanbil Ziggurat
  • Tomb of Daniel
  • The First Apadana Palace
  • Shush Museum

Then, drive to Shushtar to visit:

  • Shadorvan Bridge
  • Waterfalls & Watermills
  • Band-e-Mizan
  • Back to Ahvaz.

Transfer to hotel.

Day 09: Overnight in Shiraz.

Drive to Shiraz. En route, visit:

  • Qashqaee nomads (if in proper season)
  • Ancient city of Bishapour & its museum
  • Tang-e-Chogan Sassanian relives

Proceed to Shiraz. Transfer to hotel.

Day 10: Overnight in Shiraz.

In Shiraz, visit:

  • Nasir-ol-Molk mosque
  • Narenjestan garden
  • Tomb of Sa’dy
  • Ali-ebn-e Hamzeh Shrine
  • Karimkhani Citadel
  • Vakil Bathhouse
  • Vakil Mosque
  • Bazaar of Shiraz including Saray-e Moshir

Transfer to hotel.


Day 11: Overnight in Shiraz.

Drive outside Shiraz to visit:

  • Persepolis
  • Naqsh-e-Rostam

Back to Shiraz to visit:

  • Gate of Koran
  • Eram Garden
  • Tomb of Hafez
  • A City Tour of Shiraz

Transfer to hotel.

Day 12: Overnight in Esfehan.

Drive to Esfehan. En route, visit:

  • Pasargadae including Tomb of Cyrus the Great

Then, proceed toward Esfehan and stop at Izadkhast to visit:

  • Remnants of the ancient of Izadkhast

Inside Esfehan:

  • A walking tour along the city river

And visit:

  • Si-o-Se Pol (Allahverdikhan) Bridge
  • Khajoo bridge

Transfer to hotel.

Day 13: Overnight in Esfehan.

Inside Esfehan, visit:

  • Chehelsotun palace
  • Meidan-e-Emam (Naqsh-e-Jahan Square)
  • Emam Khomeini mosque
  • Sheikh Lotfollah mosque
  • Aliqapoo palace
  • Qeysariyeh bazaar
  • Handicraft workshops

Transfer to hotel.

Day 14: Overnight in Airport Hotel.

Morning visit inside Esfahan:

  • Vank Cathedral
  • Jolfa Armenian quarter

Drive to Tehran International Airport (IKA). En route, in Kashan, visit:

  • Tabatabaee Traditional House
  • Fin Garden

Transfer to airport hotel.


Day 15: Fly out.

Transfer to Departure Hall to fly out.

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