June 25, 2018

Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters to us. It’s important for us to inform and reassure you that here at Destination Iran we have the following Privacy Policy:

Main Pillars of Our Privacy Policy

We believe you trust us when you fill out a form at our website. This could be to contact us, inquire about a tour, comment, etc. In all cases, when you provide us with your personal information, we:

Stay in Touch with you:

  1. We use your information to stay in touch with you,
  2. We follow up with your comments, questions, inquiries, etc,
  3. We provide you with the information or service you’d asked/signed up for, etc.

Protect your information:

  1. We keep your information as confidential with us,
  2. We don’t share it with any third party for any reasons,
  3. We use SSL certificate to better protect your information,
  4. We protect you by securing the website against any third party’s malware,
  5. We guard your information purchasing website security services, etc.

Improve our Services:

  1. We use your information to maintain our website content creation,
  2. We use your information to analyze our website traffic,
  3. We use your information to understand and improve our services,
  4. We use your information to learn how to focus more on your areas of interest, etc.

Using Destination Iran Website

You agree to our privacy policy stated above by using our website, filling up forms, leaving comments, sending inquiries, contacting us, etc. We appreciate it and do our best to protect your privacy.