Iran Destinations (Cities)

Iran city attractions Lists are diverse. You can find a long list of the spectacular sights that cry out to be visited all across Iran. Here you can find the most famous ones.

City Attractions Lists: Historical Sights

Almost in all parts of Iran, you can find historical attractions from ancient times. Those are historical mounds, monuments, sights, etc. In this category, we will list the tourism attractions of Iranian cities separately.

They belong to the prehistoric, and historical eras.

In general, Iran tourism attractions of historical nature belong to two periods:

Pre-Islam relics
Post-Islam relics

In addition, there are several museums in which you can find the objects discovered in such places.

City Attractions Lists: Natural Sights

Iran is among the top 5 countries of the world for its natural sights and attractions. If you plan to visit Iran, get ready to be surprised by its breathtaking beauty. There are amazing landscapes here and there.

In these lists, you can find the natural attractions of each city separately.

Some of the natural tourist attractions of Iran are inscribed in UNESCO’s list as biosphere reserves. You can find these city attractions lists here under this category.

  • Astara Tourist Attractions: Lavandevil Heights


    Astara is an Iranian port and border city with several tourist attractions. It is an economic center and the main…

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  • Tabas Tourist Attractions: Palm Groves


    Tabas is known as the Desert Bride in Iran consisting of several tourist attractions. It has the great and fresh…

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  • Semnan Tourist Attractions: Arg Gate


    Semnan is a major city in Iran with several tourist attractions. This city is located in the south of Alborz…

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  • Sanandaj Tourist Attractions


    Sanandaj is a beautiful city with several tourist attractions. It is one of the largest cities of Iran the most…

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  • Rasht Tourist Attractions: Shahrdari Square


    Rasht is a major tourist attraction that is a favorite place for many Iranians. It is also well known as…

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  • Maragheh Historical Attractions: Red Dome / Tomb Tower


    A view of Ghafariyeh Dome surrounded by some trees Maragheh offers several tourist attractions to its visitors. This city is…

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  • Dezful Tourist Attractions: Watermills


    The watermills of Dezful just under a modern bridgee In the middle of the Zagros foothills, there is a city…

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  • Damghan Tourist Attraction: Tarikhaneh Mosque


    Tarikhaneh mosque & its minaret in Damghan Damghan is the oldest and the most ancient city of the Parthian era…

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  • Nassouri Fortress near Bushehr


    Nassouri Castle in Bandar Taheri near Bushehr Bushehr, a port city located along southwestern Iran, offers amazing tourist attractions. The…

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  • Bam Tourist Attractions: View from above


    A view of Bam city from above In the southeast of Iran, there is the desert city of Bam with…

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  • Zanjan Tourist Attractions: Soltaniyeh Dome Details


    Details of the ceiling at Soltaniyeh Dome of Zanjan Visit Zanjan tourist attractions around the city center and enjoy the…

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