Happy New Year & Destination Iran’s Resolution for 2015!

Destination Iran's Resolution for 2015/Iranian New Year
Destination Iran's Resolution for 2015/Iranian New Year

First of all, I’d like to extend my best wishes for a happy Iranian New Year and successful perspective for all of you. The new year has started and everyone sets new goals and visions for another 365 days. Destination Iran has also decided to announce its plans for the website and its users. Here are the main highlights:

1. Improved User Experience

Although Destination Iran has considered facilitating the use of its information for its users from day one, over time and as a result of receiving feedback and analysis of user behavior, we have found out the necessity of further improvement in user experience. The inquirers’ repeated questions and probably confusing content have led to slower understanding of the information provided at the website. This will be improved soon so that your plan for tourism in Iran could be best improved.

2. Increased Visual Introduction

Destination Iran has provided some good amount of textual information for its readers to be published during Iranian New Year, but the rise of particular kinds of social media like photo-sharing sites tells us it’s time to increase the amount of visual information. We have already created a photo gallery at Destination Iran, but there will be more images of Iran coming your way.

3. Further Info about Cultural Heritage

In recent months a lot has happened in the field of cultural heritage in Iran. Several sites are unearthed, historical objects discovered or returned to Iran from abroad, etc. We will cover such news further so that you learn more about how valuable cultural heritage is for Iranians.

4. Faster Inquiry Replies

Those who have tried our responding policy and practice could witness how fast we reply the emails, inquiries, questions, etc. They get replies much faster than we’d claimed to answer them. Yet, we’ve decided to reply even faster. How would it happen? Wait and you will see soon after the Iranian New Year.

5. Closer Interaction with Website Users

If you’re a fan of Iran and its culture, history, etc, I’ve got some good news for you. You will be more often informed of what’s going on here and what’s happening in fields of art, architecture, archaeology, etc. You will be notified personally immediately.

The Last but not the Least …

There’s a Persian expression saying, “The listener makes the speaker more passionate!” The more we receive feedback from you, the more we feel passionate about our resolution. You can indicate how much you like what we do for you by leaving comments at our blog posts, sharing our content in social media, etc. If you help us as such, we get the message that we’re on the right path.

So, let’s keep going and see you more often in 2015 with your comments, ideas, suggestions, etc!

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