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Mapar House of Ahvaz, A Historical Mansion and Cultural Heritage Center

The bent palm in the Mapar house of Ahvaz
The courtyard of Mapar House of Ahvaz and its iconic bent palm tree

Ahvaz is a metropolis in Iran located in the country’s south. The city is home to several famous bridges although many are now in ruins. However, some of the historical monuments of this city have withstood the passage of time. Mapar House of Ahvaz is a noteworthy example of these historical landmarks of Ahvaz.

Mapar House is an old building with a lovely courtyard. This building is located near the Karun River, on Khansari Street. The house dates back to the rule of the first Pahlavi (Reza Shah). This old house was registered in the national heritage list of Iran in 2001.

The site was named after the house’s owner, a wealthy merchant in the Qajar period. After his death, the Pahlavi government confiscated Mapar House. With the fall of the Pahlavi regime and after the 1979 revolution, the Mapar House was seized by the Ahvaz branch of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. This house is considered one of the cultural attractions of Iran.

Architectural Style and Features of Mapar House of Ahvaz

The first thing that catches the eyes of visitors to the this house is the facade. The facade of this house has meticulous brickwork decorations. Its style of brickwork is called Khofteh Rasteh brick bonding.

In this brick bonding method, one brick is placed horizontally, and the next one is placed vertically. This style is ideal for when two types of bricks are used. The Persian term for this method of bricklaying accurately portrays it. Khofteh means sleeping or laying down, meaning the horizontal brick, and Rasteh means upright or standing, referencing the vertical brick. This style is present in many traditional houses in Ahvaz.

After passing the facade, we can see the beautiful courtyard and the building. The Mapar House building is a two-story structure that has a basement. The building covers a 550 square meters area. It is built with customized small bricks.

The rooms of Mapar House of Ahvaz feature stunning colored glass windows. In the morning, the fountain water reflects the image of the house’s-colored windows, creating an impressive view.

Wooden beams are used to construct the ceilings of the house’s rooms. The beams are about 20 cm apart.

There are two courtyards on both sides of the building, but only one is in use. There are old doors on all sides of the courtyard and a palm tree in the middle.

The palm tree in Mapar House’s courtyard is unique and has a bent trunk. The palm tree’s bent shape is why it has been nicknamed “the sulking palm tree”. In recent years, the Mapar House of Ahvaz has also been a venue for movie premiers. This house was also the primary location for filming a documentary called “The Sulking Palm”.

In addition, there is a turquoise-colored fountain in the middle of the courtyard. Both courtyards around the building have fountains. The old clay pots around the courtyard give it a charming look.

Functions of Mapar House of Ahvaz in Recent Years

Sharbat Khaneh in Mapar House Ahvaz
A view of the Sharbat Khaneh in Mapar House of Ahvaz

In 2007, the Mapar House basement was converted into a library. This library contains valuable books of Hafez, the great poet. The building had not yet been renovated before 2007.

In 2016, The Ahvaz office of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage renovated Mapar House. After that, this house became a culture and arts center. The center offers a variety of activities in the following sections:

  1. Gallery: One of the areas functions as a gallery. In this section, works of art are on display for sale.
  2. Photography Studio: The traditional clothes of Ahvaz are a popular tourist attraction. At this house, you can wear traditional clothing and photograph the experience.
  3. Sharbat Khaneh (Soda Shop): In this section, traditional drinks of Ahvaz such as Mai Laqah are sold. Mai Laqah is a kind of drink made from palm tree nectar. This drink is made with traditionally distilled herb extracts such as rosewater.
  4. Handicrafts Shop: In this section displays artifacts crafted by the capable hands of female artists from Ahvaz. The handicrafts are a variety of clay pots, handwoven baskets, and traditional trays.
  5. Restaurant: This section serves delicious traditional Ahvaz city and Khuzestan dishes.

In addition, the Khuzestan Tourism and Cultural Heritage Information Center is located in Mapar House in Ahvaz.

Do Not Miss Visiting Mapar House

The architectural style used in the historical houses of Ahvaz is unique. Mapar House of Ahvaz is a beautiful complex that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. If you explore Ahvaz tourist attractions on an Iran tour package or independently, do not miss visiting this historic house.

Ahvaz is located in a tropical region, so we recommend you travel to Ahvaz during the cold seasons. Autumn and winter are perfect for a trip to Khuzestan.

Where is Mapar House of Ahvaz?

This building is near the Karun River, at No. 551, Khansari Street, Ahvaz. You can see the exact location of this house below:

Frequently Asked Questions About Mapar House

To find answers to any other questions, contact us through the comments section of this post. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

What are the different areas of Mapar House of Ahvaz?

This building was registered in the national heritage list of Iran in 2001 and was acquired by the private sector in 2016. After that, this historical tourist center was divided into several sections. The different sections of Mapar House are the gallery, photography studio, Sharbat Khaneh, handicrafts shop, and restaurant.

When was the restoration of the Mapar House in Ahvaz?

This house dates back to the first Pahlavi period. After the original owner’s death, this building was held by government organizations until 2016. In 2017, it was acquired by the private sector and restored by the Revival Fund under the supervision of the Ministry of cultural heritage.

Who is Abdul Majid Mapar?

Mapar House is named after its owner, Abdul Majid Mapar. He was a merchant in Ahvaz who built this house in the early years of the first Pahlavi regime.

What do you know about the Mapar palm?

There is a unique palm tree with a curved trunk in the courtyard of Mapar House. Since it seems like the tree is bending down out of sadness, it has been nicknamed “the sulking palm”. This house was also the main location in the production of the documentary “The Sulking Palm”.

What are the characteristics of the Mapar House of Ahvaz?

The most prominent feature of this house is its Khofteh Rasteh brickwork. The windows of the Mapar House are decorated with colored glass, and wooden beams are used in the construction of the ceilings. Mapar’s bent palm is another one of its features.

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