How You Take a Tour to Iran from Australia


Millions of Australians travel the world each year, but some hesitate if they can take a tour to Iran from Australia or not. Some are reluctant to do so. For many people across the world, not only Aussies, Iran is a mysterious country to visit. Of course, this makes me wonder, “Aren’t they adventurers? So, why aren’t they travel to Iran?” Maybe one reason is they aren’t sure how they can plan such a trip. This post and its video explains challenges, benefits, and advantages involved.

It’s Easy to Plan a Tour to Iran from Australia

It could be quite challenging if you decide to plan all aspects of your journey yourself. Let me explain this:

The hotels in Iran aren’t members of any international online booking systems. They don’t even have their own online booking systems for the foreign travelers. Therefore, you cannot book them ahead of time yourselves. For your information, to reserve certain number of rooms in Iranian hotels during a given time (particularly in high season) is quite challenging for the tour operators too! The reason is there aren’t sufficient number of hotels and how late they confirm the bookings, if they do.

The transportation service providers aren’t so well-organized that you could contact them online and book your required service. They’re not a member of online booking services either. Tour guides and restaurants are also same. Tourist visa services, as of today, haven’t been organized to facilitate the required process for you yet. Even if one or few of the above join the international online services, other challenges will remain as they are.

So, what’s the solution?

Get all the above done through tour operators! They are the ones who are in contract with all these service providers. They are the sole entities who can book all the services for you and you pay only one company to do all this for you. In addition, a tour operator can suggest you a tour itinerary, explain the detailed day-to-day sightseeing and even apply for your visas.

What To See during Your Visit in Iran?

A lot of people contact us from your country and ask what they can experience if they take a tour to Iran from Australia.

Well, Aussies travel to explore the world and Iran has got a lot to offer. Monuments, Nature & Gardens, Bazaars and Culture are the highlights:

It’s a historically rich country that offers you lots of world class sites including more than a dozen of UNESCO sites, historical monuments that will soon join World Heritage Sites, and more. They range from ancient cities, palaces, temples, museums, to Islamic architecture at its best as Iran is a country that had contributed a lot to the formation of Islamic architecture.

It’s a naturally diverse country in which you can enjoy varied landscapes ranging from desolate deserts to high mountains (Damavand peak is up to 5671 meters above sea level). You will see from hot and dry areas (Lut desert reaching 73 degrees Celsius in summer) to highly humid and green places (Sari & Rasht reaching 99% humidity), etc. You can explore caves, mangroves, sand dunes, and so on.

The people of Iran are the main reason many will remember the country years after their visit to Iran. They come from:

  • Various ethnic groups (Persians, Azeries, Kurds, Baluchies, Gilakies, Turkomans,  Arabs, Lurs, etc)
  • Various language groups (speaking Persian, Kurdish, Azeri, Lurish, Arabic, etc), and
  • Various types of culture, ceremonies, etc.

Most important of them all, they are all very hospitable and willing to welcome you, serve you and make friends with you. Iranians are quite easy to connect to you and often times they are the ones who would come forward to welcome you to their country. I’m sure you will find this exceptionally incredible when you take a tour to Iran from Australia and find out how happy people are to see you.

Iran is a Secure Place … No Doubt about It!

If you think Iran isn’t safe enough to travel to due the some reasons, I must tell you its’ all myth. You can go to the Testimonial page and read or watch what previous tourists has said about Iran.

I remember some said in 2003, there’s some war going on in Iraq. We shouldn’t go to Iran! Several people have visited Iran since then and this war still continues in Iraq, but it hasn’t hurt any travelers. Guess who lives life fully? Those who rely on real sources that could be real people with real reviews!

One of the reasons why tourism is booming in Iran is the fact that Iran is a safe place unlike Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. Those are all beautiful countries, but unfortunately they’re not secure anymore.

Another reason why Iran is making contracts with lots of international companies these days is the fact that the world has understood Iran’s realities and social media spreads the news about how safe a country it is for tourists.

How Long Should You Travel in Iran

Australians come from a long distance to this part of the world. Therefore, I don’t recommend them to come for a one-week visit. Iran is large enough and the varieties are vast enough to keep you interested during every single day of your two-week tour. So, if not longer, plan for traveling two weeks inside Iran.

In Destination Iran, we’ve planned two tours for such a time period:

  1. Iran Classical Tour: If you want to see the highlights of Iran (Tehran, Shiraz and Esfahan), plus some desert landscape, desert architecture and so on, this can be the plan for your tour to Iran from Australia.
  2. Iran In-Depth Tour: If you want to see the highlights of Iran (Tehran, Shiraz and Esfahan), plus cities and sites playing major roles in the formation of ancient Iran (like Medes and Elamites), this tour takes you to the ancient temples, off the tourist routes, huge farms and high mountains.

… and if you are looking for a custom tour in which you meet more with the people, try their food and learn how they’re cooking, etc, please contact me and we will work on your ideal tour to make a package as you desire it to be.

You can also check out some of the top tour packages of Iran here!

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  1. I actually was able to visit Iran from America and was a bit worried at first. However, i was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoy day time there. The people were incredibly kind to me and I would definitely visit in the future.

  2. I’m happy you’ve had good experience form your trip in Iran. I also appreciate your kind words about the people.

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