Tourist Attractions

Iran tourist attractions are innumerous. Many of these fascinating places are historic sites or natural attractions. Iran historic attractions have brought Iran to the top 10 countries of the world. Iran natural attractions have placed Iran among the top 5! Some of them are inscribed in UNESCO’s list of world human heritage. Some are still waiting to be inscribed. The history of Iranian historic sites dates back to 8000 years ago. Iranians have built various types of structures. The remnants of some of them still stand in their places. As dynasties in power sponsored constructions, the archetypes are named after them. Pre-Islam Tourist Attractions in Iran The oldest architectural style in Iran goes back to the Elamite era from which some temples have remained like Tchogha Zanbil. Later Medes took control of the governments in the Iranian plateau. Achaemenians established the first centralized ruling system with a prominent architecture. The next major dynasties were Seleucids, Parthians, and Sassanians until Arabs invaded Iran and brought Islam to our country. After that, the Iranian historical sites remained up to date are the result of Iranian architects works put into a new form based on the requirements of the society. Therefore, our ancestors built several mosques, mausoleums, etc. When it comes to Islamic architecture, Iranians have contributed a lot to help such a new genre take shape. Post-Islam Tourist Attractions in Iran Ancient palaces and temples, as well as Persian gardens, minarets, and structures like bridges, royal rock tombs, etc, have all preceded Islamic architecture. With the new religion, the requirement changed and Iranian built lots of religious buildings. New styles emerged: Seljuq, Ilkhanid, Timurid, Safavid, Qajar, etc. The appearance of some of these tourist attractions may have changed, but many of them are profoundly rooted in pre-Islam Iran. By looking at the variety of decoration of the historical sites of all pre-Islam and post-Islam eras, one can see different styles of architecture. In general, although they have distinguished names, all of them are considered Iranian architectural styles. Iran’s Natural Attractions Iran is among the top 5 countries of the world when it comes to such attractions. The topographic situation and geographic location of Iran have provided such a unique condition. You can find some internationally recognized biosphere reserves in Iran. Some other ones are also in the tentative list. They are World heritage sites and fascinating for the world travelers to visit.