Best Choices for You During Iran Summer Holidays

Visit Masal during Iran's summer holidays
A view of Masal during the summer
Visit Masal during Iran's summer holidays
A view of Masal during the summer

Iran summer holidays are perfect for domestic and foreign travelers to escape the heat and see the top Iranian tourist attractions. Many regions in Iran offer pleasant weather conditions and candid historical and natural attractions. We will introduce the best travel destinations for a summer holiday in Iran in this post. If you want to easily visit these tourist attractions with expert guides, we recommend booking Iran tour packages.

Cool Summer Holiday Destinations in Northern Iran

Northern Iran is known for its lush forest, mountain regions, and the Caspian Sea. In summer, the temperature in northern Iran remains moderate, and it can even get chilly in the forest areas near the Alborz mountain range. If you want to travel to the northern regions of Iran, we recommend the following destinations:

Summer Holiday Attractions in Gilan Province

There are many tourist attractions in Gilan province to cover in one article, but below are some of the attractions that are best suited for a summer holiday in Iran.

Masal is located in the northwest of Gilan province and features mesmerizing heights and humid forests. Some of the best Masal tourist attractions include the Avishou Cave and the Olesbelangah Village in Sueh Chaleh.

Masooleh is a village in Fuman County to the west of Gilan province. It is one of the coldest areas in Gilan County during the summer. You can visit the traditional bazaar in this village, visit the nearby Masouleh Waterfall, and enjoy the cool breeze.

Sarvelat Village is a green destination in Chaboksar district in the east of Gilan province. It is in the foothills of Alborz mountain range near the Achirood River. Khavar Khanoom Restaurant is a traditional restaurant and one of the most famous tourist attractions in this village.

Damash Village is located in the highlands in the south of Gilan province, at 1800 meters above sea level. It is home to the Lilium ledebourii, one of the rarest species of lily plant in the world. The villagers hold a special annual festival called Soosan-e Chelcheragh in celebration of the Lilium ledebourii’s flowering season (during June and July).

Rudkhan Castle is a Sassanid historical attraction in Qaleh Rudkhan village in the south of the province. This castle was built near a river of the same name, and its main purpose was to defend against the Arab invasion. The path to the castle has a high slope but it is a scenic route that is worth the long walk.

Rudkhan Castle in Gilan province
Rudkhan Castle, a Sassanid tourist attraction in Gilan

Marlik Hill is an ancient site near Roudbar in the south of Gilan province. It is the site of an ancient royal cemetery dating back 3000 years ago. It belonged to the Amardian culture, an Iron Age civilization from ancient Iran.

Summer Holiday Attractions in Mazandaran Province

Mazandaran Province contains a plethora of natural and historical attractions, and its proximity to Tehran has made it a popular destination for domestic travelers. The combination of Hyrcanian forests and the Alborz Mountain Range creates the perfect weather conditions during the summer.

Lar National Park is a protected area in Amol County near the Tehran-Mazandaran provincial border. It is one of the most fascinating natural habitats in terms of biodiversity, containing over 400 plant species, 100 avian species including the Golden Eagle, and mammals such as the Brown Bear and Leopard and many other wild animals. The park also features natural attractions such as poppy fields, Div Asian Lake, and Lar Dam Lake.

Lar national park near Damavand Mountain
Lar dam lake in the foothills of Mount Damavand

Filband Village is in the southeast of the province, located 2300 meters above sea level. Dense forests and its mountainous terrain make it an ideal destination for hot summer months. The average temperature in summer varies between 15-25 degrees Celsius. There are multiple natural attractions in this area, including many natural springs such as Lar Spring Waterfall. The view of the clouds from the heights of Filband is extraordinary.

Filband village in Babol County, Mazandaran
Above the clouds in Filband Village

Alimestan Village is a Mazandaran tourist attraction located on the Tehran-Amol road. The Alimestan houses part of the ancient Hyrcanian forests estimated to be 50 million years old, and the site of two meteorite craters. The villagers believe the craters mark where Rostam, the mythical Iranian figure in Shahnameh, kneeled to drink water.

Savadkuh County is a popular destination in Mazandaran where the famous Veresk Bridge is located. There are several forests in Savadkuh such as Lafour forests and the Beech tree forests in Sang Deh village. Other natural attractions in this county include Palang Dareh Waterfall, Shur Mast Lake, and Gazou Waterfall.

Savadkuh County in Mazandaran
Sang Deh Village in Savadkuh

Namakabrud Town is one of the most-visited destinations in Mazandaran province. It is near the Meduben mountain peak, a Hyrcanian forest area in the Alborz Mountain Range. Div Hamam is one of the most interesting natural attractions in the area. Local mythos claim these 35-meter holes used to be bathhouses for the Devs, demonic figures in Iranian mythology. Another notable Namakabrud tourist attraction is the suspended bridge that can only accommodate one person at a time. It is 150 meters long and is suspended 45 meters above the Namakabrud forests.

Golestan Province Summer Attractions

Kaboud Val Waterfall in Golestan Province
Kaboud Val Waterfall in Aliabad-e Katul

Golestan province is famous for its natural attractions, especially its waterfalls and forests.

Here is a list of the best waterfalls in Golestan Province to visit during summer:

Kaboud-val waterfall is one of the oldest waterfalls in Golestan province. Fossil remains near this natural attraction have been carbon-dated, leading researchers to believe the waterfall may have formed between 25-50 million years ago. You can visit it 5 km outside of Aliabad-e Katul in the south of Golestan province.

Agh Su Waterfall is a unique waterfall near Kalaleh city in the northeast of Golestan province. It is difficult to find this waterfall without a guide since there are no signs leading to its location. You can also visit the multi-step Kalaleh forests near the Gunili village.

Shirābād Waterfall is located near a village of the same name. It is a multi-step waterfall consisting of 7 waterfalls with a total height of 70 meters. The tallest of the waterfalls is nearly 25 meters. The nearby caves are home to the endangered Persian brook salamander.

Ardabil Province Summer Holiday Attractions

Ardabil is located in one of the coldest regions in Iran. In the summer, the median temperature ranges from 9-25 degrees Celsius. Therefore, If you want to spend your summer holidays in a region with chilly nights, Ardabil is one of the best summer holiday destinations.

Shourabil Lake is the only natural lake in Iran located in city limits, situated south of Ardabil city. It is one of the oldest lakes in Iran and its formation is attributed to the late Tertiary period, which means it is older than Lake Urmia. If you travel to Ardabil, you can stay in the Kowsar tourist complex and hotel next to this lake.

Fandoqloo Forest is known by the locals as Meshe-Sui, since it houses a natural hot spring in the middle of a forest. You can find this natural attraction 10 km from Namin City and 25 km from Ardabil city. This forest is the easternmost part of the Hyrcianian forests in Iran.

Fandoqloo Forest in Northwestern Iran
Chamomile fields in the Fandoqloo region

Yakhgan Cave is located in the southeast of Khalkhal County on the western foothills of Boozkhana Daghi mountain. Natural ponds have formed in the eastern section of the cave as a result of the condensation on the cave walls. The locals use the cave’s cold weather to store food during the summer.

Iran Summer Holidays in Western Iran

Iran’s western provinces are hotter during the summer, but certain natural attractions offer colder weather during hot summer days.

Iran Summer Holiday Destinations in Lorestan Province

Lorestan province is full of natural and historical attractions that are worth visiting throughout the year, but we will mention two natural attractions that are perfect for the summer.

Darreh Khazineh is a magnificent natural attraction among Lorestan tourist attractions. It is located on the road to Andimeshk, Khuzestan in Darreh Khazineh Village in Jelogir rural district. You can find the largest suspended bridge in Iran and the Middle East. It also features a canyon, Tangeh-ye Shīrzar, and one of the largest waterfalls in the world. Known as Berenjeh Waterfall, this natural attraction is around 750 meters high and offers a spectacular view. There are several other valleys and waterfalls in this region that are picturesque and should not be missed.

Darreh Khazineh in Western iran
Darreh Khazineh, an otherworldly attraction in the heart of Iran

The Azna snow tunnel is perhaps the best destination as it offers a glimpse of the winter even during summer. Due to its unique conditions, the tunnel can only be visited during spring, summer, and early autumn.

Azna County is in the east of Lorestan province, 82 km from Khorramabad, the provincial capital. Oshtorān Kūh, also called the Iranian Alpes, is only 5 km away from Azna. You can find the Azna snow tunnel in the valleys of Oshtoran Kuh near Kamandan Village, nearly 200 km from Azna. To reach it, you will have to do some extreme hiking and cross a river, so make sure you’re prepared for the adventure.

Azna Snow Tunnel in Lorestan Province
Visiting the Azna snow tunnel is difficult, but worth the effort

Find the Best Travel Choices for Iran during the Summer Holidays

countless Iranian tourist attractions all over Iran offer a unique and mesmerizing experience for the summer holidays. In this post, we covered a few of them, but if you want to find more travel destinations for your summer holidays, check out Iran tour packages offered by professional travel guides.

Frequently Asked Questions About Iran Summer Holidays

If you are planning to travel to Iran for the summer and have any questions about your destination or any other topic, let us know in the comments. We will respond as soon as possible.

How is the weather in Iran during the summer?

Iran has a four-season climate, so the weather conditions depend on the region you’re visiting. Generally, northern Iran is a better destination for those who want to avoid the heat. Summers in central and southern Iran can get pretty hot, especially in the desert regions and the Persian Gulf coast. However, there are areas in central and southern Iran that are cooler during the summer.

When is the best time to visit Iran during the summer?

If you want to visit hotter regions in Iran, we recommend late August and September. If you are traveling to the northern regions, this is not the case and the weather is generally pleasant even in June and July.

What are the most popular Iran summer holiday destinations?

The Caspian Sea region and the Hyrcanian forests in northern Iran are popular destinations for domestic travelers during the summer. You can also visit north-eastern provinces such as East and West Azerbaijan and Ardabil for cooler weather.

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