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Planning a Trip during the Pandemic

Trip during the Pandemic

Traveling is not on many people’s minds these days and if it is, it’s usually thoughts about when they will be able to do so again. While vacation and trip during the Pandemic to see family have been put on hold for most people, sometimes a trip is unavoidable, nonrefundable, or perhaps you’re just not willing to put it on hold any longer.

Many people question how safe it is to fly, stay in hotels, and visit popular areas where people are congregating. While none of these are impossible by any stretch of the imagination, there are important things that you can do while planning your trip to make sure it’s the safest and most worthwhile trip it can be.

Keep Things Simple on a Trip during the Pandemic

This might be difficult for some, but while you are on a trip during the pandemic, the simpler the itinerary, the better. If you are thinking about taking a vacation or a leisure trip of some sort, deeply consider what the most essential things to see are and trim off any other trips that don’t fit the bill.

It’s important to make the most of your trip while limiting your exposure to others who may not be taking all of the precautions that you are. If you need to fly, try to secure a direct flight. Limiting your time at other airports via layovers is a great way to keep yourself safe as thousands of people, for instance, are still cycling through airports each day in the United States.

Have Enough PPE on Your Essential Trips

PPE during Coronavirus Pandemic
Don’t forget to carry PPE on a trip during the Pandemic

Even if you’re not someone who is paranoid about germs or catching the coronavirus during the trip, there are simply too many variables when visiting other locations. We get comfortable in the places we are familiar with, and while that’s no excuse to slack, the reality is that you’ll be visiting somewhere new and likely around people who have come from many different parts of the country/world as you have.

There are simply too many variables to play around with while traveling to not have your mask, hand sanitizer, and sanitary wipes for things like public toilets and sinks available at all times.

Avoid Timeshare Scams during the Pandemic

Resorts are getting desperate for new timeshare victims due to the slowdown in travel. There will likely be many great timeshares offers to try and sway you into buying one. Don’t do it. Timeshares are almost always a bad deal. If you did end up buying a timeshare, Wesley Financial Group reviews are quite positive for helping timeshare owners get rid of them. If you need to get rid of Orange Lake timeshare, there are several resources available online to assist.

Stay Where the Air is Fresh

Even on a trip during the pandemic, many hotels still do not have windows or sliders that open to allow for fresh air to circulate, instead of relying on filtration systems to filter the air in the building around. While those are proven to be effective, it would be best to find out if you can book a room that has a balcony or at least a window that can be opened to allow for fresh air to continuously flow in and out of your room.

If you can handle the outdoors and don’t mind camping, that could be a fun little layer to add to your trip, too! But at a minimum, staying somewhere that you are confident is receiving fresh, clean air is essential to having a trip where memories are the only thing you bring back with you.

While it is not a priority for many to take a trip during the pandemic, not everyone has that thought process-and that’s fine! If you can devise a plan to stay safe and are aware of your surroundings and ensure that you are taking every precaution necessary for yourself and anyone else accompanying you on your trip, you’re well on your way to traveling as safe as possible during these uncertain times.

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