How to Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles

Responsible tourism and stopping the use of plastic water bottles
Responsible Tourism calls on travelers to stop using plastic water bottles
Responsible tourism and stopping the use of plastic water bottles
Responsible Tourism calls on travelers to stop using plastic water bottles

Our emphasis on responsible tourism needs to focus on practical solutions to be more concrete and tangible. We suggest that you participate in conscious tourism and stop using plastic water bottles. This idea may not sound very practical, but it is possible if you plan to go on tour like a professional traveler.

Doing this can help:

  • Prevent the production of more plastic
  • Prevent plastic bottles from being left in nature
  • Develop healthier water consumption habits
  • Promote responsible and conscious tourism culture

Of course, it is not manageable to carry a glass or clay bottle to store water on a trip, and the risk of damage is the most obvious disadvantage of these containers. On the other hand, today everyone knows that a lot of water and harmful chemicals are used in producing plastic bottles. Also, storing water in these containers can lead to cancer under certain conditions.

Stop Buying Plastic Water Bottles

The need to carry water on a trip cannot be ignored. High temperatures, physical activity, sunlight, and other elements all cause the body to dehydrate and we must compensate for this natural depletion. Therefore, we need to drink water frequently, especially when hiking. For this reason, we should store water in a container and drink it regularly. This part of the case is not so difficult.

Stainless steel containers are recyclable and do not release harmful chemicals when exposed to sunlight or heat. In addition, they are not fragile and for this reason, they are more suitable for travel purposes.

Glass containers are recyclable and have all the advantages of steel containers, but their main problem is that they are fragile. For this reason, even when buying large thermoses for storing hot water, people try to get models that do not have a glass tank inside.

It is true that our goal is to stop using plastic water bottles, but let us examine these containers as well. Not all plastic containers can be recycled. Their decomposition in nature starts after 700 years, and when exposed to sunlight or heat, they release harmful chemicals. The positive feature of plastic containers is their flexibility and low cost.

1.Using A Flask, Thermos, or Mug Instead of Plastic Water Bottles

Responsible tourism and replacing plastic water bottles with metal thermos
Responsible tourism can be as easy as replacing plastic water bottles with reusable alternatives

What type of flask, thermos, or mug is better? To answer this question, we must consider several points:

We need a thermos, flask, or small mug to store water in our bag or backpack. If we want to know how to stop using plastic water bottles while traveling, we should not choose plastic water containers. Buying a flask with a metal or stainless steel tank is better. Thermoses with glass containers can be convenient, but they are very fragile.

When we travel to a site with clean and drinkable water springs, we can fill our thermos with the spring water. If we are hiking in the desert or in areas with little water, we can refill our thermoses by storing water in special containers inside our backpacks. Now, if we travel by car, bus, or similar vehicles, we need to solve the problem of water storage in a more conscious manner.

2.Using a Water Storage Tank to Store Drinking Water

Suppose you go on a trip in your own car. Since you are looking for alternatives on how to stop using plastic water bottles in your travels, you should also consider using a water cooler.

There is usually enough space to store water in your vehicle. We already examined the advantages and disadvantages of different types of water containers. In general, choosing a large glass container to store water while traveling does not seem reasonable at all. So two options remain:

● Steel Water Container

Steel water container for responsible travel
Be a more responsible traveler by using a steel water container

These containers are known by the brand name Colman in Iran and can be your best option. The model with a tap that is made of stainless steel is the most efficient option and makes refilling your reusable water bottle very easy. It is better to place these containers in the shade so that they keep the water cool for a longer period of time and avoid placing them under the sun or exposed to desert winds.

● Plastic Water Container

Plastic water container for responsible travel
A rechargeable plastic water container, an alternative for stopping the use of plastic water bottle

You may ask what will happen when we stop using plastic water bottles. The current solutions are not definitive or conclusive. Considering the available facilities in Iran and our desire to become conscious travelers, we should look for alternatives that are feasible and rather more practical.

We know that filtered flasks have been invented that can be used to provide clean drinking water during the trip. The problem is that they are not cheaply available in Iran considering the current economic status.

Large plastic containers are more available and cheaper. Since the protective layer is thicker and less likely to release toxic chemicals. So, if you are using them, you can take the following steps:

  • Place the water tank in a relatively cool area.
  • Do not expose the water container to direct sunlight.
  • Be careful not to damage the water container so that the factory can recycle it after industrial cleaning.
  • Do not drink bottled water for extended periods of time and pay attention to their expiration date.
  • If you are not going to use a water container for a while, make sure that it is dry and the lid is open.

3.Supplying Drinking Water When Traveling

The next important thing is which water source you should choose. If you really aim to stop using plastic water bottles, there are a few ways to supply drinking water.

  • At the beginning of the trip, you can use the same water source that you use at home to fill the water container. Some people use tap water, water filtered by a water purification device, cooled boiled water, etc. You are free to use any source, but if you use mineral or bottled water in plastic bottles at home, we suggest reading more about the harmful impact of plastic waste on the environment.
  • Depending on where you go, you can use tap water, filtered water, or cooled boiled water during your travels.
  • You can also get rechargeable large 19-liter plastic water containers. Some people use these containers in water dispensers in their workplace or life. By returning empty containers, you can get new ones from supermarkets all over Iran. Due to the large volume of water in these containers, it is easier to use a hand pump to draw water.

You can learn more about how to stop using plastic water bottles by reading the responsible tourism charter. You can consider the above solutions to store and drink clean water when traveling in Iran. Some solutions may work better depending on your situation.

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