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Bangkok City Exploration: Top 6 Interesting things to do in Bangkok

Tour in Bangkok via Questo
Tour in Bangkok via Questo
According to “Destination Iran”, Questo is an urban entertainment internet platform for city games fans. You can tour in Bangkok there and solve challenges by looking for details in your surroundings to discover new places and very fun bits of history.

So your next trip is to tour Bangkok in Thailand? That’s a good idea. Bangkok is one of the most attractive destinations in Asia. It’s interesting and somewhat chaotic, yet loaded with stunning foods as well as culture. The rambling city is enormous. With so many activities, Bangkok can be a challenging city when it comes to you needing to choose how best you want to invest your energy. There are varieties of options.

To assist you in properly planning your visit, this guide takes you through some interesting destinations to explore in Bangkok.

6 Exciting Places to Explore in Bangkok

There are lots of interesting locations to visit in Bangkok. Among these are six nice places you can explore.

A Trip to the Grand Palace

Ostensibly, this place is one of the most interesting to tour in Bangkok. It’s often the first destination most tourists love to visit in Bangkok.

The palace was built in 1782 and was once known for its unique name, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang It. The building was once the regal home and housed government authoritative structures. Today, it is available to the general public and it’s an absolutely important location to tour in Bangkok. Don’t miss this out when you next visit Bangkok.

Explore Wat Arun

Wat Arun, the Temple of the Dawn, is another beautiful place to explore in Bangkok. The sanctuary’s focal tower is well known on the horizon of Bangkok along the stream. Regardless of what you have heard about Wat Arun, you will be acquainted with it when you pay a visit. For only 4 baht, guests can get a ferry boat across the waterway from Wat Pho to Wat Arun and meander the grounds of another amazingly wonderful Thai sanctuary.

To avoid crowds, you should visit Wat Arun in the morning or at dusk. Make a point to stroll around the grounds. You can likewise stroll up the primary stairs that are on the main pyramid.

You may get a beverage at one of the cafés along with the incredible perspectives on the waterway and temple if you don’t want to ride the ferry. Simply enjoy the scenes.

Take a Tour to the Dusit Park

There are two primary structures of totally different styles in this prestigious park.

The first is the Italian Renaissance-style Dusit Palace. Here, you’ll find the Throne Room. This is the location where the well-known photographs of the regal family in Thailand are taken.

The second main building here is the Vimanmek Mansion. It is the previous royal home. To date, this mansion remains the biggest teak building on this planet.

Even though there is a renovation plan, the exteriors of these buildings are appealing.

Visit the Wat Traimit (The Golden Buddha)

Another interesting place to explore in Bangkok is the Wat Traimit.

Inside this sanctuary, there is a noteworthy strong golden Buddha (5.5 tons and 3 meters high).

Initially, the sculpture was more ordinary, made in brilliant plaster and housed in a temple in Chinatown. Be that as it may, when the sanctuary had to be annihilated, the priests chose to move the sculpture to Wat Traimit.

In the process of transporting the sculpture, it fell and the plaster broke, uncovering the gold. This was when they found out that the sculpture was made of gold and had been canvassed in plaster for protection when the Burmese invaded Thailand.

From that point forward, Wat Traimit has been a significant pilgrimage location, especially for the Thais. The destination is also one of the most important sanctuaries in Bangkok.

The Khao San Road

You won’t want to miss this location for no reason when you next visit Bangkok.

The Khao San road is one of the city’s primary vacation spots. A couple of years ago, it was merely a decent spot for backpackers to find modest accommodation.

Today, the spot is a perfect tourist attraction as Khao San street has become one of the most cosmopolitan regions of the city. Here, you will find bars and cafés where everybody goes in the evening to have nice beverages.

You will also find low-cost inns in the area – although, it may not be the calmest spot to rest when you tour Bangkok.

Tour the Chatuchak Market

This is an amazing weekend market in Bangkok. It’s unarguably the largest market in Thailand, with over fifteen thousand stands.

It’s so large that a guide will be assigned to you whenever the market for assistance is if you are new to the environment.

The weekend market is coordinated into segments – souvenirs, jewelry, shoes, clothes, and many more. Furthermore, there is an enormous segment devoted to foods.

If you are bored on a weekend, especially on Sunday, the Chatuchak Market is a perfect destination to visit.


These are nice things and places to do/tour in Bangkok. Each of them will give you memorable experiences. Enjoy your Bangkok tour with the Questo is a mobile app. Finally, their so many city exploration games like riddles, and have fun while enjoying your Bangkok tour.

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