Planning Your Persian Odyssey: Preparing for Your Trip to Iran

Fly Iran by Etihad or Noon Promo Codes

Persian Odyssey by Etihad or Noon Promo Codes

Your Persian Odyssey at the Land of Mysticism

Among the biggest countries in the Middle East and home to one of the oldest civilizations recorded in human history, Iran is a place beaming with historical importance. Famed to be the land of mysteries, civilizations and historical occurrences, Iran is one destination that must be visited to experience your Persian Odyssey in the lap of human history.

Right from the time when the Mesopotamian civilization, led by King Cyrus the Great, developed one of the most culturally advanced ancient human societies, to the modern-day thriving nation that it is, the Persian heartland of Iran has always been relevant in world history.

From its culture that spread and influenced the entire world to its lip-smacking cuisine, Iran is a haven for tourists, offering them some of the most beautiful and breath-taking experiences in the world. Exploring Iran is made easy by two of the region’s big-wigs: Etihad with its impeccable flying service and Noon-which makes travel preparation easy and economical with Noon promo codes.

Blessed with beauty

Travel to Iran by Etihad or Noon Promo Codes
Visit breath-taking mosques during your Persian Odyssey

With such historical significance and places of interest, Iran is a popular place of visit for tourists from all over the world. With the country holding a special place in the culture of the Shia branch of Islam, Muslims from all over the world visit Iran for pilgrimage and other reasons. Outside of religious significance, Iran is a beautiful country, blessed with a diverse variety of landscapes.

Contrary to the image of being a desert land, Iran has a wide variety of relief features. From port cities to ski resorts, Iran is full of surprises. With beautiful mosques, rugged mountains, small islands and the desert, the land of Iran is a natural paradise, waiting to be explored. No surprise, then, that Iran is regularly featured among the hottest new places to discover by various travel magazines.

Fly in to See the Best of Iran

Connected to the rest of the world through a wide network of flights, Tehran-the capital city of Iran receives the bulk of passengers flying into the region. With carriers like Etihad ferrying you to Tehran, you can plan your Persian Odyssey today by using Etihad coupons for savings on your bookings.

Being located in the Middle East, Iran is well covered by the bigwig air carriers based in the region. Carriers like Emirates, Royal Jordanian Air, Air Arabia, and Qatar airways provide flight to Tehran from destinations all over the world. With a total commitment to providing unmatched flying experiences and luxurious flights, Etihad’s services are unmatched. You can fly Etihad to start your Persian Odyssey and use Etihad promo codes to save money on your tickets.

Get Etihad Promo Codes to Set off to Explore the Gems of Iran:

    • Persepolis: The cradle of the Persian Civilization which served as the ceremonial palace compound of the first Persian Empire, Persepolis is a must-visit when in Iran. Among the world’s archaeological sites, the ruins of Persepolis are a glimpse into the culture, civilization, and history of the Persian Empire and Iran.
    • Valley of the Stars: Among the most breath-taking natural features of Iran, the Valley of the stars, located in Qeshm Island, is a place not to be missed. Featuring a series of gorges and canyons formed over centuries of soil and land erosion, the shapes and sizes of these rock formations leave onlookers mesmerized.
    • Nasir ol-Molk Mosque: Famous as a “pink mosque”, the Nasir ol-Molk is arguably the most beautiful mosque in Iran with pink-colored tiles that are beautifully arranged to create a stunning pattern.
    • Sheikh Safi Al-Din Khanegah and Shrine: Dedicated to the ancient Sufi saint and leader Sheikh Sufi Al-Din, this place holds special significance for Sufi Islam.
    • Chak Chak: A temple for the followers of the Zoroastrian faith, it is the most sacred site of pilgrimage for the Zoroastrians.

A very useful tip for you would be to fly to Tehran with Etihad and savor the sights while saving money on your booking with Etihad promo codes.

Preparing for Your Persian Sojourn

Persian Odyssey by Etihad noon Promo Codes

Lined with destinations and places galore, your Persian Odyssey is likely to take a few days. With so much to explore, proper preparations for your trip to Iran are imperative. From travel essentials like carrying bags, covers, handbags, device chargers to comfort clothes, make sure to pack in everything that you’d need.

A perfect platform to secure all your travel essentials is Noon. A local home-grown e-commerce platform in the Middle East, Noon offers the best of products and services across all lifestyle categories at jaw-dropping prices, thanks to Noon discount codes. With brands- both big and small, Noon’s wide range of offerings covers all your travel needs. Shop brands like Apple, Samsung, FitBit, and get your products delivered at your doorstep. For those extra savings, redeem Noon promo codes on your purchase.

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