Unexplored Treasures in Iran’s Tourist Attractions! Scary and Mysterious Attractions to Visit in Iran!

Mysterious Places in Iran, Haighar Gorge
Haighar Gorge, one of the most mysterious places in Iran
Mysterious Places in Iran, Haighar Gorge
Haighar Gorge, one of the most mysterious places in Iran
According to “Destination Iran” and following the “IranonTour” website, there are some mysterious places in Iran that cry out to be explored. You will learn about them here.

Not all the attractions in Iran are famous! Some unknown places in Iran are so visionary and brilliant. Though not so popular, such mysterious places in Iran are legendary and beautiful, and some are great places to spend an Iran holiday on Halloween or make a horror movie (Boo)! Join us in this passage to find out more about the unknown places in Iran. Warning: “This blog contains scary tales and pictures; viewers who are pregnant, have faint of heart, or are under 100 years old are advised to take extreme cautions” (LOL)!

Unknown Places in Iran

Unknown and mysterious places in Iran are those sites that are not so famous, but so interesting to visit. Some of these places are so mysterious. Such attractions have incredible scenery, and the legends about such places add to their mysteriousness. If you like an exciting experience, such places can fit your desire. These are the top unknown and mysterious places in Iran:

  • Hayghar Valley
  • The Valley of Stars
  • The Scream Jungle
  • The Lake of Ghosts
  • Takht-e Soleyman
  • Karshahi Castle

Hayghar Valley

There are many high rocks and deep valleys in the Haighar Gorge. Due to the breathtaking sight of its deep valleys from the top, it has become a well-liked destination for adventurous tourists. The joy of being on top of the gorge is increased by the sound of the birds chirping. But using the right equipment and exercising extreme caution are required when climbing the rocks.

The Valley of Stars

Mysterious Attractions of Iran, Scary Valley of Stars
Valley of Stars, another mysterious place in Iran

Located on Qeshm Island, the valley of stars is one of the top mysterious places in Iran. The valley of stars is a valley among geological stone miracles. At night, the view of stars in the skies makes you feel like you’re in a spaceship among the galaxies. Have you seen “the Interstellar” movie? Do you want to live it? Then you should visit the valley of stars. What’s the scary part?! The terrifying sounds! In the valley of stars, there are naturally made sculptures on the cliffs, and there are mysterious sounds. Some old Qeshm people believe that the valley is the house of Jenies and ghosts (SOL: Screaming Out Loudly)! You’re scared? Nice to hear it!

The Jigh (Scream) Jungle

Scary Places of Iran to visit, Scream Jungle
Scream Jungle, another scary place in Iran

Ready for Adrenaline discharge? The scream jungle is a scary yet beautiful jungle in Iran. To visit this mysterious woods, after you travel to Tehran, you should get to Mashhad city (flight suggested), and take a trip to Sarborj village. Some locals believe this mysterious woods is the house of evil creatures! Yeah, it’s the Transylvania of Iran! The scream and scary voices in this woods are so real! You should enter this woods with a lion’s heart! The river bed in this jungle has been dry for many years, but the scary screaming voices started when this river was filled with water.

Anyway, many believe that the sounds belong to insects and wind; yet the voices are too scary to be physical! Oh, you’re brave enough?! I’ll see you running like the Flash as soon as you hear the devilish voices in that mysterious land.

The Lake of Ghosts (Mamrez)

It is one of the most beautiful attractions in Mazandaran Province; same time it is one of the most mysterious unknown places in Iran. The Lake of Ghosts (also called Mamrez) is located near Nowshahr, in the woods heights. The lake is surrounded by Alder and Hornbeam trees. This lake is a resident of different animal species.

The reason behind the scary name of this lake is the view of dead trees standing in the water in a silent foggy atmosphere; in which you can just hear the voices of birds and animals. The scenery of Mamrez Lake is so beautiful; same time it’s a great occasion for directing the new season of “the Resident Evil”! Unfortunately, the only reason behind such naming is the view and voices; there are no other superstitious beliefs about it.

Takht-e Soleyman (the Throne of Soleyman)

Takht-e Soleyman a UNESCO world heritage site is one of the mysterious places in Iran. This archeological place is located in West Azerbaijan and many people believe it to be the birthplace of Zoroaster. Each of the ancient relics in this place belongs to a particular historical age, and there are many historical remains from different dynasties; however, many people believe that Solomon was the first owner of this place. There is a lake in this region that is believed to be safe for many sunken treasures from the age of Solomon. Oh, you like to hunt treasures?! Well, you can’t! Yet I suggest visiting it if you’re into archeology, and you like to visit the mysterious places in Iran.

Karshahi Castle

Mysterious Places in Iran, Scary Karshahi Castle
Karshahi Castle, Mysterious Places in Iran

Karshahi Castle is one of the unknown places in Iran. Although this castle is so glorious, it is not so famous among tourists. This ancient castle belongs to the pre-Islamic ages of Iran. Located near Aran and Bidgol, this castle is also called the Thieves Castle! The reason behind such naming is that after the Mongols’ attack, this place turned into a den for bandits and looters. Nowadays this place is empty of any kind of crime suspects, and it’s so nice to visit. Moreover, Karshahi Castle Is believed to be the 2nd biggest adobe castle after Bam Citadel.


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