7 Reasons Why Iranian Tour Guides Facilitate Your Tours of Iran

Iranian Tour Guides on Destination Iran Tour Packages
Iranian Tour Guides on Destination Iran Tour Packages

You must have traveled to a series of countries before deciding to travel to Iran. Most Iranian tour operators offer guided tours to Iran. This is because your traveling experience in Iran will be a lot more enjoyable. Several obstacles will be automatically removed in your way and you proceed more smoothly. In fact, Iranian tour guides are there to facilitate your tours in Iran.

What Iranian Tour Guides Will Do for You

In fact, what Iranian tour guides will do for you is such a long list that we can mention only a few of them here. On any Iran tour packages, they can prove to be very useful considering the following reasons:

1. They know the local language and you don’t!

In several cases, you may face a situation where you need to answer questions, provide some information and document, etc. Some of the people trying to communicate with you and do their lawful jobs are not able to speak your language proficiently. Iranian tour guides can help you with that.

In some cases, it is not a matter of legal procedure, but a matter of more convenience. You will not be able to speak Persian while a tour guide from Iran can easily handle the situation and provide a more convenient experience for you. It will be in such cases that Iran tour packages could prove quite helpful for you.

2. They know the local culture and you don’t!

I have seen during my years of guiding tours that a person with local knowledge and familiarity with culture can do a lot. Even if you know the language, there are several subtle points that only a local person knows and it helps your trip go very sweetly and smoothly.

3. They know Iranians’ attitude and You don’t!

You may think your years of experience across all continents and particularly the Middle East can help you, but it is one of the major mistakes some make. An example is when you may think the Middle Easterns are all lazy and you have to push them to get the results you want. This is WRONG! Such a push can easily have negative effects.

In addition, Iranians are culturally different compared to other people in the Middle East. You must visit the country and see it for yourselves. Iranians are hardworking people and Iranian tour guides know how they should request local people to do, find, make, etc things for you! There are always some limited levels of practicability involved too. Because of different cultures, things don’t work everywhere the same way. So, don’t ask them to push people as it will not work the way you expect it.

4. They know where it is safe to go and you don’t!

Every country has got particular streets and zones which are not recommended for foreigners. The tour guides of Iran can easily find out and tell you if it is such a case or not. For you, the signs and indications could be true and could be at the same time misleading. Therefore, it is good to have an expert as a company included in your Iran tour packages and consult with him.

There are always places where you are not supposed to take photos or enter for military and security reasons. A tour guide can tell such a place exists even if there are not any such signs keeping you away from it.

5. They know when it is safe to go and you don’t!

There are certain times and periods during which you’d better avoid entering particular places or zones. Sometimes, there are particular events, celebrations, etc that you should avoid. An Iranian tour guide can tell you about it and explain the reasons while you will not find out on your own. You may enter and violate some traditions, rules, etc.

6. They know traditions and norms and you don’t!

Sometimes, there are particular religious ceremonies and you are not supposed to wear particular colors. A tour guide traveling with you in Iran can help you with that, while you may not know it by yourselves.

Some of the occasions are mentioned in calendars whereas others are not. The presence of an Iranian tour guide can again prevent an unwanted presence of yours on those occasions too. Therefore, you can easily avoid any such settings if you ask for a local guide in your tour packages.

7. They can obtain and offer required documents and you can’t!

In particular places, you need to show certain documents proving you have already applied for certain permits. Sometimes, approval to visit some places is to be obtained beforehand. Tour operators obtain such permits and other documents and give them to your guide before the tour begins.

I don’t think you like the situation in which you have traveled to Iran after years of dreaming and planning such a trip, and some doors are closed to you. Let experts guide you throughout your tours of Iran. This will help you beyond any explanation.

What Destination Iran Tour Packages Offer

Destination Iran tour packages, by default, are all offered by Iranian tour guides who speak the language you ask for. This is because we know how important it is for a journey’s success to have such experts traveling with you. Of course, with more knowledge and experience of guiding in Iran, they get more skillful in providing such great experiences for you.

On top of all mentioned to you, the last but not the least is the fact that most of the time you make a friend for life: an Iranian tour guide who becomes a friend of yours. This has happened before several times and you can ask those who have traveled with us before!

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