How to Buy an Instagram Account for Sale

How to Buy Instagram Account for Sale
Instadeal helps you find an Instagram Account for Sale
How to Buy Instagram Account for Sale
Instadeal helps you find an Instagram account for sale
According to “Destination Iran” and following the “Insta Deal” website, several start-ups and online businesses look for a well-established Instagram account for sale. To achieve this goal safely and successfully, certain points need to be considered, which you will read here.

Instagram account for sale is one of the best ways to gain fame overnight on this platform. With over 1.4 billion users by 2022, Instagram has proven to be one of the most effective tools in e-commerce, social media marketing, and advertising. Most brands have successfully used it to increase brand awareness and discover potential customers. As a result, Instagram not only functions as a social media but also helps businesses to promote their products and services.

Well-developed brands don’t need third-party support for their Instagram profile, but most startups need a well-maintained Instagram account to attract users. For many reasons, lots of them consider buying an Instagram account for their new business rather than developing one from scratch.

Instagram’s Terms of Service prohibit customers from “purchasing, offering, or trading any aspect of their account (including usernames)”, yet Instagram accounts are sold on Facebook pages, Instagram Direct Messages, etc., or on online marketplaces. As a result, a whole economy of buyers, sellers, middlemen, and marketplaces has sprung up around Instagram accounts, as one account can sell for thousands of dollars in the marketplace.

Instagram account for sale with 10k followers
You may look for an Instagram account for sale

First, take a look on the factors you should look through carefully before you consider buying an Instagram account:

You need to look through the total engagement of the account before buying. The number of likes, comments, and views on each post should be carefully monitored for an estimation of how much activity this account has. Make sure that the account you are buying is genuine and not just a fake account with bot-based followers.

On the other hand, when your current followers find out you are buying Instagram accounts and not growing them organically, it might reflect badly on your brand image and you might also lose your genuine followers. To prevent this, you need to transition stages smoothly.

Always remember that your Instagram account won’t be of any use if you’re a fashion blogger and your followers are full of people who’re fascinated by education or fitness. Hence, check the account’s followers manually before purchasing. Ask the seller about the history of the accounts, when it was made, how he/she grew them, etc.

Digital marketers say there are so many startups and small companies that prefer to buy an Instagram account to promote their brand instead of starting a brand new page with zero followers.

Instagram accounts for sale
Use well-established Instagram accounts to buy

So How to Buy an Instagram Account Safely?

Instagram’s terms of service require buyers and sellers to operate semi-discreetly, which naturally increases scammers. On Facebook or Reddit, buyers and sellers constantly call out those who have scammed them by not paying their debts or not providing their account credentials. I have. Sometimes, hackers sell hacked and stolen accounts for unique names and large numbers of followers. The most common way buyers and sellers combat fraud is by using PayPal’s Goods and Services feature as PayPal doesn’t offer any support for intangible products like digital accounts.

Instagram Account for Sale with Middleman Services:

Like any underground market, humans built systems to protect themselves. Intermediaries, who often act as a middleman for transactions, handle the sales and get a fee in exchange. These intermediaries are professional sellers who buy and sell Instagram accounts themselves. They receive money from buyers, and account information (usernames, passwords, associated email addresses, email passwords, etc.) from sellers. When they have both, they will give the money to the seller and the account information to the buyer. Hence, they add a layer of security to the transaction for both parties.

Marketplace to Buy and Sell Instagram Accounts:

There are online marketplaces dedicated to buying and selling Instagram accounts. They list the accounts with partially masked usernames to prevent the users to trade directly. Long transactions time and high numbers of fake accounts listed on their platforms are considered the main drawbacks. They rarely do quality control on the accounts they add to their marketplaces, so buyers have to distinguish between real and fake accounts themselves. The buyers need to be extra careful about the authenticity of the accounts and the sellers need to be patient to receive the payment, even for as long as several months.

Instagram Accounts for Sale on Online Shops:

Unlike marketplaces, online shops (which have been developed in recent years) are the owner of all accounts listed on the website. Instadeal is one of these online shops. Its homepage promises that every account it sells has an “authentic and organic” audience and that the deals happen instantly.

You can find Instagram accounts for sale in different categories on their platform. The purchasing process is easy and fast. They handpick each account carefully and analyze it from multiple angles before adding it to their store to ensure that they are 100% organic and have active followings. They accept different payment methods, including PayPal.


As a final point, buying an Instagram account is a bit risky and even if you don’t get scammed during the transaction, you could end up with an account full of fake followers. On the other hand, if you pay attention to the issues discussed here, you can buy a super-quality Instagram account that will generate thousands of leads and sales for your business in the long run.

Source: Instadeal

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