Why Is Turkey the No 1 in Europe in Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Turkey is an ideal country for Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Turkey is an ideal country for Gastric Sleeve Surgery
 Turkey is an ideal country for Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Turkey is an ideal country for Gastric Sleeve Surgery
According to “Destination Iran” and following “Medgol” website, Turkey is an ideal place to pick for gastric sleeve surgery. Antalya and Istanbul are two suggested cities where several people choose to perform bariatric surgery there.

Most people are obese in the 21st century due to the obesity epidemic. Fast-food culture has worsened this epidemic since these foods contain significant calories and make you feel complete for brief periods. You will get hungry soon after eating them, resulting in another round of eating.

Aside from automobiles and elevators, escalators and other technological developments have also decreased activity levels. As a consequence, obesity has steadily risen. It is not just a matter of being overweight; it can also be deadly.

Among those who suffer from obesity, their inability to move correctly fuels their obesity cycle in a vicious circle. As a result, they suffer from social anxiety and depression.

Why Is Weight Loss Surgery Cheaper in Turkey?

For maintaining medical equipment standards in Turkey, there are fewer regulations than in the United Kingdom and the European Union since Turkey is not a member of the EU. Germany and France maintain less stringent legislation than Turkey.

The risks associated with switching to a less expensive procedure outweigh any benefits you might gain if complications arise. You will not be covered by the CQC or EU law and will not be provided with an appropriate aftercare program.

Instruments and Equipment

Some hospitals in Turkey offer gastric sleeves for only £3,000 when accompanied by a “5-star” hotel stay. This procedure is typically charged between £1,500 and £2,000; however, some hospitals charge only £3,000.

Both the UK and Turkey use instruments of about a similar quality, but the primary difference is that UK surgeons generally discard their instruments after each surgery, whereas Turkish surgeons tend to reuse disposable instruments, such as staplers, during subsequent surgeries.

The Turkish government does not recycle disposable instruments but will force them to use inferior quality instruments and equipment. The price of the equipment, though important in its own right, is far from the only factor that can help Turkey reduce costs for bariatric surgery.

Surgeons and Staff

Turkish citizens are not poor by any standard. They are the 20th most prosperous nation in the world by GDP. However, fewer doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses, porters, and ward employees are likely to get paid at these prices.

The currency crisis in Turkey has caused the Turkish Lira to drop to record-low values that were not seen for some time. Furthermore, surgeons are paid less than in many other countries partly due to the lack of standard operating procedures.

Although all EU countries require surgeons to be recertified each year, when it comes to the data governance agenda, that is, ensuring that surgeons are providing high-quality outcomes, Turkey does not adhere to the same standards as the UK Bariatric Registry, which evaluates each surgeon’s performance annually.

Professional surgeons and staff for gastric sleeve surgery
Professional surgeons and staff for gastric sleeve surgery

Is It Better to Have Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Antalya or Istanbul?

Typically, procedures are conducted only in the two largest Turkish cities, Antalya and Istanbul, since Turkish doctors have extensive experience in this area.

The fact that both cities have the most experienced surgeons has led to confusion on which city to visit. Since we have compared the many positive characteristics of these beautiful Turkish cities, our guide will help you make an informed choice.

Even though Istanbul and Antalya both provide gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey operations fairly well, Antalya does have some distinct advantages over Istanbul in terms of experience and hospital facilities.

Istanbul is a significant metropolis in the country, with overcrowded streets, making it challenging to transfer between the hospital and the accommodation. The city suffers from severe and persistent traffic problems, making it difficult to return to the hospital at the night’s end.

With a population of 15.5 million, Istanbul is inundated by long traffic jams that sometimes last for several hours. Some hospitals have reported that their patients are frequently late for surgery if they have not been housed in a hospital before the procedure.

By contrast, Antalya has a population of 2.5 million, so this region’s traffic problem is rare. Weight loss surgery in Turkey at your hospital offers the benefit of following your doctor’s instructions as soon as possible without any difficulty, which, in turn, helps reduce the stress associated with your weight loss surgery.

Having weight loss surgery in Antalya offers several advantages. The airport operates precisely, utilizes a flow quickly followed, and offers free transfers, airport pick-ups, and reasonably priced surgery.

The Turkish airport system is among the largest in Europe and is sometimes quite chaotic due to the many international visitors. As the Istanbul airport is among the busiest in Europe, the problem occurs frequently.

The weather in Antalya is warm and sunny throughout the year, but during the winter season, it is mild and comfortable. It is possible to experience beautiful beaches in Antalya and some incredible natural scenery, such as forests, where you can hike and camp during your rehabilitation from bariatric surgery.

An ideal place to live for someone with obesity would be Antalya because of the climate, which makes it challenging for overweight persons to exercise; this would contrast with Istanbul, where temperatures can fall as low as -10°C during the winter season.

Since the market, shops, and restaurants in Antalya are all less expensive than in Istanbul, a gastric sleeve procedure is considerably more affordable and feasible. On average, Antalya’s cost of living is half that of Istanbul.

Many forests and pine forests in Antalya contribute to Antalya’s clean air, making it an attractive place to live. Clean air will be beneficial in assisting the recovery from most illnesses since the lungs possess an enormous air capacity.

The forests in Antalya and the lack of heavy industry will provide you with happiness after your gastric sleeve surgery; this is because Antalya possesses a tourist-oriented atmosphere, unlike Istanbul, which has a substantial industrial background.

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and one of the giant pearls. Despite the traffic jams, medical tourists can find it challenging to access hospitals in Istanbul for gastric sleeve surgery.

How Much Time Is Spent Undergoing Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey?

Turkey may require as much as two hours to complete gastric sleeve surgery, depending on the patient’s condition. The duration of the surgery will vary according to the patient’s health, however.

Furthermore, patients who wish to undergo gastric sleeve surgery must follow some guidelines to maximize the procedure’s benefits.

The procedure, faster than most other bariatric procedures, has become the most popular and common obesity treatment in the world today, surpassing the popularity of gastric bypass operations and the number of procedures performed worldwide.

What Are the Risks of Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy)?

A gastric sleeve surgery in Antalya is today’s most common weight loss surgery. Thanks to advances in modern technology, we can now perform this weight loss surgery in Turkey in an increasingly safe manner. Therefore, an experienced professional with specialized skills in this area can ensure the safety of the process. However, there is still the possibility of a few hazards.

Fight obesity by sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey
Fight obesity by sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey

How Much Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost in Turkey?

Lower exchange rate and all-inclusive medical treatment in Turkey have made sleeve gastrectomy affordable and comparable to other European countries.

There are many reasons why having your weight loss surgery in Turkey will make you feel better, including the moderate price ranges and the highly experienced surgeons.

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