Fin Garden and Sulaymaniyah Spring in Kashan

Safavi Kush of Fin Garden
Inside the Safavi Kush of Fin Garden
Safavi Kush of Fin Garden
Inside the Safavi Kushk of Fin Garden

The city of Kashan, which is part of the Isfahan province, is quite beautiful with many historical and cultural attractions. One of the eye-catching and magnificent buildings of this city is in Fin Garden. This garden is located 6 kilometers south of the city center. Although the garden’s date is unknown, it is attributed to the Safavid era. Changes were made to this garden during the Qajar and Zandiye periods. The original time when the garden came into existence dates back to the pre-Islamic period, which has a long-standing connection with the 7,000-year-old civilization of the ancient city of Sialk.

Historical and Global Significance of Fin Garden

Qajar Kush of Fin Garden
Inside the Qajar mansion of Fin Garden

Different cities are known for their special tourist attractions. The city of Kashan is also known for its Fin Garden. One of the bitter incidents that happened in this garden is the killing of Amir Kabir by the order of Naser al-Din Shah.

Amir Kabir, who was the first Prime Minister of Iran during the time of Naser al-Din Shah, has done many services for Iran. Although the killing of Amir Kabir in Fin Garden is a bitter incident, it is considered one of the important historical events. This historical event has made this garden more famous.

The year 1572 is a turning point for Fin Garden. An earthquake occurred this year and damaged it. This event caused the name of the garden to be changed to Old Garden. Later, Shah Abbas I began to restore the garden. He changed the name of the garden to New Garden to show the result of his efforts.

The World Heritage Organization has classified this garden as one of the 9 best gardens in the world. In 1935, this garden was listed as a national monument. It was recognized as a world heritage site in 2011.

Fin Garden‘s Design and Architecture

In the past, wherever there was a sign of water and spring, it was considered a place of life, and houses were built around it. It seems that a spring in the Fin Kashan area caused this historical monument to be built there and trees such as cypress and plane trees were grown. Since the city of Kashan is at the edge of a desert area, the presence of springs and gardens there has created a special beauty.

Sulaymaniyah Spring of fin
A view of Sulaymaniyah Spring of fin

The historical and beautiful building is located in Fin Garden. In the courtyard, the towering cypress trees are arranged next to each other in an orderly manner. The combination of trees with a fountain and an old building made this garden look more magnificent. Irrigation of this garden is done by Sulaymaniyah Spring. The reason for naming this spring is to attribute it to Suleiman the prophet.

In the archaeological excavations of Sialk historical mounds, which are only a few kilometers downstream of this garden and on the water route of this spring, archaeologists have discovered traces of this 7000-years-old spring; They have found one-meter-thick sediments indicating the water has been flowing by this ancient settlement.

Fin Garden of Kashan water pond
One of the water ponds in Fin garden

Among the trees, there is a large pond that is made with beautiful turquoise tiles and has 160 holes. 80 holes of this beautiful pond cause the water to boil and the other 80 holes drain the water.

Water comes from a pool located behind the garden and drains into the pool down the stream and jets out from the fountains installed in the pond through clay pipes. Before passing through many paths, the water of this garden first reaches the millstone, which is known as “Khuni”, and puts it to work. Then it joins the water coming from Sulaymaniyah and Mardaneh springs. The sound of water and evergreen cypress trees have a beautiful effect on this garden.

Fin Garden of Kashan
Waterway and trees inside Fin garden

The number of cypress trees in Fin Garden is 579 and the number of plantain trees is 11, of course, some of them are broken and destroyed. Most of the trees in the garden are between 100 and 470 years old. It seems that the designers of this beautiful garden are Ghiyasuddin Jamshid Kashani and Sheikh Bahai. Both these people have been prominent personalities of Iran in the past. Due to the special architecture of the buildings in this garden, it is also known as the King’s Garden.

The size of Fin Garden, including the buildings built inside it, reaches 23 thousand square meters. These buildings are:

  • Sardar mansion, Safavid Kush, Bagh tower and rampart, main bath, entrance vestibule, door top, Karim Khani retreat, Shahneshin, etc.

Do not Miss Visiting This Attraction

The historical city of Kashan is a good place to visit and spend leisure time. Gardens are usually places that attract many people. This place is one of the tourist attractions of Kashan.

If you travel to this city on your own or as a family, or if you buy a tour from a travel agency, don’t miss visiting Fin Garden. This fun and historical attraction can relieve your tiredness and take the worries of everyday life out of your mind for an hour. Also, it is quite interesting to check out Sulaymaniyah Spring behind it.

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