Damask Rose Herb and its Traditional Medicine Applications

Introduction to Damask rose or Iranian rose
What do you know about roses?
Introduction to Damask rose or Iranian rose
What do you know about roses?

Damask rose or Iranian rose is a unique species of Rosa common in Iran, used to make rose water with many medicinal applicationslike Iran Herbs. This plant can thrive in dry climates, Therefore it is cultivated in different parts of Iran. Rose is actually a small shrub with a maximym height of two meters. The branches of this shrub have sharp and strong thorns that serve as natural protection.

The rose bush blooms from May to June. These flowers have a variety of colors ranging from light pink to bright red. Iranian rose originates from the central mountain ranges of Iran and Alborz mountain range.

Where Is the Origin of Damask Rose Plant?

This species of flower has been cultivated in Iran for a long time. As you know, rose petals are used in the production of rose water in Iran. In the past, the flowers were exported to Damascus, the capital of Syria, where they were processed into rose water. The rose water was then exported to European countries. That is why there is the assumption that the rose is native to Syria, and Europeans call it “Damask Rose”. But actually this plant is native to Iran.

Iranian rose was cultivated in Fars province during the Achaemenid period. Then, during the Safavid era, rose gardens were relocated to the foothills of Kashan and gradually stretched to the tulip fields of Kerman in Kuh Shah Rural District.

Today, Kashan city is the center for the cultivation of the highest quality Damask rose plants. In May to mid-June every year, a festival known as “Rose Water Festival” is held in Kashan. There are many rose water production workshops in this city that export Iranian rose water to other countries. In addition to rose water production, this type of medicinal herb has other applications. Its dry or fresh flowers and buds are considered the usable part of the plant.

Iranian Rose Cosmetic and Food Products

Iranian rose is used in the production of various products including rosewater, essence or perfume, dried petals, etc. . These products are used in the industry, food industry, perfumery, and the production of hygiene and cosmetic products. This flower is also used in preparing rose syrup, rose jam and rose flavored ice cream.

The rose water industry has flourished due to the cultivation of the Damask rose in Iran, also has by-products such as rose amber gel, which is a dark goo left behind at the end of the distillation process, along with the flowers residue. Every year, rose water and essential oils produced in Iran are exported to Persian Gulf countries and European markets such as France and England.

Damask Rose Cultivation in Iran

The rose bush can grow in foothills and dry and semi-arid climates with mild summers and cold winters. Most parts of Iran have prime growing conditions for this shrub. The world’s largest Damask rose fields are located in Navaygan village and Lay Zangan in Fars province. In these villages, roses are cultivated with a rainfed method in an area of 5 thousand hectares.

Where is Damask rose cultivated in Iran?
Cultivation of Damask rose or Mohammadi rose in Iran

But the best and highest quality Iranian rose flowers are grown in Kashan city. Rose fields in Kashan are located in different parts such as Barzak, Joshghan and Kamu, Niasar, Qamsar and other villages.

In general, there are 13 species of rose cultivated in Iran, all harvested once a year. However, due to the four season climate of Iran, it is possible to cultivate the Mohammadi rose shrub in different parts of the country. The thing about rose cultivation is that despite its ability to grow in different climates, its quality is better in the semi-arid country regions than in other areas.

Damask Rose Medicinal Properties

What are the medicinal properties of the rose flower?
Damask rose; One of the traditional medicinal herbs in Iran

Damask rose is one of the traditional medicinal herbs of Iran. It is rich in antioxidants and various vitamins such as C, E and B group vitamins. This flower also has a variety of minerals such as selenium, magnesium, manganese and potassium. The presence of these compounds grant it various medicinal properties, some of which are described below:

Skin Cleanser

Antioxidants in rose have the ability to eradicate free radicals in the body. In this way, they can eliminate skin sensitivities as well as excess fat layers and remove any dirt and dust from the skin pores.

Reduce Wrinkles and Prevent Aging

Vitamin C and antioxidants in this flower can help in exfoliating the skin, reducing wrinkles, removing makeup and treating skin allergies. Drinking damask rose tea is a great way to benefit from these properties.

Damask Rose for Weight Loss

Consuming damask rose tea instead of coffee and processed sugar soft drinks can help you reach your weight loss goals. Drinking a cup of rose tea between meals can moderate your appetite and increases fat burning.

Antipyretic Properties of Damask Rose Infusion

The infusion of this flower lowers the body temperature and reduces fever.

Treatment of Respiratory Diseases

Iranian rose infusion is very suitable for treating symptoms of the common cold, sore throats and flu. In fact, the vitamin C present in this flower can eliminate infections and relieve sore throat and clean up phlegm.

Learn More About the Medicinal Properties of Damask Rose

Damask rose or Mohammadi flower can be found in most parts of Iran. This flower has a wide range of medicinal benefits because it contains essential nutrients and vitamins.

You can buy all kinds of Damask rose products when you travel to different parts of Iran. Destination Iran is aiming to introduce traditional medicinal herbs in Iran as part of our effort to promote food tourism in Iran.

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