Echium, Useful Traditional Medicinal Herb in Iran

Learn more about Echium, a traditional medicinal herb in Iran
What do you know about the properties of Echium (Gol Gav Zaban)?
Learn more about Echium, a traditional medicinal herb in Iran
What do you know about the properties of Echium (Gol Gav Zaban)?

The echium flower, known as Gol Gav Zaban (cow’s tongue flower) is one of the famous traditional medicinal herbs in Iran and is highly recommended in Iranian traditional medicine. There are two types of Gav Zaban medicinal herbs in Iran, both from the Boraginaceae family.

In fact, the Iranian Echium amoenum flower or cow’s tongue flower is the species of Echium that grows on the foothills of the Alborz mountain range. Sometimes this plant is confused with Viper’s-bugloss (Borago officinalis L), which belongs to the Boraginaceae family as well and grows in areas such as Isfahan and Azerbaijan. It is better to know that these two subspecies are different and only their flowers are slightly similar.

To make sure you’re purchasing this Iranian medicinal herb, ask for the Echium flower that is known as the Persian Echium herb, as the Borage plant is commonly known as the European Echium flower. Of course, there are nearly 70 different species of Echium that grow in other countries.

Medicinal Benefits of Iranian Echium (Gol Gav Zaban)

This medicinal plant is one of the traditional medicinal herbs of Iran and contains large amounts of vitamins C and B, flavonoids, antioxidants, gamma-linolenic acid, beta-carotene, mucilage, anthocyanidin, cyanidin, and alkaloid. Also, it has a variety of minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc. Therefore it has many healing properties that we will mention below:

Treatment of Inflammatory Skin Problems such as Pimples and Acne

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the consumption of Echium as a medicinal remedy can help alleviate many skin problems such as pimples and acne outbreaks.

Natural Booster of Immune System and Treatment of Common Cold

The flavonoid and vitamin C present in the Gol Gav Zaban herb noticeably boost the immune system. Also, its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties help to treat sore throats and symptoms of the common cold. In addition, its expectorant properties can be effective in treating asthma and bronchitis. Iranian traditional medicine recommends this herbal medicine for reducing high fever.

Boosts the Nervous System and Helps with Relaxation

Most people recognize Echium for its calming properties. Due to its soothing effect, a well-prepared Echium infusion can treat sleep disorders and insomnia. Also, it is highly effective in boosting the central nervous system and mood and dealing with neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD. This medicinal plant is invigorating and can be used to relieve seasonal depression and high stress.

For this purpose, it is recommended to use distilled Echium extract. The distilled extract is also useful for treating inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, anemia, nausea, flu, and the common cold.

Echium is a useful medicinal herb with many benefits
Harvesting of Iranian Echium flowers by the locals

Moderate Blood Pressure

Iranian Echium medicinal herb contains various antioxidants that improve blood circulation in the veins. In this way, the consumption of this traditional medicinal remedy helps to treat high blood pressure.

Echium’s Impact on Weight Loss

If you are following a diet to lose weight, traditional medicine recommends consuming a cup of Echium tea daily to help reach your fat loss goals. Due to its relaxing properties, this plant is very effective in reducing bulimia nervosa (stress eating).

Improving Gum Health and Treatment of Oral Diseases

Fresh leaves of echium flower are very useful for treating purulent pimples inside the mouth, as well as treating oral thrush and gum infections. Also, its consumption helps cool down the high internal temperature of the mouth, which is often the cause of bacterial growth.

Treatment of Scalp and Hair Problems

The use of echium flower essential oil is effective in treating skin issues and scalp and hair problems.

Disadvantages of Excessive Consumption of Echium

The consumption of this plant is not recommended for pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers and people dealing with liver issues. Excessive use of this medicinal plant can have adverse effects on liver function.

People who have hemorrhagic disorders should avoid using Echium flower; Because this plant increases hemorrhage. Therefore, you should avoid using this medicinal herb for two weeks before surgery.

It is prohibited to use this medicinal plant together with some chemical drugs. The list of chemical drugs that interact with this plant is as follows:

  • Anticoagulant and antiplatelet drugs, such as aspirin, diclofenac, Plavix, ibuprofen, heparin, warfarin, dalteparin, enoxaparin
  • Anesthetic drugs
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Medicines that increase liver decomposition

Due to the presence of alkaloids, this plant is harmful to children. In addition, excessive use of it may cause disorders in the stomach, intestines and the digestive system. Also, people who have gallbladder problems may experience more pain by consuming this plant.

Echium drug interactions
Dried Echium flower, and the possibility of drug interactions with chemical drugs

Learn More About Echium Flower (Gol Gav Zaban)

The Echium flower is a widely used medicinal herb in Iran and every Iranian is familiar with its soothing properties. Of course, those who suffer from certain diseases and use the chemical drugs we mentioned should not overuse this herbal medicine.

You can find this plant in apothecaries all around Iran when traveling to different regions of the country. Destination Iran while introducing food tourism in Iran, guides you in knowing the different types of Echium flowers and more medicinal herbs.

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