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How to Clean a Carpet in a Carpet Washing Workshop?

How to Clean a Carpet
According to "Destination Iran" and following "Tohid Carpet", it takes training and experience to know how to clean a carpet. For efficient carpet washing, you need professional staff who know several details. Read some of them below here.

Many people cover the floors with ceramic and carpet is only a small part of the floor. Some ceramics are usually cleaned daily, but carpets need tools almost once a year, even if done daily. One of the reasons for washing carpets is to maintain cleanliness and increase the life of the carpet.

Also if you do not clean the carpets regularly, the dust on the carpets can cause disease and allergies for yourselves. Based on this, we decided to have an article on how to wash carpets in carpet washing and introduce you to more details.

Causes of carpet damage

Causes of carpet damage

The following points are the causes of carpet damage due to improper washing:

Improper and unprincipled use of carpet shampoos

When you do not use carpet shampoo properly and pour a lot of it on the carpet, if you have not wet the carpet completely yet, then you will damage the carpet. With the current water shortage and lack of access to high-pressure water, there is no way to avoid the possibility that detergent may remain on the carpet.

Therefore, this issue is one of the main reasons for washing carpets in carpet washing. In carpet washing, carpets are cleaned professionally. You should clean the detergent you use to wash the carpet with water very quickly, because after a while, the stains left by that material do not disappear and it looks like the carpet has not been washed. Therefore, the best option for washing carpets is to wash carpets in carpet washing.

Failure to recognize the wet size of the carpet

When you pour a lot of water on the carpet, it causes a lot of water absorption, in which case the color of the carpet may change or disappear. In some cases, the carpets are torn due to weight.

One of the problems that we face if the back of the carpet gets too wet is the inability to dry it in time and it may also cause the back of the carpet to swell and lose its natural shape, which is a a disaster and puts a heavy financial burden on people.

Lay some items on the carpet when it is wet

One of the important factors in the destruction of carpets that you encounter as a result of washing carpets at home is placing all kinds of wooden and metal tools on the carpet. Wooden utensils are not suitable for washing because the color of the wood may penetrate the carpet, and you should avoid using rusted metal utensils as their rust is absorbed by the carpet and destroys the carpet.

People who wash carpets at home do not follow the principles of carpet protection, such as wrapping items in foil and removing them around the carpet, which causes them many problems.

washing carpets in a workshop

How to wash carpets in carpet washing

There are several ways to wash carpets in carpet washing, like Kamraniye carpet cleaning, one of which is to use a suction dryer to control the moisture content of the carpet. In this method, using advanced equipment, the carpet is moistened to a very small extent.

Although the washing method is almost like the home method, but in this method, using two very large brushes, the detergent is spread on the carpet surface, and after removing stains and dirt from the carpet, it sucks the foam created by two strong suctions. And thus dries the carpet.

Some carpet cleaners use carbonated products to absorb water in the carpet. This method is free of any materials that could damage the carpet. Pasdaran carpet cleaning is one of these companies which do this method for washing carpets.

One of the advantages of this method is that the detergent does not remain inside the carpet texture and you do not need a lot of water for washing. Therefore, the carpet can be dried very quickly. One of the disadvantages of this method is that the stains are not completely removed.

Carpet washing in professional carpet washing workshops is done traditionally or at home, but the obvious difference between the two is the amount of experience that people have gained in how to wash carpets.

In carpet washing, people gain experience more every day due to washing. People who work in carpet washing places use their experience to choose the most appropriate method for washing each carpet and do their best to prevent damage to it.

They are also very professional in using strong detergents and have learned to use each one to prevent the carpet from deteriorating. They use strong detergents to wash high-density carpets.

professional carpet washing staff

Concluding remarks

Today, carpets are the main component in beautifying homes. For this reason, their maintenance and cleanliness also play a very important role in the beauty of the home space. Carpet washing is one of the most important steps in maintaining carpets.

Naturally, the carpet will get dirty after a while of use and people will clean it. If you try to do this yourself traditionally at home, you may damage the carpet or you may not even be able to completely remove the dirt from the oven.

Therefore, it is better to leave this task to experts and carpet washing companies to avoid damaging or getting the carpets dirty. Carpet washing workshops, like Tohid carpet cleaning, can clean your carpet like the first day, using high-quality materials and strong cleaners.

This carpet washing can provide you with the pleasure of having a clean environment by using modern equipment and machines and the latest technology in washing carpets. If you are worried about damage or damage to your home carpets, it is better to leave the task of washing them to skilled people.

Because with a wrong action you may completely lose your carpet. Leave the cleanliness and appearance of your carpets to Tohid Carpet Washing workshop, in which professionals work. The best carpet washing in the country is here with you. Just click. Thank you for being with us until the end of this article.

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