Bitter Almond Properties in Iranian Traditional Medicine

bitter almond, a traditional medicinal herb in Iran
Learn more about the properties of bitter almond in Iranian traditional medicine
bitter almond, a traditional medicinal herb in Iran
Learn more about the properties of bitter almond in Iranian traditional medicine

There are two main types of almonds, bitter almond and sweet almond. The two types grow on different trees, and are classified as traditional medicinal herbs in Iran based on their properties and uses. Bitter almonds have healing properties and are usually not consumed raw. Bitter almond oil has many health benefits and bitter almond seed oil is more useful than the seeds.

Properties of Bitter Almond Powder

If we grind the bitter almond seed into powder form and combine it with other ingredients, we can utilize its very useful properties in various fashions. In the following, we will introduce some traditional bitter almond remedies and their uses.

Natural Remedy for Headache

Grind bitter almonds and mix the powder with vinegar, forming a paste. Then rub it on your forehead to get rid of headaches. This paste is also known as a traditional remedy for improving eyesight. For this purpose, you need to apply the paste around your eyes.

Bitter Almond for Skin Care and Natural Scrub

The paste we mentioned earlier is not only useful for headaches and improving vision, but can serve as an excellent natural scrub for the skin care. This paste removes blackheads and skin spots and helps smooth and lighten the skin.

Healing Properties of Bitter Almond Oil

Bitter almond oil is used for various purposes in modern skincare products. Some of its applications in the beauty industry are as follows:

  • Hair makeup products, fortifying and growing eyelashes, eyebrows, mustaches and…
  • in skincare lotions
  • Moisturizers and softener creams
  • Soaps and shower gels
  • Hair masks and skin masks

Some other examples of the uses of bitter almond oil are as follows:

Removing Skin Spots and Freckles

Combining bitter almond oil with other ingredients can provide traditional remedies with useful properties that can solve common skin problems. One of these additives is rose water. Daily application of the combination of bitter almond oil with rose water will eliminate facial skin spots and freckles.

To create this mixture, add two spoons of rose water to one liter of water and add a few drops of bitter almond oil. With this simple mixture, you will have a natural face mask that is a perfect solution for daily face washing. With extended use, this mask will help remove deep-seated skin blemishes from your face and clear your skin.

Skin Moisturizer

To have soft, moisturized skin, combine one tablespoon of bitter almond oil with two spoons of dairy cream and add a few drops of rose water. The mixture is a perfect traditional face mask. Apply this mask to your face and wash it for 30 minutes. To see the full effect of this mixture, apply the mask twice a week.

Bitter Almond for Detox Through Urination

Consuming a small amount of bitter almond oil can help remove toxins from the body through urination. Bitter almond oil is edible, but it should be consumed in small amounts and with caution. This oil removes toxins from the body by increasing urinary tract function.

Traditional Ear Infection Remedy

One of the traditional uses of bitter almond oil is the treatment of ear infections. To treat an ear infection, add a spoonful of this oil to a small amount of hot water and use a dropping tube to pour a few drops of the mixture into the ear. Make sure to use a very small amount. Applying this solution softens the clogged infection inside the ear and remedies the ear infection.

Bitter Almond’s Antioxidant Properties

The hydrocyanic acid present in the seeds of this traditional medicinal herb is highly toxic and its excessive consumption can lead to death. But if the same substance is consumed in small amounts, it has antioxidant properties and can fight cancer cells. It can boost the regeneration of damaged cells and reinforce the growth of healthy cells.

Fortifying and Brightening Hair Follicles

If you are looking for a natural remedy to deal with brittle dry hair, you can try bitter almond oil. Pouring a few drops of this herbal oil on the scalp and massaging it will make your hair shiny and soft. Using bitter almond oil can also help prevent hair loss and dryness of the scalp.

Bitter almond has a hot and dry temperament. This herb contains toxic substances and should not be consumed in large amounts. Consuming 7 bitter almonds at once is considered to have poisonous effects in Iranian traditional medicine, and consuming 50 bitter almonds is known to be fatal. Individuals suffering from stomach issues should not consume this herb.

Iranian Traditional Medicine, Our Intangible Cultural Heritage

Destination Iran recommends learning more about the intangible aspects of Iranian culture and traditional identity, as it can help you get in touch with your own cultural identity. Iranian traditional medicine and its practices are considered an integral part of the authentic Iranian culture.

If you travel to Iran on an Iran tour package or by yourself, you will notice that each region in Iran is famous for special medicinal herbs that the locals use to treat diseases and maintain their health. You can support the local economy of destinations you visit by buying natural products from the indigenous population. In this way, you can practice the principles of sustainable responsible tourism, maintain your health on your travels to different regions and get to know Iranian medicinal herbs.

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