Biased Media Leads to Misinformation about Iran Tourism, An Example

source of misinformation about Iran tourism
This is where the news article has been published!
source of misinformation about Iran tourism
This is where the news article has been published!

Today, I happened to see a news article in “The Travel” website called “8 Places Where Travelers Are Banned (17 Where We’re Not Wanted)” providing misinformation about Iran tourism by spreading false information to prevent tourists from traveling to Iran. You can find this article here!

No Obstacles about Iran Tourism!

Iran gets tourists from various countries across the globe. People travel from various places to Iran. The Iranian government doesn’t grant visas to few countries for various reasons. You may immediately react by saying, “Aha! There you go!” Wait a minute, you better recall the phrase “Travel Ban” echoed here and there in recent years. Just Google the phrase and you will see who bans who!

If it’s Iranians trying to visit America, I must tell you that it’s next to impossible for them. However, Americans get tourist visas to Iran every day! If this article refers to the Americans as the ones who are banned from traveling to Iran, this should then be called ridiculous and nothing else! Iran hasn’t blocked or blacklisted them! As I’ve guided Americans recently in Iran myself, I’m talking about the fall of 2018, this is absolutely untrue.

As a matter of fact, Americans can travel to Iran. Here’s the truth about the situation of US citizens applying for visas:

The process to apply for a tourist visa is different for certain nationalities including US citizens. It’s a bit longer, but possible to obtain through a tour operator.

The article says, “Iran requires all visitors to be a part of a tour group, not allowing single travelers or families in for a vacation.” This is a BIG LIE!

When Iranian foreign ministry announced that the citizens of several countries can get a visa upon arrival in Iran, many traveled on their own and visited Iran without becoming part of a group. They had heard several negative things about Iran tourism, but ask them and you will see how their views have changed.

If you mean Americans are obliged to be part of a group, which your sentence doesn’t say that, again here’s another false information. Americans can travel privately like other individuals too. They can travel to Iran by taking a private tour to Iran. They can choose to become part of a group tour if they prefer as well.

Iran Can Be a Family Destination

I think it’s a totally absurd statement to say “Families cannot travel to Iran on a vacation!” I don’t know who believes such a thing. Here are some questions to ponder about:

Do you think Iran is against family values? Do you think families are considered serious threats to Iran? Please think again!

I’ve had clients who traveled to Iran for their honeymoon and had a great time. I’ve seen families with twins walking in Kashan streets and enjoying themselves.

In the end, I’d like to ask you to also consider asking those who have been to Iran before. They can tell you about Iran tourism and how things are done to get prepared to make a journey to the land of ancient civilizations and rich culture.

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