10 Exclusive Benefits of Guest Posting Services of Destination Iran

guest posting services for travel & tourism websites requiring tourism marketing
guest posting services for travel & tourism websites requiring tourism marketing

One of the ways you can launch your online marketing campaign is by having your textual content published on travel and tourism websites. That is why “Destination Iran” offers guest posting services for the tourism industry. You can join others in using our platform for having your posts published.

“Search Engine Journal” has explained the benefits of having your posts published on other sites. I invite you to have a look and see how important it is for your online business. Just click here!

You may get your guest posts published on any other sites, but you may always need another one or a particular one! Needless to say, many believe that guest posting services are like advertorial or press release services. I try to clarify the case and reply to them by arguing that guest posts are similar to them as far as the type of orders and nature of services are concerned. For this very reason, we have included and categorized them in one group in our Tourism Advertising Page!

Here are the benefits of using our services for publishing your guest posts:

A Tourism Site Offers Better Guest Posting Services

You can have your posts, articles, advertorials, press releases, etc published on any site. However, if your business is tourism-related like one of the following:

  • Hotels, Inns, Traditional House Hotels, Ecolodges, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Museums, Art Galleries, Exhibitions, Art Workshops, Handicraft Workshops, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Traditional Tea Houses, Movie Theaters (Cinemas), Theater Halls, Jet Ski Services, Cable Car Services, Entertainment Parks, Shopping Centers, etc

Destination Iran can offer you best guest posting services because our audience is particularly interested in the businesses such as yours. Our website has published content only on tourism-related topics. Therefore, our targetted traffic enters our pages just to read content like yours.

From search engines and especially Google’s point of view, your guest posts’ words are of the same nature as our posts’. Therefore, the combination of them in one blog is quite natural to our audience. In reality, when our guest posting services allow only the content that our readers like and find useful, a helpful step is taken.

It Is Useful to Choose High-Authority Tourism Guest Posting Services

It is rather challenging to find a travel and tourism website that both enjoy a high domain authority and is concentrated on one topic: tourism.

Destination Iran’s Domain has been up and running since 2002. During these years, our quality content has attracted several authoritative websites recommending it as a source of useful information. Therefore, our domain authority is relatively good: 58 as of today!

Our domain has received links from Wikipedia in different languages, from BBC, etc to its remarkable content. Therefore, we can firmly announce that our guest posting services will have significant benefits to your website. In other words, you receive good-quality SEO help for your website.

Our Guest Posting Services Don’t Label Your Content as Such

Many website owners who order publishing their guest posts on other websites, ask their content not to be labeled “Guest Posts” or “Sponsored Post”! They simply don’t like it!

In our publishing services, we will not label your content as such! Our goal is to publish your posts like ours so that our natural efforts look natural to our real audience. Therefore,

We recommend you review our blog content before you set off for writing. As a consequence, you will be more familiar with our content categories and style so that you can cope with our tone and language when you write!

We must add that every content is grouped under one category, but we don’t have a “Guest Post” category.

Destination Iran Is an Old Website with Original Content

We have started publishing our tourism content in English in 2002. From the early stages, we have been acquainted with search engine optimization practices. Because of this, all our content is optimized for search engines, even in the Persian Language section, which we have added in 2020.

On the other hand, we have created our content in response to our audience’s needs. Since the quality of content has always mattered to us, proficient authors provide original content for us. We have a team of content creators for this cooperating under the direct supervision of our SEO expert. Therefore, we have never been punished by search engines.

When you use our guest posting services, we recommend you create original and high-quality content for Destination Iran. By publishing your quality content, we hope to keep the current status and even improve it for all of us.

Destination Iran’s Spam Score Is Very Low

Every website may spam search engines during its lifetime willingly or unwillingly. We have never deliberately done so to gain short-time benefits. The unknown steps leading to spam cases have been very tiny and accidental. You can check out our spam score on moz.com (3%) as of today.

As a result of using our guest posting services, you will get several benefits from the links coming from a search-engine-friendly website. One of them is a good ranking for your content published here. Therefore, we request you to take care in order not to spam search engines when you create your content.

Optimize Your Guest Post to Obtain Higher Ranking in Search Engines

The content in Destination Iran has been created with search engines’ recommended good practices in mind. Several pages of our website are of high ranking in Google. Therefore, you will obtain a good ranking for your well-optimized content when you use our guest posting services.

This is a very important point:

By optimizing the guest posts you send to us, you will take a huge step for obtaining high ranking for your keywords in search engines.

Our advice for you is to choose your keywords before you start writing. If you use WordPress or other CMS (Content Management Systems), make sure you use a popular SEO plugin to optimize your content for search engine ranking. Then, you submit your well-optimized content to us so that we could publish it for you without more optimization.

Use Proper Format & Tags for Your Images to Appear in Google Images

When you use our guest posting services, make sure you send us high-quality images that are in proper format (jpg, png, etc) with min 800-pixel width, and send the same pictures as separate files to us. This will facilitate the usage of your images in your guest posts.

In addition, it is very useful to allocate an alternative tag (alt tag) for each image guiding us in optimizing your posts before publishing.

As we follow the same process for the images we publish in our posts, this will be beneficial for both you and Destination Iran.

We Consider Your Title & Meta Description in Your Posts

We recommend you add your (SEO) Title and Meta Description to the end of your guest post. This will help us make sure you obtain the same result you are looking for.

Destination Iran will not publish any content without prior optimization.

We are proud of doing this and don’t ask for any payment (free of charge). Again, we advise you to send your own metadata (title and meta description) to reach the goal you have set for your post. Otherwise, we will take action and optimize your content to make sure the page authority of your content and our site will not decrease.

It may happen to be certain changes in the metadata of your content in the process of optimization if you don’t provide us with keyword, title, alt tags, meta description, etc. For instance, if we alter your title a bit, it could be because we have chosen a different keyword, which hasn’t been in your title. You wonder why? Because you have not provided the keyword and or have not inserted it in the title.

It isn’t enough to use our guest posting services to get backlinks. It’s better to tap into the potential of Destination Iran and receive high-quality links to your site.

Your Links from Destination Iran Will Be Very Valuable

According to all stated above, if you are in the travel and tourism business and observe the SEO tips mentioned earlier, you will reap huge benefits using our guest posting services. Along with that, it is also very important to update your site with valuable and original information frequently and in an orderly manner.

SEO experts have noticed that follow links pointing to other websites will add to the value of your content because it offers more information to the readers. This is exactly the practice we follow ourselves. We recommend you include links to your site as well as others. So, including one link to others and two to your site is better than inserting three links across the post all pointing to your own website.

When you follow such a practice in using our guest posting services, you take a natural step in content creation. This is a powerful SEO measure adding to the chances of your post gaining a higher ranking from search engines.

Destination Iran Is Beneficial to You as It Is Updated Frequently

We update our content by publishing posts in various categories in both Persian and English. Therefore, Google checks upon our site several times every day. The consequence of what we do here is for you to see your content getting indexed and ranked by Google in 24 hours or even sooner.

So, you don’t have to wait for a long time to see the result of our guest posting services. We have provided the platform for travel and tourism services to take their tourism marketing campaigns to another level.

You just do your share by following the points mentioned clearly in this post, read our guest posting guidelines, and take action today!

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