Adel House of Kashan, Tranquility in a Busy Neighborhood

Noh Cham Historical Hotel
View of Adel House of Kashan
Noh Cham Historical Hotel
View of Adel House of Kashan

Kashan is a city in Isfahan province with over 1700 registered historical works. Today, this beautiful city has a special landmark in Iran’s tourism industry. One of the features of this city is the presence of its traditional houses, which are distinct examples of Iranian architecture in desert regions. Adel Kashan house is one of this city’s historical houses, registered on the list of Iran’s national heritage sites in 2014.

This house is a magnificent building that offers tranquility to visitors. It is located on a narrow and quiet alleyway, away from the noise and disturbances of modern life.

History of Adel House of Kashan

Adel historical house, also known as the Pearl of Kashan and Noh Cham Historical Hotel, is located in the center of Kashan. This historical house was built in the Qajar period. Adel house was purchased from its owner in 2014, and its restoration and renovation were carried out over the course of two years.

After renovation, Adel House of Kashan was inaugurated as a hotel with six suites. Each of these suites is equipped with residential facilities and is ready to host tourists. The various facilities of the hotel include a private and fully equipped bathroom, ventilation system, tea house, traditional restaurant which only serves breakfast, TV, and communication infrastructure such as Wi-FI.

The Location of Noh Cham Historical Hotel

Noh Cham historical hotel is located in one of the lovely old alleys of Kashan also called Noh Cham. This is why the historical house is known as Noh Cham.

Alleys in Kashan are named on two bases:

1- Based on their physical appearance: In this method, alleys are named based on their features. For example, we can mention Sarazireh (downhill) passage. This passage, as its name suggests, is a downhill passage.

Noh Cham house is also named on this basis. In Kashani dialect, Cham means a turn with a 90-degree angle. Noh Cham alley has nine such turns. Four of these turns are on one side of Naraghi street and two are on the other side. The other three have been demolished to make way for the construction of cross streets in the city.

2- Based on the residence of certain people or ethnic groups: some alleys, such as Fazel Naraghi street and Tabriziha Alley (the neighborhood where people from Tabriz live), are named because of the residence of a particular ethnic group in that area.

There are fourteen houses on the Noh Cham alley in Kashan. Among them, several houses have been renovated or are under renovation. Houses such as Noh Cham House (Adel House of Kashan), Shojae House and Amir House have been renovated.

The rest of the houses located in Noh Cham Alley are still occupied by their owners. Some believe that the best use for historical houses is to be inhabited by their owners. Repurposing historical sites is usually carried out for financial gains.

Architectural Style and Features of Adel House of Kashan

The sunken courtyard of the historical garden in Adel House of Kashan
A view of the sunken courtyard-style garden in Adel House of Kashan

Adel house of Kashan is a two-story building made with adobe. The architectural design of the house is called a sunken courtyard.

The unique features of this house are:

  • Three-door rooms
  • Latticed and colored windows
  • Painting and mirror work decorations
  • Very beautiful plasterwork
  • Windcatcher
  • Symmetrical design on an axis

With the unique features of this house, it seems like the size of the house is larger than it actually is. Meanwhile, the size of Noh Cham Historical Hotel is less than 200 square meters. In fact, Adel House of Kashan has 192 square meters of site and 350 square meters of superstructure.

According to the legal definition, the site is the building land. Superstructure is the sum of the area of the buildings on site.

In addition, it can be said that Adel house of Kashan is one of the common houses. Kashan has 800 historical houses, which are divided into two categories of common and noble houses. The difference between these two groups is as follows:

  • Noble houses: The houses where merchants and rulers of the city used to live are called noble houses. Such houses are very spacious. Like the Borujerdi House, Ameri House and Tabatabai House.
  • Common houses: This category of houses, like Adel house, are smaller in size.

Don’t Miss Visiting This Attraction

Adel house and many houses built in Kashan are very unique in terms of architecture and features. If you want to visit Kashan, you can travel to this city on Iran tours or by yourself. If you pass by Noh Cham alley, be sure to visit Adel house of Kashan.

Noh Cham Alley is a very narrow alley and you may not suspect that there is a house as beautiful as Adel House of Kashan. The thrill of exploring old neighborhoods is that there are amazing hidden spots that can be a pleasant surprise on your trip.

Destination Iran recommends reading about Kashan tourist attractions before traveling to this city so you won’t miss any of the attractive sights and have a more fruitful trip.

Where is Adel House of Kashan?

Adel House of Kashan or Noh Cham Historical Hotel is located in the center of the old neighborhood of Kashan, on Fazel Naraghi street, in Noh Cham alley. This house was registered as one of Iran’s national heritage sites in 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adel House of Kashan

If you cannot find the answer to your questions below, share your questions with us through the comments section of this post. We will answer them as soon as possible.

How are the architecture and decorations inside Adel House of Kashan?

This house is built in the sunken courtyard style and using adobe. There is a unique symmetry, balance and cadence in the design of the house. The rooms and skylights and colored latticed windows, paintings and mirror work decorations and unique plasterwork illustrate the magnificence of this historical house. The use of windcatchers in the construction of this historical house is one of its special features.

How is the neighborhood where Adel historical house is located?

This historical house is located near Sourijan neighborhood. In this neighborhood, there is the mosque, Tekiya and Hosseiniyeh (location for performing Taziye, religious passion-plays) of Sourijan.

What is the current function of Adel house of Kashan?

Adel House has changed its name and function to Noh Cham Historical Hotel.

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