Shahr-e Sukhte, A World Heritage Site at South East Iran

Written by Rahman Mehraby. Posted in Archaeology

Eyeball from a Skeleton in Burnt City

Shahr-e Sukhte (literally translated as the Burned City) has also been spelled differently as Shahr-i Shokhta in various sources. It is a vast archaeological site (151 hecares) made by mud bricks on the bank of the Helmand river, between Zahedan and Zabol cities, situated at South East Iran inside Sistan & Baluchestan Province. It dates back to […]

Return of 300 Antique Iranian Objects from Belgium

Written by Rahman Mehraby. Posted in Archaeology

Ancient Iranian Object from Khorvin

At the latest days of 2014, after more than 30 years of constant efforts by Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism Organization, the Belgian court of appeal eventually ruled in favor of the restitution of an ancient Iranian artifact collection. Those were the archaeological findings unearthed at Khorvin, some 80 km away from Tehran, Iran. The findings […]

Happy New Year & Destination Iran’s Resolution for 2015!

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Destination Iran's Resolution for 2015

First of all, I’d like to extend my best wishes for a happy new year and successful perspective for all of you. The new year has started and everyone sets new goals and visions for another 365 days. Destination Iran has also decided to announce its plans for the website and its users. Here are the main […]

3 Reasons Why Hiring Iranian Silent Guide Isn’t a Great Idea!

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Tour Guide from Iran

Recently I’ve noticed that large groups of international travelers visit Iran being accompanied by some guide coming from their countries who is specialized in some field somewhat related to what’s available in Iran. They could be specialized in Islamic studies, ancient history, Islamic architecture, etc. Of course, it could add a lot to the quality of the […]

Remarkable Discovery of an Achaemenian Gateway Near Persepolis

Written by Rahman Mehraby. Posted in Archaeology

Tal-e-Ajory Bricks

The joint efforts of Iranian-Italian excavation expedition bore further fruits in Tal-e-Ajory historical mound in the vicinity of Persepolis. The result has been a gateway had been constructed for an Achaemenian palace already in place before Persepolis had been built! Yes, the fact is that this discovery has unveiled some ambiguous unknown period about the ancient city of […]

A Walking Tour of Esfahan in Half a Day

Written by Rahman Mehraby. Posted in Tourism

Ceiling of Aliqapou Palace in Esfahan

Isfahan is certainly one of the most-liked destinations inside Iran among foreign travelers. A walking tour of Esfahan in half a day will surely make you familiar with the ambience of traditional Iran and some of the most awesome monuments of this beautiful city. This is going to be a visit in and around Imam […]

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