A Walking Tour of Shiraz in Half a Day

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Vakil Moquein Shiraz

If you’re interested in walking and if long-distance drives have made you tired enough to long for a walking tour in Shiraz, you will enjoy this sightseeing excursion. It takes half a day and you visit 6 major sites before ending up in an enjoyable local restaurant where traditional food is served. What I’m introducing […]

Get to Know the Life under the Skin of Iranian Bazaars

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Craftsmen in Esfahan Bazaar

As world travelers, you have certainly heard of the world bazaars and seen several of them here and there. On the surface, they may look like shopping centers, but some deeper reality can be found under the skin of Iranian bazaars. I want you to know more about what’s down there and who’s doing what in such living […]

Visit Alamout Castle, The Most Famous Assassins’ Fortress in Iran

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Alamout Castle in NE of Qazvin

A trip to Alamout castle is full of wonders. It’s a hidden place among the high mountains of the Alborz, which assassins used as a stronghold for almost a couple of centuries to organize resistance against the foreign invaders occupying Iran. The incredibly hard terrain and location of the path to Alamout fortress had kept it […]

Tourism in Iran Faces Accommodation Challenges

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Kashan Old House of Ameries

These days, people in charge of tourism management in Iran have mentioned statistics like 200-240 percent growth in the number of incoming tourists to the country, which is a promising figure. Apart from happiness among those involved in this industry, there’s a serious concern in managerial levels about tourists’ accommodation in Iran. There are some decent hotels […]

Iran Tourism on the Rise

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People on Picnic in Esfahan's Imam quare

A lot of foreign travelers had started sending inquiries and booking hotel rooms with tour operators. Many have been from the countries whose international travelers had ceased choosing Iran in the recent years. Some new countries have joined to the list of Iran tourism fans. All of them had decided to visit Iran for its […]

Visit Mausoleum of Hafez, the Persian Poet in Shiraz

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Tomb of Hafez, Persian Poet

Hafez is the 14th century poet of Iran who was born, lived and died in Shiraz. Iran was ruled by Ilkhanid era. Shiraz exceptionally escaped the devastation and massacre of foreign Mongol invaders. Yet, living was tough and difficult for the intellectuals who wanted to express themselves and criticize the ruling system. This led Hafez to […]