3 Major Problems with Extra Large Tour Groups

Written by Rahman Mehraby. Posted in Tourism

Extra Large Tour Groups

Tourism is undergoing a new phase in Iran facing much larger number of travelers visiting the country compared to the previous years and even decades! Therefore, all the professionals involved in this industry have to tackle several issues from visa and booking to guiding and transporting clients. From practical point of view, as a tour […]

Why Many Iranians Visit Tombs of Poets?

Written by Rahman Mehraby. Posted in Life

Rituals at Poets' Tombs

If you travel to Iran, you will certainly be amazed by the number of Iranians who visit the tombs of their poets. You see how they respect and show love for the ones buried in these places. You find out the passion and affection in their manners and treatment of the tombs. Based on what […]

Customs and Traditions before Nowruz – Part 2

Written by Rahman Mehraby. Posted in Life

image for jar breaking

This is the second part of the series of activities people are involved in before Nowruz and after that. Below is the list of more customs and traditions of the Iranian New Year: Making Noise with Spoon Decent girls and women, who had wishes like getting married, walked out at night with copper bowls and […]

Customs and Traditions before Nowruz – Part 1

Written by Rahman Mehraby. Posted in Life

4shanbeh soori tradition

Since ancient times, Iranians have observed various customs and traditions before Nowruz (Iranian New Year) and after that. These are a series of activities that take different forms in various parts of Iran. Below is a list of some activities people have been involved to get prepared for this annual festivity. More will be found at Part […]

Nowruz History and Its Origins among Iranians

Written by Rahman Mehraby. Posted in Life

Nowruz Festivity in Ancient Iran

Nowruz, Iranian New Year, has got deep roots among ancient Iranians, particularly farmers. As their lives depended largely on agriculture and producing food, Nowruz has got strong connection to such lifestyle. When no agricultural activities were possible in Winter, each individual used to go home and try to keep warm on his/her own. The end […]

The Importance of Cyrus the Great in Iranian History

Written by Rahman Mehraby. Posted in History

Reliefs of Cyrus the Great

Cyrus II, who was later known as Cyrus the Great, is the founder of Achaemenian dynasty, creator of Persian Empire and the father of a nation called Iran. He was appointed as governor at the Southern part of Iran by Medes who rules from Zagros Mountains at the Northwestern and Western of Iranian plateau. He […]

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