Traditional Drinks of Iran, Sherbets and Infusions

traditional drinks of Iran, Sharbat Khaneh
Traditional drinks of Iran include a variety of Sharbat (syrups)
traditional drinks of Iran, Sharbat Khaneh
Traditional drinks of Iran include a variety of Sharbat (syrups)

The variety of Iranian food attracts many travelers to this country who are looking to taste new flavors. A plethora of authentic traditional drinks of Iran that are reserved for different seasons are favored by Iranian people and travelers from abroad.

Drinks are an important aspect of Iranian food culture and in the past, Sharbat Khaneh (Sherbet House) were established that would serve all sorts of hot and cold drinks. Many traditional Iranian drinks are made with herbal extracts. Therefore, they possess medicinal properties that are good for health.

Introducing Traditional Iranian Drinks and Their Properties

Famous authentic drinks are commonly used in Iran, and each are served in a specific season:

Sharbat Sekanjabin

Sharbat Sekanjabin and lettuce leaves
Sekanjabin syrup and lettuce leaves, a traditional Iranian snack

This authentic Iranian syrup has exceptional ingredients and is considered one of the old and popular traditional drinks of Iran. The required ingredients for Sekanjabin sharbat are: water, vinegar, sugar or honey and mint extract. Sometimes this syrup is served alongside lettuce, which gives it a pleasant flavor.

Properties of Sekanjabin syrup: This syrup has a warm temperament and is used to quench thirst, moderate body temperature, and cleanse the liver and gallbladder.

Tokhm-e Sharbati Sharbat (Chia Seed Drink)

Tokh-e sharbati syrup, an authentic Iranian drink
Tokhm-e Sharbati or Chia seed drink, one of the authentic traditional drinks of Iran

Tokhm-e Sharbati drink is one of the traditional drinks of Iran that has many properties. This syrup is effective in quenching thirst. For this reason, it is a popular drink on hot summer days and nights of the holy month of Ramadan.

Properties of Tukhm-e Sharbati drink : The black seeds used to prepare this drink are wild basil seeds, which contain fiber, proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats. We suggest soaking them in water and avoiding dry consumption of the seeds to fully benefit from the drink. Tokhm-e Sharbati is great for losing weight, regulating body temperature, controlling blood sugar, relieving constipation, treating stomach acid reflux, treating sore throats, and improving skin and hair health.

Sharbat Bahar Narenj (Orange Blossom Syrup)

Sharbat Bahar Narenj or orange blossom syrup
Sharbat Bahar Narenj, a traditional Iranian drink

This syrup is famous for its relaxing effects and pleasant aroma.

Properties of Sharbat Bahar Narenj: It has a soothing effect on the nervous system, making this drink very effective in reducing stress, treating insomnia, and relieving migraines and headaches. This traditional Iranian drink is also recommended in Iranian traditional medicine to help with digestion, boost the immune system, heart health and make your skin brighter.

Sharbat Golab (Rose Water Syrup)

Since the use of rose water is highly recommended in Iranian traditional medicine, it is one of the most widely consumed traditional drinks of Iran. This Sharbat is served with cold water or in combination with other herbal extracts.

Properties of Rose Water Syrup: The antioxidants in rose water make it effective in soothing the central nervous system. Also, this syrup is recommended for rejuvenating the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects. Helping heal wounds and improving brain function and treating headache and constipation are other properties of rose water.

Sharbat Zaferan (Saffron Syrup)

saffron syrup, an invigorating traditional Iranian drink
Saffron drink is one of the famous traditional drinks of Iran

Saffron syrup is one of the original traditional drinks of Iran with a unique aroma and flavor. This syrup is used to reduce stress because of its invigorating properties.

Properties of saffron syrup: saffron has many therapeutic properties because it contains a variety of essential vitamins , including vitamins A, C, E, group B vitamins and various minerals. Drinking this Sharbat is a great remedy for anxiety and stress. It also has antidepressant properties, preventing anemia, increasing bone density, reducing stomach bloating and treating constipation.

Sharbat Ablimo (Lemonade Drink)

This widely popular syrup is used to quench thirst on hot summer days, and is rich in vitamin C. It is said that vitamin C is also effective in dealing with coronavirus infection.

Properties of Lemonade Drink: It is a strong antioxidant that helps strengthen the body’s immune system. Since lemon is rich in vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and fiber, it is highly effective in improving digestion. Other benefits of lemonade drink include rejuvenating the skin, healing wrinkles, helping lose weight, reducing inflammation, and treating viral infections.

Sharbat Bidmeshk (Goat Willow Syrup)

Goat willow extract is a product of goat willow blossom, which has a special and unique aroma. The syrup obtained from this herb is one of the famous traditional drinks of Iran with an exquisite taste. Sharbat Bidmeshk is one of the traditional authentic drinks of Shiraz.

Properties of Goat Willow Syrup: This syrup is used to improve cardiovascular function, invigorate the digestive system and increase appetite. According to traditional medicine, Bidmeshk syrup can be effective in the treatment of diarrhea.

If this syrup is prepared without artificial sweeteners such as refined sugar, it can control high blood sugar. It has a soothing effect, relieves headache and cleanses the gallbladder.

Gol Gav Zaban Tea (Borage Infusion)

Borage flower tea, an authentic Iranian drink
Borage flower tea pr Gol Gav Zaban infusion is one of the authentic Iranian drinks

Borage or echium is a colorful plant with a relaxing effect.

Properties of Borage Tea: This tea has huge health benefits, having antioxidants, flavonoid, vitamin C, vitamin B group, choline, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. Borage is great for strengthening the body’s immune system to prevent colds, seasonal flu and similar diseases. This plant is known to inhibit cancer growth, treat rheumatism, control blood pressure and prevent osteoporosis.

Try Authentic Traditional Drinks of Iran in Iranian Cities

Iran is a nation of four seasons and in each season, special plants grow in it throughout the seasons. Every region of the country showcases its own diverse set of special herbs that are used in the preparation of all kinds of syrups, infusions, and teas. Since long ago, the use of traditional Iranian drinks has held a special place in Iranian ethnic food culture.

If you plan to visit different cities of Iran on an Iran tour package or by yourself, make sure to check out these drinks. Destination Iran introduces Iranian tourist attractions, and one of the most pleasurable experiences when traveling to Iran is traditional foods and drinks of Iran.

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