South Iran Tour – Kish Island (3 days)

This is an extended tour to the Iranian island of Kish at Persian Gulf to spend some time there and learn a bit more about the life there and modern life of some Iranians at this island. “South Iran Tour”

Detailed Itinerary

Tehran – Kish Island – Tehran

Day 01: Overnight in Kish.

Fly to Kish. Visit:

  • Harireh ancient city
  • Water reservoir
  • Greek Ship wreck
  • Shopping malls (modern life)

Transfer to hotel.


Day 02: Overnight in Kish.


  • Dolphins’ park
  • Birds garden
  • Underground city of Kariz
  • Optional activities (snorkeling, jet skiing, cable skiing, cycling, etc)

Transfer to hotel.


Day 03: Overnight in Tehran.

Transfer to airport. Fly to Tehran.

Transfer to hotel.

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