Short South West Iran Tour (3 days)

If you would like to extend your Iran tour package to more areas you’ve not visited, maybe “Short SW Iran Tour” is for you. It makes you familiar with Elamite as well as Achaemenian Empires’ culture and engineering. Check out the detailed itinerary for more information:

Detailed Itinerary

Tehran – Ahvaz -Shush -Shushtar – Tehran

Day 01: Overnight in Ahvaz.

Fly to Ahvaz. Drive to Shush. En route, visit:

  • Tchogha Zanbil temple

Continue to Shush to visit:

  • Shush museum
  • Shush historical mound & Apadana Palace
  • Daniel’s Tomb

Transfer to Hotel.


Day 02: Overnight in Ahvaz.

Drive to Shushtar to visit:

  • Shushtar waterfalls & watermills
  • Band-e-Mizan
  • Shadorvan bridge

Back to Ahvaz. Inside Ahvaz, visit:

  • Ahvaz Bazaar

Transfer to hotel.


Day 03: Overnight in Tehran.

Transfer to airport. Fly to Tehran.

Transfer to hotel.


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