Short North East Iran Tour (3 days)

This is an extended Iran tour for those who travel around Iran for one week or more and want to explore North East of Iran as well. “Short North East Iran Tour” is a quick excursion in and around Mashad to learn more about this area and also the largest shrine and the only mausoleum of a Shiite Imam inside Iran. Plesae have a look at the detailed itinerary of this short trip:

Detailed Itinerary

Tehran – Mashad – Neyshabur – Tus – Tehran

Day 01: Overnight in Mashad.

Fly to Mashad. In and around Mashad, visit:

  • Imam Reza Shrine Compound
  • Mausoleum of Ferdosy at Tus
  • Tus Museuem
  • Harounieh at Tus

Dinner at Shandiz. Transfer to hotel.


Day 02: Overnight in Tehran.

Drive to Neyshabur to visit:

  • Tomb of Omar Khayam
  • Tomb of Attar
  • Imamzadeh Mahruq

Back to Mashad.

  • City Tour of Mashad (bazaar, )

Transfer to hotel.


Day 03: Overnight in Tehran.

Transfer to airport. Fly to Tehran.

Transfer to hotel.

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