Three Reasons to Use the Platform to Find Companions for Joint Activities and Meets

Platform to Find Companions and Friends
Find companions and friends on the “initway” platform
Platform to Find Companions and Friends
Find companions and friends on the “initway” platform
According to “Destination Iran” and following the “initway” website, the ideal method to find companions and friends to take sure steps for making joint activities and meeting new partners and companions is to use a platform that is designed for this purpose. This website provides such an environment for you.

The platform for finding like-minded people is a great resource for not feeling lonely anymore. Now there will always be a company in order to attend activities of interest and then discuss them with new companions. is a social network that is ready to provide many opportunities to gather friends for any event – simply, quickly, and efficiently. It will not be a problem to find a partner for a basketball game or even for a trip.

How to Find Friends?

Each user selects an activity category for finding friends or companions. An exhibition or a concert, a sports competition or a hiking trip, a board game at home – in any case, there will be the company for leisure activities. Three reasons to use Initway:

  1. A wide variety of different activities and opportunities to create your own activity, eve,nt or meeting;
  2. A lot of users, among whom you can always find new friends with similar interests;
  3. Usability (easy and convenient navigation, intuitive website use).

The era of the digital world will never exclude physical communication – virtual contacts will never completely replace it. Therefore, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of such a social platform as Initway. What could be better than finding people like you?

Do Joint Activities when you Find Companions and Friends
Go for joint activities when you find companions and friends

Functionality of the Social Portal

The social portal allows everyone to find the best company for any activity. It’s easy to do in a few steps:

  • Register on the platform (registration on the website is really simple, it is available to every person. You may use Facebook or Google account or complete the registration form);
  • Find activities that you will enjoy the most;
  • Check on the website if there are forms, already created for participation in this activity that you can join;
  • If there is no company you want to join – create your own form with all information, param,eters and requirements about it;
  • Discuss all the details – unite all those who have joined the chat;
  • Get a lot of pleasure from an interesting event or amazing activity;
  • Save contacts of new friends for further communication.

This is a great opportunity to make your life more active and interesting, make new friends, and organize the best parties and competitions in the city. So just do it! You should only register on the portal, create new interesting activities and meet other people. Create, discuss, share and enjoy new experiences – it’s your new possibilities in the modern digital world.

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