North East Iran Tour (7 days)

Extension: North East Iran Tour

Extension: North East Iran TourThe North East Iran Tour can be a stand-alone package by itself for those who want to make a second trip to this country. It makes you familiar with life in this part of the country. The North East Iran Tour” is an in-depth exploration of history and today’s lifestyle of those who live in the northeast provinces of Iran.

Check out the detailed itinerary for more information:

Detailed Itinerary of North East Iran Tour

The route of this tour package is:

Tehran, Semnan, Damghan, Bastam, Neyshabur, Mashad, Sarakhs, Kalat, Torbat-e-Jam, and Tehran.

Day 01: Overnight in Damghan.

Drive to Damghan. En route, visit:

  • Semnan entrance gate
  • Deh Namak caravansary
  • Damghan bazaar

Transfer to the hotel.


Day 02: Overnight in Bastam.

Inside Damghan, visit:

  • Tarikhaneh Mosque
  • Imamzadeh Jafar

Drive to Bastam. En route, visit:

  • Mehmandust Tower

Inside Bastam, visit:

  • Mausoleum of Bayazid Bastamy

Transfer to the hotel.


Day 03: Overnight in Mashad.

En route, visit:

  • Miandasht Caravansaries

In Neyshabur, visit:

  • Tomb of Omar Khayam
  • Tomb of Attar
  • Imamzadeh Mahruq

Proceed to Mashad. Transfer to the hotel.


Day 04: Overnight in Mashad.

Drive to Kalat-e-Nadery to visit:

  • Khorshid Building

On the way back, proceed to Tus to visit:

  • Mausoleum of Ferdowsy
  • Harunieh

Transfer to the hotel.


Day 05: Overnight in Mashad.

Drive to Sarakhs to visit:

  • Robat-e-Sharaf
  • Kurd Nomads (if in the proper season)

Back to Mashad and transfer to the hotel.


Day 06: Overnight in Mashad.

Drive to Torbat-e-Jam to visit:

  • Mausoleum of Ahmad Jami
  • Friday Mosque

Back to Mashad and transfer to the hotel.


Day 07: Overnight in Tehran.

Inside Mashad, visit:

  • Imam Reza Shrine Compound

Transfer to the airport to fly to Tehran.

Transfer to the hotel.

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The North East Iran Tour you have read above is one of the extended tours of Iran for those who order an Iran tour package and want to explore our country a bit more. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take an extended tour like this to enrich your experience in Iran.

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