Iranian Knowledge-Based Companies Ready to Play Vital Role in Iran-Russia Trade

AriaMedTour Representatives
AriaMedTour Representatives
AriaMedTour Representatives
According to “Destination Iran” and “AriaMedTour” website, in Iran-Russia trade exchanges, medical tourism can play a remarkable role. Iranian knowledge-based companies like AriaMedTour have announced their capability to deliver top servicess to Russians as explained below.

Representatives of a group of Iranian and Russian knowledge-based companies came together in Moscow last year to explore ways of cooperation.

The meeting, which was held at the Iranian Embassy in Moscow, was aimed at discussing a wide range of issues including the export of Iranian knowledge-based products to Russia, the economic capacity of the Eurasian Economic Union for boosting trade, enhancing cooperation between the two countries through joint commissions, attracting investments for knowledge-based products, and boosting medical tourism cooperation.

Among the Iranian start-up companies that attended the gathering was AriaMedTour, one of the most successful knowledge-based medical tourism companies. The CEO of the company, Mohammad Nasri participated in the meeting to represent this health tourism industry in the multi-purpose event, which was also attended by the Iranian ambassador to Russia, Dr. Kazem Jalali, head of the International Cooperation Center of the Vice President’s Office for Science and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mehdi Ghalenoei, and president of the Export Confederation of Iran, Ghadir Ghiafeh, as well as representatives from some 30 other Iranian and 20 Russian knowledge-based companies.

Meeting for Iran Russia Trade
Meeting for Iran Russia Trade

In his address to the participants, Dr. Jalali pointed out that despite close relations between Iran and Russia in political and military fields, more work needs to be done in other areas as well, including cultural and economic spheres.

“There is a kind of ‘lack of impression’ about Iran among Russians, which makes it necessary to put in more effort to get our country known to Russians,” he said.

Noting the lack of adequate online information about Iran in Russian language, the ambassador expressed hope that Iran opens a Russian-language TV channel in the near future. He also criticized the negative impression of Russia among some Iranians, saying that unfortunately, some people try to spread this false image to others.

The top envoy went on to say that the embassy proposed a number of solutions to the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Health for solving the problems of Iranian knowledge-based companies to have a strong presence in Russia.

“We are very serious about trade and economic cooperation and expanding this cooperation is our top priority,” he added.

Meeting with Russia’s health ministry officials

The Iranian delegation also met with officials from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The Iranian knowledge-based companies held talks with the Russian ministry’s representatives to discuss ways to promote cooperation in pharmaceutical, medical, and medical tourism areas.

Russian and Iranian knowledge Based Companies in a Meeting
Russian and Iranian knowledge Based Companies in a Meeting

In this Meeting, AriaMedTour CEO, Mohammad Nasri, spoke about Iran’s great potential for medical tourism and his company’s achievements in attracting Russian medical tourists and tourists from other CIS countries. He said that Iran can overtake Turkey as the first destination for health tourists from CIS countries given the high quality of health services and their lower prices in Iran.

MAKS 2021

The Iranian knowledge-based companies, including AriaMedTour, also participated in Russia’s MAKS 2021 to showcase their products and scientific and technological achievements. On the sidelines of the exhibition, Iranian companies held B2B meetings with Russian counterparts to discuss potentials for cooperation.

Iranian knowledge Based Companies in Russia
Iranian knowledge Based Companies in Russia

Furthermore, a protocol of cooperation was signed between the Iranian delegation and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation to pave the way for Iran’s export of products and technological capabilities to Russia and other parts of the world through the country.

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