Interesting Facts about Harry Reid International Airport (Las Vegas)

Harry Reid International harry-reid-international-airport-Airport in Las Vegas
Harry Reid International harry-reid-international-airport-Airport in Las Vegas
Harry Reid International harry-reid-international-airport-Airport  in Las Vegas
Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas
According to “Destination Iran” and following the “Airport Las Vegas” website, Harry Reid International Airport is the new name for McCarran International Airport. You will learn about the interesting facts about this important airport below.

Las Vegas, the center of the world casino, is where the airport is located. McCarran International Airport was the airport`s former name, but now Harry Reid International Airport is its new name. It is the main commercial airport in Las Vegas, which is the largest city in the state of Nevada. The International Vegas Airport was renamed in honor of the US Senator from Nevada and member of the Democratic Party Harry Reid. It is one of the 20 busiest and most powerful airports worldwide.

Now let’s consider some interesting information about this airport.

The Las Vegas City

A green city with many palms and flowers, huge flashing buildings, incredibly beautiful hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, and a summer temperature of +40 degrees. As the capital of the gambling industry, Las Vegas was born in 1931, the year, when the gambling business was legalized in Nevada and a huge number of casinos opened in the state. The main attraction of Las Vegas, which captures people here and provides them with loads of entertainment, is its casinos, built in the ancient Roman and Greek style, imitating the seaside Riviera and also the Sahara desert.

Location of Harry Reid International Airport
Location of Harry Reid International Airport

Local Transport Services of Las Vegas Airport

Since the international Las Vegas airport is located in a world-famous city, visitors are greeted here by various skyscrapers, Las Vegas casinos, restaurants, and many other places that attract many people worldwide.

There are several convenient ways to get from the airport to the city center:

  • Taxi, which, unlike airports in the United States, where the taxi fare is fixed and depends on the area, the prices are calculated by special counters and, therefore, Harry Reid International airport taxis provide affordable prices.
  • Two RTC buses operate from McCarran International Airport: the 108 Paradise route (4:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.) and the 109 Maryland Pkwy (24-hour route). The interval between buses throughout the day is approximately the same — from 15 to 30 minutes.
  • This is probably the most optimal option for those who want to save and at the same time are ready to wait for some time. Shuttles run 24 hours a day at the Las Vegas airport. To exit the airport, go to the ticket counter located at the exit of the baggage claim hall of Terminal 1. In addition, you can order the service in advance. The fare varies depending on the company within 3 dollars, thereby providing an opportunity to save money.

What Facilities Does the LAS Airport Provide?

Facilities of the Harry Reid Airport
Facilities of the Harry Reid Airport

For a top 20 airport in the world, Harry Reid International Airport provides loads of services:

  • Many shops, as well as duty free, are provided by this airport, all at an affordable price.
  • Car rental, which is located in Terminal 3, offers a wide range of cars collected from all over the world to enjoy Las Vegas and explore all corners of this beautiful and attractive city.
  • Loads of different cafes and restaurants with cuisines from different countries are provided here, including Starbucks and Burger King. Also, you can find a wide range of pizzerias and a great sweet Sugar Factory.
  • Some clothing stores, like Mr. Boxer or The Raider Image, are also located here.
  • The airport also provides consumers with different accessories stores, like Turquoise Dreams, Fresh Attractions, or Coach, and souvenir shops like the PGA store or Brookstone.

Close Buildings and Attractive Places of Harry Reid International Airport

Arriving at the airport, the first thing you can do is wander around and find some attractive places like Siegfried & Roy Park, created mainly for children’s entertainment. Harry Reid Market Place Park, where matches are often held. And the spectacular Wayne Newton’s Casa De Shenandoah, a beautiful place whose owner is Wayne Newton. He used it as his animal ranch.

If you are keen on golf, then housing near Bali Hai Golf Club, WildHorse Golf Club, or Wynn Golf Club will definitely suit you. If you have never played the game, but only wanted to try, then these clubs will be an excellent choice for everyone.

Now about interesting and unique casinos, which are the highlight of the city itself. The largest casino in Las Vegas is “MGM” Grand Las Vegas. The thirty-story building, which receives loads of visitors and entertains them, is definitely worth a visit. “Encore Las Vegas” is the owner of an elegant and unique atmosphere. This makes this place especially interesting to visit and enjoy with gambling fans.

About Harry Reid Airport Airlines

The airport has approximately 80 airlines, which operate there. Las Vegas airport is one of the most popular airports, which people want to visit. The airport gathers people from all over the world to provide entertainment and a great rest for them.

In conclusion, the Harry Reid International Airport is a great structure that takes people to an attractive, hot city, where everybody should obviously enjoy a whole year of visiting.

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