June 24, 2018

Extended Tours in Iran
Extension - North West Iran Tour

North West Iran Tour:

(8 days)

Tehran – Qazvin – Zanjan – Tabriz – Sarein – Ardebil – Anzali – Rasht – Tehran

Extension - Nort East Iran Tour

North East Iran Tour:

(7 days)

Tehran – Semnan – Damghan – Bastam – Neyshabur – Mashad – Sarakhs – Kalat – Torbat-e-Jam – Tehran

Extension - Western Iran Tour

Western Iran Tour:

(6 days)

Tehran – Hamedan – Kermanshah – Sanandaj – Takab – Zanjan – Tehran

Extension - Caspian Castline Tour

Caspian Coastline Tour:

(6 days)

Tehran – Gorgan – Gonbad Kavus – Namak Abrud – Ramsar – Rasht – Anzali – Masooleh – Tehran

Extension - Short Western Iran Tour

Short Western Iran Tour:

(4 days)

Tehran – Hamedan – Kermanshah – Sanandaj- Tehran

Extension - Short South East Iran Tour

Short South East Iran Tour:

(4 days)

Tehran – Kerman – Mahan – Rayen – Shahdad – Lut Desert – Tehran

Extension - Short Caspian Tour

Short Caspian Tour:

(3 days)

Tehran – Masooleh – Lahijan – Rasht – Anzali – Tehran

Extension - Short North West Iran Tour

Short North West Iran Tour:

(3 days)

Tehran – Tabriz – Kandovan – Qara Kelisa – Tehran

Extension - Short North East Iran Tour

Short North East Iran Tour:

(3 days)

Tehran – Mashad – Tus – Neyshabur – Tehran

Extension - Short South West Iran Tour

Short South West Iran Tour:

(3 days)

Tehran – Ahvaz -Shush -Shushtar – Tehran

Extension - South Iran Kish Tour

South Iran Tour – Kish Island:

(3 days)

Tehran – Kish Island – Tehran

Extension - South Iran Qeshm Tour

South Iran Tour – Qeshm Island:

(3 days)

Tehran – Qeshm Island – Tehran

What Are Extended Tours in Iran?

There could be a lot of tour packages to choose and travel to Iran, but we have decided to make it easier for you to decide and select a tour package. To achieve this, we have come up with few tour packages to Iran that you can find at the tours page of our website. They are planned with your time in mind. You either spend one week or two weeks to travel to Iran.

Apart from that, you may want to extend your visit time in Iran and add a few other cities to your list of favorite attractions. You may want to visit Iran for the second/third/etc time. These tours could provide you with some ideas about your next trip to Iran.

How to Choose an Extended Tour in Iran?

Destination Iran has provided you with a list of extended tours (look above) from Tehran to different destinations in Iran and return to Tehran at the end.

Please note that all tours are planned in a way that your last day in Iran would be a tension-free one without having to worry about domestic flight delays, etc.

We have introduced several tourist attractions across Iran at Destination Iran for you. Having read them, you can choose one area of Iran and based on that look for your idea extended tour in Iran from our list. You can add it to the end or to the beginning of your main tour. Also, you can always send us an email and ask for such extension.

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