Student Travel to the Windy City

The windy city of Chicago, a student travel destination
Visit Chicago, a student travel destination
The windy city of Chicago, a student travel destination
Visit Chicago, a student travel destination
The well-known windy city of the US is the favorite student travel destination. According to “Destination Iran”, Chicago city has a lot of attractions from cultural heritage to sporting events to offer to student who love to explore it.

Chicago is widely known as the Windy City and provides student groups with an amazing variety of educational and enjoyable experiences. Take an architectural boat cruise, meet Sue the T-Rex at Museum Campus, cheer on a sports team or attend a Broadway production!

Only students enrolled at their current schools may take part in school travel trips, with each participant needing to be chaperoned by an adult and meet all requirements set forth by the Board’s Volunteer Policy. Access is easier than ever, including Shanghai to Chicago flights from Cathay Pacific.

Museum Campus

The Museum Campus is at the epicenter of Chicago’s acclaimed museums, making it a favorite student travel destination. Here, visitors can learn about science, history, art and more – both permanent exhibits as well as traveling ones that change regularly are all on offer at different institutions here.

Students can enjoy tours led by museum staff that will enrich classroom curriculum while sparking their interest in new ideas. From exploring an art gallery or learning how a dinosaur was discovered, students will have experiences they’ll remember for life.

Museums offer hands-on activities, special events, and theater presentations to connect students to the culturally rich history of their city. Planning an enjoyable student trip doesn’t need to be costly or difficult – many attractions offer group rates or free admission specifically for students. Museum Campus is commonly associated with its three prominent institutions – Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium – but an ambitious vision seeks to bring natural beauty back into the site, truly embodying Chicago’s motto “City in a Garden”.

Rewilding of landscape to restore native ecosystems will be part of this plan as will being Northerly Island into a central green space and using underutilized lawns or parking lots as flexible community event spaces. Furthermore, restoration of lakefront trail between Soldier Field and McCormick Place as well as improved connections between various public transit stations and downtown destinations is also part of this plan.

Navy Pier

Navy Pier is an iconic Chicago landmark and students can take full advantage of year-round attractions on this lakefront destination. Thrill seekers will adore taking a spin around Lake Michigan from Centennial Wheel’s indoor gondolas; thrill-seekers can experience Lake Michigan views via Centennial Wheel’s Centennial Wheel; thrill-seekers will appreciate taking in Lake Michigan views while riding indoor gondolas of Centennial Wheel (comfortable even during hot days!); art lovers will discover Chicago Children’s Museum while Chicago Shakespeare Theater offers shows; community driven public art districts are available, while culture enthusiasts will adore enjoying spectacular shows at IMAX Theatre!

Visitors to Navy Pier can sample food from some of its celebrated restaurants. Harry Caray’s Tavern, well-known for its baseball memorabilia collection and Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Bar & Grill both offer American and island-inspired fare; Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Hard Rock Cafe and ESPN Zone are also open and pre-paid vouchers at participating fast food outlets can provide quick bites.

Chicago skylines are truly magnificent at night when illuminated. To enjoy a more serene vantage point, book a sightseeing cruise aboard Spirit of Chicago; guests can get up close and personal views at Magnificent Mile Lights festival or Skydeck-Chicago; student tour groups can perform in Daley Plaza of Field Museum and Navy Pier or participate in Thanksgiving or Memorial Day Parades.

Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the world’s premier museums, boasting an unparalleled collection that captures all aspects of human creativity. From its two massive bronze lions at its entrance to its truly world-class exhibitions – paintings from Greece, Rome, Europe and America as well as Asian and African artwork are represented here as well as Monet’s water lilies which comprise its largest outside of Paris collection – there’s something special here for everyone to experience!

The museum is an encyclopedic art museum, meaning that it contains something for everyone. Benches line the galleries and provide a relaxing place to stop for conversations among classmates or friends. Guided tours add extra enrichment – Professor Kristin Labby’s chemistry class visited Ferguson Imaging Laboratory to learn about dating paintings through chemical analysis while its medieval and Renaissance collections draw students enrolled in Professor Gabriela Cerghedean’s Advanced Modern Physics (AMP) classes as well as Ellen Joyce’s Medieval Mediterranean History classes.

Students enrolled at SAIC are encouraged to explore the world, using curiosity as fuel for innovation. Study abroad programs spanning Amsterdam, Australia and South Korea allow them to do just this; additionally they may take part in SAIC scholarship programs which fund personal travel itineraries.

American Writers Museum

Tupac Shakur’s Dear Mama,” Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking and Jack Kerouac’s 120-foot scroll from On the Road are among many other works featured at the newly opened American Writers Museum that just opened its doors in May 2017. Come discover how these and many other writers shaped America through their works over more than 400 years of writing history!

As the inaugural of its kind, this revolutionary museum honors past achievements while encouraging present progress and inspiring future endeavors. As soon as visitors enter Readers Hall they will encounter educational exhibits that cover a range of topics including American Dream, immigration and social change – just to name a few!

Visitors to the Museum can take advantage of special exhibits that allow them to engage with content in innovative ways. From writing stories on a vintage typewriter, playing word games that engage all five senses, or visiting an interactive bookshelf filled with sounds, smells, videos and dioramas!

The America Writers Museum provides visitors with a flexible entry ticket that enables them to come and go at their convenience within its open hours, giving you the flexibility of enjoying America’s only museum dedicated to writing at a time that works with your schedule. Also included in the ticket price is general admission for permanent and special exhibits alike! Get your tickets today and enjoy!

International Museum of Surgical Science

The International Museum of Surgical Science (IMSS) is North America’s only museum devoted exclusively to surgery, featuring an impressive collection of art and artifacts related to medical history and medicine such as photographs, paintings, drawings sculptures surgical instruments skeletons and historic artifacts. Furthermore, contemporary arts exhibitions further support its mission.

No matter if it is for student dance, band, choir trip, educational tour or any other purpose; choosing lodging accommodations requires careful thought and consideration. Hotels act as intermediaries between real activities and students’ comfort, so finding something enjoyable yet providing all necessary comfort is of utmost importance – Chicago boasts several hotels which provide unique experiences through amenities or location or both!

When booking student travel for your group, make sure you select a professional and experienced company who can manage every detail for you. An established school tour company should help secure administrative or board approval, provide promotional materials, lead a parent meeting, manage payments & collections, ensure students stay in their rooms during the daytime, make appointments for guides as needed and arrange hotel rooms tailored specifically to the group experience – they should even arrange accommodations that give visitors something exclusive just for them! When questions or issues arise they will always be happy to provide answers.

Money Museum

The Money Museum can be found within the Federal Reserve Bank, an enormous currency storage and processing center, making a fun outing out of money. There are informative displays about its history; but what really captures people’s attention are outlandish exhibits like a machine that passes old bills through tubes directly into a shredder (shredding over $10 million daily!); three separate display cases filled with millions of $1 bills where visitors can take pictures with.

Chicago student travel provides many exciting opportunities to discover its cultural heritage, from world-class museums and theaters to sporting and musical events. Students can also gain an understanding of Chicago architecture with a visit to the Chicago Architecture Center; or experience downtown Chicago by taking one of several types of tours – boat, bus, bicycle or walking tours are just a few ways they can immerse themselves into its vibrant streets and sights.

Kaleidoscope Adventures can provide your students with an unforgettable student trip experience in Chicago! Led by former educators, our leader in student travel is ready to show them everything this city has to offer – contact us now so we can get your students exploring all that Chicago has to offer!

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