Tourist Destinations

Iran Destinations offers Iran tourist attractions with plenty of detailed information about the incredible sights and attractive places all across Iran. There are lots of beautiful places and tourist destinations in Iran to visit and enjoy. Here we have tried to introduce attractive cities of Iran and the most substantial sights inside each one.

Iran Destinations

They are varied and scattered in all corners of Iran. Therefore, we have tried to introduce them in major attractive cities in Iran. Also, you can find a photo gallery of these cities and the main hotels that we recommend.

Attractive Cities

There are lots of interesting cities in Iran. We have tried to begin to make you familiar with the most famous ones first and continue to present other ones.

These tourist destinations are the cities popular among domestic travelers and international ones.

  • Shushtar Tourist Attractions


    Part of the courtyard of Baba Afzal House in Shushtar Shushtar is an origin of civilization in Iran. UNESCO has…

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  • Shush Tourist Attractions


    A view of the ancient city of Shush The ancient city of Susa (called Shush today) is one of the…

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  • Qom Tourist Attractions - Holy Shrine


    Qom is an ancient city with a rich history providing several tourist attractions. It is the second destination of religious…

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  • Tomb of Omar Khayyam from above


    Neyshabur is one of the major cities of Khorasan Razavi Province in Iran with lots of tourist attractions. The turquoise…

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  • Naein Tourist Attractions: Ashuragah Castle


    A view of Naein extended along the desert Naein is one of the desert cities of Iran with amazing tourist…

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  • Hamedan Tourist Attractions: Traditional Bazaar


    Hamedan (Hamadan) is one of the ancient cities in Iran offering several historical and natural attractions to world travelers. Many…

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  • Gonbad-e Kavus

    If you are heading for Gonbad-e Kavus tourist attractions, there’s good news for you. This city has got a lot…

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  • Ardabil Tourist Attractions: Bazaar


    Ardabil Bazaar Only when you visit Ardabil tourist attractions, you will believe how much there is to explore at this…

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  • Varamin Historical Attractions: Deir-e-Gachin Caravanserai on Iran Silk Road Tour


    Visit Deir-e Gachin Caravansary outside Varamin The city of Varamin has more than 250 historical and tourist attractions of which…

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  • Shahroud Tourist Attractions: Qaleh-ye Bala Village


    Most of the world travelers find this city a very fascinating one. Shahroud tourist attractions are beyond what one may…

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  • Sabzevar Tourist Attractions: Friday Mosque


    Friday Mosque of Sabzevar Sabzevar is one of the major populous, academic, cultural, Islamic and historical centers in the northeast…

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