10 Must-See Tourist Attractions in Iran, A Practicable Checklist

Persepolis / top 10 tourist attractions
Foreign Visitors in Persepolis, Iran
Persepolis / top 10 tourist attractions
Foreign Visitors in Persepolis, Iran

While planning your visit to Iran, you can have a great variety of sites in your visiting list. It’s an opportunity that a culturally rich country provides you. Such an incredible variety can be challenging to some extent and cause you a little confusion in planning your trip. So, in order not to miss anything, especially the prominent historical sites in Iran, here’s a list of top 10 tourist attractions in Iran for your visit.

1. Museums of Various Objects

Constitutional Museum Tabriz
Entrance of Tabriz Constitution Museum

They’re categorized as museums of history and archaeology, anthropology, science and natural history as well as house museums, park museums, local and regional museums, etc.

2. Temples of Different Religions

Yazd Varharam fire temple
Varahram Fire Temple, a major tourist attractions

If you’re interested to know more about some other religions you can find some religious sites. These are mainly the shrines and mosques of Muslims, churches of Christians, synagogues of Jews, and Zoroastrian fire temples.

This temple is the a must-see in our top 10 tourist attractions as far as Zoroastrian sites are concerned.

3. Tombs of Famous People

Tomb of Omar Khayam
Tomb of Omar-Khayam at Neyshabour, Iran

During the history of this country, there have been some famous people whose tombs are now highly visited. These burial places belong to historical figures, poets, and artists.

4. Persian Gardens

Narenjestan Orangery in Shiraz
Courtyard of Narenjestan garden, the office of Shiraz supreme judge in 19th century

They can be incredibly amazing to you when you think of Iran as a dry land. Some of these gardens are recorded by UNESCO.

A visit to Iran without checking out its Persian gardens is like ignoring the entire top 10 tourist attractions of this country.

5. UNESCO Sites

Persepolis Reliefs' Details near Shiraz
Rock reliefs of Persepolis, A UNESCO Sites in North of Shiraz, Iran

These are several historical sites in Iran. Some of them date back to pre-Islam Iran and some to post-Islam Iran. You can find a complete list of UNESCO sites of Iran here!

6. Palaces of Previous Rulers in Iran

Shamsul Amara Palace
A view from the back of Shams-ul-Amara Palace in the Golestan Palace complex, Tehran, Iran

Most of them are regarded as historical monuments. In some cases, you can also visit some parts of these palaces as museums.

7. Various Natural Landscapes

Iran Sea Gulf Lake
Ovan Lake in Northern Iran

It just depends on your taste and interest. The variety in natural landscapes are so great that meets almost all expectations. Drive through these fascinating landscapes as Part of the top 10 tourist attractions in Iran and be sure that they’ll give you a brand new impression of the country.

8. Villages & Neighborhoods

A View of Kandovan Village
A General View of Kandovan Village, Tabriz, Iran

Apart from so many breath-taking attractions in cities, villages can also look fascinating to you. An exceptionally relaxing atmosphere, scenic beauty, and local handicrafts are just part of the enjoyment you can experience there.

9. Local Bazaars in Different Cities

Fruit Market
Fruit Market at Tajrish Local Bazaar, North Tehran

They are tempting enough to persuade you to buy something. Sometimes, the goods and products available in these bazaars are specific to the cities in which they are located. So, some of these bazaars are unique in souvenirs they offer. In addition to shopping, the architecture can be also attractive to you in some occasions because they’re also categorized as historical sites in Iran.

We know that historical sites don’t make the top 10 tourist attractions world travelers are loooking for. So, we highly recommend such places where local people are going on with their everyday lives.

10. Handicrafts & Arts in Workshops & Art Galleries

Artisan in the market of Isfahan
Artisan in the market of Isfahan

They give you a very good chance to learn more details about cultural issues. You can enjoy a specific wonderful variety in each city or region.

This checklist helps you to make up your mind more easily about where and what you want to visit. So, if you want your trip to be more organized and enjoyable, try to save and keep this list of top 10 tourist attractions in Iran for yourselves.

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  1. This is a very helpful way to organize visitors’ thinking when planning a trip to Iran. I am interested in visiting but have been over-whelmed by the options!

    1. It’s a pleasure that you’ve found it helpful Kay. So, take it easy and start planning your trip. And if you need more tips to get your mind sorted about a perfect itinerary, feel free to contact us at info[at]destinationiran[dot]com.

      Hope to see you soon in Iran!

  2. What a beautiful country! It’s sad that the rich history and beauty of Iran are overshadowed by the troubles in the Middle East. Friends visited Iran in the last couple of years and they were enchanted.

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