Iran Classical Tour (15 days)

Take an Iran Tour: Iran Classical Tour Package

“Iran Classical Tour” has been planned as a two-week tour to suit everyone who would like to learn about Iranian culture, history and architecture in a couple of weeks. You will also travel to the most famous cities that have played key roles in the formation of Iran’s history and culture. During this period, you will explore the wealth of ancient Iran and modern today.

Iran Classical Tour: Route & Attractions

Here’s the route:

Tehran – Kashan – Natanz – Nain – Meybod – Yazd – Kerman – Mahan – Rayen – Shiraz – Esfahan – Abyaneh – Qom – Tehran

Tour Major Attractions in a Glance

  • Golestan Palace Complex
  • Persepolis
  • Pasargadae
  • Imam Khomeini Square
  • Jame Mosque of Esfahan
  • Golestan Palace Complex
  • Dolat Abad Garden
  • Shahzadeh Garden
  • Chehelsotun Palace
  • Fin Garden
  • Mausoleum of Shah Nematollah-e-Valy
  • Tomb of Hafez
  • Tomb of Sa’di
  • Tomb of Cyrus the Great & other Achaemenian Emprors
  • National museum
  • Carpet Museum
  • Water Museum
  • Harandy Museum
  • Pars Museum
  • Natanz Friday Mosque
  • Nain Friday Mosque
  • Yazd Friday Mosque
  • Kerman Friday Mosque
  • Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque
  • Vakil Mosque
  • Emam Khomeini Mosque
  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
  • Esfahan Jame Mosque
  • Ali-ebne-Hamzeh Shrine
  • Masoomeh Shrine
  • Golestan Palace Complex
  • Sa’ad Abad Palace Compound
  • Hunting lodge of Bahram
  • Persepolis Palace Compound
  • Pasagadae Palace Compound
  • Chehelsotun Palace
  • Aliqapoo Palace
  • Yazd Bazaar
  • Kerman Bazaar
  • Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz
  • Qeysarieh Bazaar of Esfahan
  • New Jolfa Armenian Quarter
  • Abyaneh Village
  • Fahadan Residential Quarter
  • Izadkhast
  • Around The Holy Shrine in Qom
  • Water reservoirs
  • Wind Catchers
  • Ice Houses
  • Pigeon Towers
  • Yazd Towers of Silence
  • Varahram Fire Temple

Bath houses, Gateways, ancient rock relieves, ancient city walls, citadels, caravansaries, bridges, workshops, shrine, old houses, fortresses, etc.

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Iran Classical Tour Itinerary

Here’s the itinerary for this travel package:

Arrival in Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA). Meet with Guide. Transfer to hotel for rest.

In Tehran, visit:

  • National museum
  • Golestan palace compound
  • Treasury of national jewels … or … Carpet museum

At the end of the excursion, transfer to hotel.

In Tehran, Morning visit to:

  • Sa’ad Abad palace compound

Drive to Kashan to see:

  • Tabatabaee house
  • Hammam of Soltan Amir Ahmad
  • Ancient City Walls
  • Fin garden

Transfer to hotel.

Drive to Yazd. En route, visit Natanz to see:

  • Natanz Friday Mosque
  • Sheikh Abdol-Samad Shrine
  • A unique ceramic workshop

Then, proceed to Nain to visit:

  • Nain Friday Mosque

The final stop at Meybod to visit:

  • Narin fortress
  • Meybod caravansary complex (water reservoir, icehouse, traditional mailing house – Chapar Khaneh)
  • A pigeon tower

Transfer to hotel.

In Yazd, visit:

  • Towers of Silence
  • Varahram fire temple
  • Yazd Friday mosque
  • Fahadan ancient quarter
  • Dolat Abad garden
  • Bazaar of Yazd
  • Water museum
  • Mir Chaqmaq tekiyeh
  • Ancient City walls

Transfer to hotel.

Drive to Kerman. Inside city, visit:

  • Harandy Museum
  • Kerman bazaar including herb shops
  • Ganjali Khan Caravansary
  • Ganjali Khan bathhouse

Transfer to hotel.

Inside Kerman, visit:

  • Friday mosque portal
  • An old ice house
  • Jabalieh dome

Drive to Rayen to visit:

  • Ancient citadel of Rayen

Drive back toward Kerman. En route, stop at Mahan to visit:

  • Shahzadeh garden
  • Shah Nematollah-e-Valy mausoleum

Transfer to hotel.

Drive to Shiraz. En route, see:

  • Neyriz Salt Lake
  • Fig tree gardens
  • Maharloo Salt Lake

En route, visit:

  • Sassanian Hunting lodge of Bahram

Transfer to hotel.

In Shiraz, visit:

  • Nasir-ol-Molk mosque
  • Narenjestan garden
  • Ali-ebne-Hamzeh shrine
  • Karimkhani citadel
  • Pars museum
  • Vakil mosque
  • Bazaar of Shiraz including Saraye Moshir
  • A tour of the city of Shiraz
Transfer to hotel.

Drive outside Shiraz to visit:

  • Persepolis
  • Naqsh-e-Rostam
  • Gate of Koran

Back to Shiraz to visit:

  • Tomb of Sa’dy
  • Tomb of Hafez

Transfer to hotel.

Drive to Esfehan. En route, visit:

  • Pasargadae including Tomb of Cyrus the Great

Then, proceed toward Esfehan and stop at Izadkhast to visit:

  • A Safavid caravansary
  • Remnants of Izadkhast village

Inside Esfehan:

  • A walking tour along the city river

And visit:

  • Si-o-Se Pol (Allahverdikhan) Bridge
  • Khajoo bridge

Transfer to hotel.

Inside Esfehan, visit:

  • Chehelsotun palace
  • Meidan-e-Emam (Naqsh-e-Jahan Square)
  • Emam Khomeini mosque
  • Sheikh Lotfollah mosque
  • Aliqapoo palace
  • Qeysariyeh bazaar
  • Handicraft workshops

Transfer to hotel.

Inside Esfehan, visit:

  • Vank cathedral
  • Jolfa Armenian quarter
  • Jame Mosque
  • Walking tour of riverside or Emam Square

Transfer to hotel.

Drive to Tehran via Abyaneh & Qom. At Abyaneh:

  • A walking tour of Abyaneh

Proceed to Qom to visit:

  • Masumeh’s Shrine
  • A short excursion around Qom

Proceed to Tehran. Transfer to hotel to pack up for departure.

Transfer to Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA). Fly back home.

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