Iran Classical Tour (15 days)

“Iran In-Depth Tour” has been planned as a two-week tour to the very depths of culture and history in Iran. No tours could take you to all the wealth of Iranian ancient civilization in such a short time. On this tour, you travel to the very depth of the foundation of civilization in Iran.

Iran In-Depth Tour Itinerary

Here’s the tour itinerary for this travel package:

Day 01: Overnight in Tehran.

Arrival in Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA). Meet with Guide. Transfer to hotel for rest.

Day 02: Overnight in Tehran.

In Tehran, visit:

  • Golestan palace compound
  • National museum
  • Treasury of national jewels … or … Carpet museum

At the end of the excursion, transfer to hotel.

Day 03: Overnight in Hamedan.

In Tehran, visit:

  • Sa’ad Abad palace compound

Drive to Hamedan (ancient city of Ecbatana). En route, stop at Saveh to visit:

  • Saveh Friday Mosque

Then, proceed toward Hamedan to visit:

  • Ganjnameh Inscriptions
  • Tombs of Esther & Mordechai
  • A walking tour of Hamedan city center

Transfer to hotel.

Day 04: Overnight in Kermanshah.

Inside the city, visit:

  • Ancient City of Ecbatana
  • Alavian Dome

Drive to Kermanshah. En route, at Kangavar, visit:

  • Ancient temple of Anahita

Before Kermanshah, visit:

  • Kurd nomads (if in proper season)
  • Taq-e-Bostan Sassanian relieves
  • Bisotun relieves, inscriptions, caravansary, etc

Transfer to hotel.

Day 05: Overnight in Dezful.

In Kermanshah, Visit:

  • Moaven-ol-Molk Tekieh (mourning building)

Drive to Dezful. En route, visit:

  • Kurd nomads (if in proper season)
  • Dezful bridges & water mills

Transfer to hotel.

Day 06: Overnight in Ahvaz.

Drive to Shush (ancient city of Susa) to visit:

  • Tchogha Zanbil ziggurat temple
  • Tomb of Daniel the prophet
  • The first Apadana palace of Darius the Great
  • Shush Museum

Then, drive to Shushtar to visit:

  • Shadorvan Bridge
  • Waterfalls & Watermills
  • Band-e-Mizan

Proceed to Ahvaz. Transfer to hotel.

Day 07: Overnight in Shiraz.

Drive to Shiraz. En route, visit:

  • Qashqaee nomads (if in proper season)
  • Ancient city of Bishapoor & its museum
  • Tang-e-Chogan Sassanian relives & inscriptions

Proceed to Shiraz. Transfer to hotel.

Day 08: Overnight in Shiraz.

In Shiraz, visit:

  • Nasir-ol-Molk mosque
  • Narenjestan garden
  • Zinat-ol-Molk house
  • Tomb of Sa’dy
  • Tomb of Hafez
  • Seyyed Aladin shrine
  • A tour of the city of Shiraz
Transfer to hotel.
Day 09: Overnight in Shiraz.
Drive outside Shiraz to visit:
  • Persepolis
  • Naqsh-e-Rostam
  • Gate of Koran

Back to Shiraz to visit:

  • Karimkhani Citadel
  • Pars museum
  • Vakil mosque
  • Bazaar of Shiraz including Saraye Moshir

Transfer to hotel.

Day 10: Overnight in Yazd.

Drive to Yazd. En route, visit:

  • Pasargadae including Tomb of Cyrus the Great
  • Abarkooh ice house
  • Abarkooh ancient Cypress tree
  • Gonbad-e-Ali tomb tower

Proceed to Yazd. Transfer to hotel.

Day 11: Overnight in Yazd.

In Yazd, visit:

  • Towers of Silence
  • Varahram fire temple
  • Yazd Friday mosque
  • Fahadan ancient quarter
  • Dolat Abad garden
  • Bazaar of Yazd
  • Water museum
  • Mir Chaqmaq tekiyeh
  • City walls of Yazd

Transfer to hotel.

Day 12: Overnight in Esfehan.

Drive to Esfehan via Nain. En route, at Meybod, visit:

  • Narin Fortress
  • Meybod caravansary
  • Meybod icehouse
  • A pigeon tower
  • A mailing house (Chapar Khaneh)

Proceed to Nain to visit:

  • Nain Friday Mosque

Continue driving to Esfehan. In Esfehan, visit:

  • Si-o-Se Pol (Allahverdikhan) Bridge
  • Khajoo bridge

Transfer to hotel.

Day 13: Overnight in Esfehan.

Inside Esfehan, visit:

  • Chehelsotun palace
  • Meidan-e-Emam (Naqsh-e-Jahan Square)
  • Emam Khomeini mosque
  • Sheikh Lotfollah mosque
  • Aliqapoo palace
  • Hasht Behesht place
  • Qeysariyeh bazaar
  • Handicraft workshops

Transfer to hotel.

Day 14: Overnight in Tehran.

Inside Esfehan, visit:

  • Vank cathedral
  • Jolfa Armenian quarter

Drive to Tehran. En route, visit Kashan to see:

  • Tabatabaee house
  • Hammam of Soltan Amir Ahmad
  • Ancient city walls
  • Fin garden

Proceed to Qom to visit:

  • Masumeh’s shrine
  • A short excursion around Qom

Proceed to Tehran. Transfer to hotel to pack up for departure.

Day 15: Transfer to Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA). Fly out.

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As a full board package, the above itinerary includes: accommodation for you & your travel tour guide, transportation (air-conditioned vehicle), transfers, food (breakfast, lunch & dinner) plus refreshments and bottled water (including your guide), guidance (plus oral translation where needed), domestic flight tickets, entrance fees and tips for porters and waiters.

Note: The nature of tours and travel in Iran demands flexibility. In other words, sometimes your travel tour guide changes part of the day’s sightseeing program because of an unexpected local event, national holiday, etc. Needless to say, your guide is responsible to let you know of the procedures beforehand.

In all cases, the top priority is not to miss any of the above sightseeing activities. If there is no choice, a substitution activity will be chosen by mutual agreement so that such omission can be compensated for you.

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Ask for the price here if you’re less than 4 people!

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Ask for the price here if you’re more than 4 people!

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